Stratis is Albert Klein and Antonios Stratis  (96 Eyes is Albert Klein with Philip Tesch).

Between 1982 and 1984 they self-released Tape-Recordings on their own Label Creative Tapes (later called Temporary Music)  („Exotic“, „New Face“, „Musica Da Ballo“, „Film Musik“ and „Raging Beauty“). They also licensed to Colin Potters ICR-Label (Integrated Circuit Records) in Great Britain and contributed to many Compilations during Cassette-Culture.

In recent years music-passionates/interests and labels like VOD-Records have discovered and realized the importance of electronic musicans like STRATIS on a broader perspective with a much bigger picture on Stratis musical output and possible listeners-journey beyond alltime Classics like „Herzlos“.

Mark Lane beautifully stated and remarked on Chain DLK. „Although the role of Stratis in the 80`s was obscure in commercial terms, the ambassadorial significance of his self owned label was vital in introducing Northern American artists to what has now grown into a flourishing German electro scene and vice versa“