VOD108: MERZBOW Lowest Music and Arts 1980-83 10Lp-Box with booklet (members with Shirt and Bonus 7inch)

This 10Lp-Set in a black varnished and silkscreened wooden Box is a comprehensive Anthology of the „Godfather of Noise“ early works, carefully selected and mastered by Merzbow himself. 
Is there anything left to say about Mastermind Masami Akita alias Merzbow that hasn’t been told or known. Does he still need any introduction or explanations?
Merzbow has been actively recording 'Noise-Music' since late 1979. You can not talk about the Genre „Noise“ without eventually leading to him as one of the roots and origins
Over the past three decades and in an almost hyperactive and very constant manner he has released more than 100 Solo-Recordings and Cooperations with other now famous noise-artists.
In 1985 the Art-Magazine Lightworks already described his music quiet perfectly.
"Imagine being surrounded in hot, molten electronic/industrial noise... harsh edges giving way to a deep bass deluge of sound. It pours out and into you... This music could be how you feel 3 seconds into a Space Shuttle lift-off. Surging intense, at the outer limits of control and lack thereof.  Merzbow breaks barriers  (Lightworks Mag  #17 / 1985)
This 10-Lp-Box is committed to his very early works from 1980-1983 on his first Tape-Label 'Lowest Music and Arts' the predecessor to his famous ZSF-Label.
Most of the audio-material covered in this Box-Set with large Image-Booklet has only been released in a very small edition of Tapes and are now released for the first time to a broader audience of listeners. Only some of the selected material has also been released in fragments and extracts as part of the famous 50-CD-Merzbox but none of the material has ever been released on Vinyl until today.

Lp1 contains -'Hyper Music 2', a previously unreleased recording from 1980 in style of Metal Acoustic Music.
Lp2 contains 'Metal Acoustic Music' originally released as C-90 cassette in very limited edition in 1981/82.
While Side A of this recording was featured and released on the 50CD-Merzbox this Lp features the B-Side of the original Tape-Recording previously unreleased in any form besides the original Tape from 1981
Lp3 & Lp4 features the highly sought after Tape 'Merz Collection 007' from the 10-Tape-Set Collection 1-10 recorded 1980 and released 1981 as well as the Tape 'Tridal Production' from 1981.
Some parts of these recordings appear on the 'Merzbox', but ist also the first time that these recordings are releasing in the whole part. These works contain some previous studio- and live sessions & raw-material.
Lp5 & 6 cover 'Mechanization takes Command1 & 2' originally released as C-90-Cassette in early 82.  As with Lp2 some parts already appear on the 'Merzbox', but this is the first time to listen to the complete Set without owing the original Tape-Recording
Lp7 & 8 is committed to the 2 highly sought after Tapes 'Solonoise 1&2'
While 'Solonoise 1' can also be found on the Merzbox 'Solonoise 2' is now finally released in its original and complete. The word 'Solo' means 'Solar' and originates from George Batailes book 'Anal Sun'.
Lp9 & 10 contain 'Yahatahachiman' and 'Escape Mask', two recordings from 1983 that Masami Akita and VOD-Labelrunner Frank Maier are extremely proud of. Both recordings represent an almost hidden side of Merzbow and show his flexibility in the variation of Noise. They are a true hidden treasure of Merzbow-Music. 'Hidden treasure' because Merzbow never liked them for the past 30 years as it had too much Guitar-Rock-Appeal and is driven by Drum-Rhythm. But exactly this style and its sound-wall of psychedelic atonal guitar-noise in combination with the technoid-sounding drum-machine catches its listener now in the year 2012. It now catches Merzbow, it catches VOD and it will definately also catch you and your mind.
VOD-Members will furthermore recieve a T-Shirt with the Box as well as a Bonus 7“ containing very early recordings from his very first official C60-Tape-release 'Fuckexercise'. Only a very few copies were distributed back in 1980. The 2 Tracks on the Bonus 7“ have not released anywhere else while some of the original Tape-Recordings later appeared on Tapes like 'Tridal Production' and the 'Collection Series'

VOD107: STRATIS Mokoyaro 1982-1985 5Lp-Box (with 7 inch for members)

This Box is a complete Anthology of the musical output and works by Albert Klein and Antonios Stratis alias STRATIS and their Side-Project 96 Eyes (Albert Klein with Philip Tesch), all recorded between 1982-86.

It contains all of their original and self-released Tape-Recordings released on their own Label Creative Tapes (later called Temporary Music) between 1982 and 1984 („Exotic“, „New Face“, „Musica Da Ballo“, „Film Musik“ and „Raging Beauty“) and which they also licensed to Colin Potters ICR-Label (Integrated Circuit Records) in Great Britain.

It also contains all of their compilation-contributions from 1983-86 to various Vinyl and –Tape-Labels such as Bain Total, X-Tract, Mystery Hearsay, Oscar Smits (Vinyl Magazine) „Noel“-Label and many more.

All in all 64 beautiful minimal/synth-tracks ranging from NDW-Classics like „Die Kur“ to Minimal / Robotic SynthPop or German-Electro / Cold-Wave-Classics like „Herzlos“ or „She’s Dancing“ and Sci-Fi & Future obsessed-Tracks that could be composed for movies like Captain Future, Blade Runner, Flash Gordon or Tron, and even traditional progressive German electronic music from the Tangerine Dream school as well as Chris & Cosey or Yello-like-Tracks as „Technotown“, „Foggy Weather“ „Deine Tränen“ or „Nightfly“. Masterfully played analog equipment with Jazz, Funk influences & superb bass lines ("Musica Da Ballo", "Mezzanotte", "Dance")

As if this is not enough you can even hear Tracks with Electro-Eastern-Vibes with Arabian melodies / vocal samples echoing in the background that sometimes even reminds to Bryn Jones Muslimgauze-Tracks.

In recent years music-passionates/interests and labels like VOD-Records have discovered and realized the importance of electronic musicans like STRATIS on a broader perspective with a much bigger picture on Stratis musical output and possible listeners-journey beyond alltime Classics like „Herzlos“.

Mark Lane beautifully stated and remarked on Chain DLK. „Although the role of Stratis in the 80`s was obscure in commercial terms, the ambassadorial significance of his self owned label was vital in introducing Northern American artists to what has now grown into a flourishing German electro scene and vice versa“

(for VOD-members the Box incl. 7 Bonus-Tracks on a 7“inch incl. 6 Soundtrack-Recordings for Dietmar Meinel’s Animation-Movie Titan Project as well as the original and slightly faster „Herzlos“-Version from Musica Da Ballo-Tape.


VOD106 GEN KEN MONTGOMERY: Postcards 1981-1986 2LP

Gen Ken Montgomery, a New York-based Visual Artist and Sound Composer is absolutely genuine; he has no training in traditional music or art. He was never a follower of any direction or school. Instead he founded his own school of off-beat DIY-electronics, driven by irresistible curiosity and ingenuous enthusiasm for sound experimentation and process-oriented performance.

His music is dense and full of polyrhythms and counter harmonies with singular control over layers of randomly pulsing, bleeping synthesizers and drum boxes. As a composer in the early eighties Ken was creating multi-channel sound works often performed in total darkness.

He began his sound explorations with electronic toys, cheap synthesizers and household gadgetry for which he had a special fascination. His ever present objects of affection are electric machines including an ice crusher (ICEBREAKER), aquarium pump, refrigerator, shoe shine machine, hand massager and a laminator (The Sound of Lamination).

Postcards has 41 (!!) tracks; 22 tracks on LP 1 compiled from his first tape Gen Ken & Equipment (1981), his second tape Collaborations (1982), his third official tape Kalkreuth Keks (1986), recorded at Conrad Schnitzler’s Studio, and several live recordings under the name KMZ with Michael Zodorozny of Crash Course in Science. Postcards LP2 includes 19 songs from the 4th official tape Beatmusik 1981-84 (SoP186) released by Sound of Pig, New York, songs from 1984 on his 5th release Room to Roam on Out Of The Blue, Berlin, plus 3 previously unreleased tracks from the same time period, one also as KMZ.

Gen Ken & Equipment was self-produced in an edition of 150 tapes in 1981 and led Montgomery to corresponding and trading tapes in the international Cassette Culture and Mail Art network, leading to relationships and collaborations with such luminaries in the underground music scene as Conrad Schnitzler, Giancarlo Tonuitti, CHOP SHOP, David Lee Myers (Arcane Device), Al Margolis, John Hudak, Francisco Lopez, AMK, Istvan Kantor (Monty Cantsin), G.X. Jupiter-Larsen (The Haters), Rod Summers (VEC), Maurizio Bianchi, Masami Akita alias Merzbow, CM von Hausswolff and Leif Elggren among others.

“Cassettes were an inexpensive and practical way of getting feedback from the developing international community of sound/noise/music experimenters. Cassettes allowed for spontaneous freedom and experimentation without the burden and commitment of releasing vinyl which was expensive to mail and costly to press in editions of less than 500”- gkm

Montgomery used the earliest Casio keyboards, self made electronic gadgets, cheap drum boxes and his favorite instrument, the Korg MS-20 synthesizer. The mixture of noise/pop/rock/electronic and soundscapes all on one cassette show how musical genres hadn’t become entrenched in the Cassette Culture scene yet. “Do it!”, “Small World” and “Treat The Hell Out of It” (released as a flexi-disc included with Onslaught Magazine (Artwerk) in 1982 are examples of the songs he composed at this time.

In the early 80s in New York City there were still small record shops such as Venus Records, Bleecker Bob’s, Soho Music Gallery and 99 Records that sold artist produced cassettes and fanzines. Independent mail order distributors like Rough Trade and Aeon Records carried Montgomery’s cassettes and On-Slaught Magazine, Option Magazine, Factsheet Five and other small DIY zines listed them or reviewed them.

Montgomery’s interest in structured improvisation and avante-garde theater theatre led to the formation of KMZ with his friend Michael Zodorozny from Crash Course in Science. KMZ performed regularly at the legendary Pyramid-Club in NYC. Tracks from KMZ and collaborations with other artists such as Stephen Spera and Stefan Tischler of Port Said can be found on his 2nd tape Collaborations.

Between 1982 and 85 Montgomery spent time in Berlin combining performance art and electronic music where he had the fortune to meet and develop a relationship with Conrad Schnitzler who has had a major impact on his life and work.

His third official Tape Kalkreuth Keks was recorded in Conrad Schnitzler’s studio during a 2-week stint in the dead of winter 1986. These 8-track recordings incorporated the violin, guitar, and keyboards with analog synthesizers, processing, voice and the “new” sounds of the Yamaha CX5M music computer. Three of the tracks on Postcards are from these sessions.

A 4th cassette Beatmusik, released on Al Margolis Sound-of-Pig-Label (SOP186) in 1988 featured a selection of tracks recorded between 1981 and 86. In 1989 Lord Litter from Berlin also released a fifth Gen Ken-tape called Room To Roam, also with recordings from 1984.

In 1987 Montgomery, along with David Prescott and Conrad Schnitzler started the label Generations Unlimited. Two cassettes of cassettes of minimal electronic music, Stepping Through Rooms and The One Sided Triangle were released on Generations Unlimited and in1988, GENCON, a collaboration with Conrad Schnitzler was released on vinyl.

His involvement in the late 70’s and 80’s Cassette-Culture and the Mail-Art movements led to his creation of the first and arguably still the most important Sound Art gallery in New York City in 1989: Generator. Located in the East Village, then in Chelsea, Generator’s wide scope and novel approach toward audio art made it a vector-point for some of the most interesting and important artists from around the world. Gen Ken also founded A.T.M.O.T.W.— Art is Throwing Money Out The Window — and Generator Sound Art Inc., and he co-founded the seminal experimental label Pogus Productions.

The past three decades many of Montgomery’s cassettes, records and CDs have been released in limited editions on small labels outside of mainstream distribution on such respected labels as De Fabriek (Holland), Staalplaat (Holland), Tellus, Mark Lane’s Artwerk, Banned Productions, XI Records (all USA), Firework Edition (Sweden), Old Europa Café (Italy) and Discos Esplendor Geometrico (Spain). Other recorded works are available on his own A.T.M.O.T.W. label, Generator Sound Art and on Touch Radio.

Montgomery continues to produce music and soundworks while also producing visual art, collage, bookmaking, and international correspondence art. As The Minister of Lamination (a.k.a. Egnekn) he is the world’s foremost practitioner of sonic Lamination Art and he continues to mail postcards to friends and collaborators throughout the world.


VOD105: Die WERKPILOTEN "Wonderful World of Werkpiloten" 2Lp

Die Werkpiloten are Christian Aufderstroth alias Krischi (Vocals) and Stefan Caesar alias Prinz Eisenhart (Programming).

The duo was active from 1981 till 1986, published 4 cassettes including a compilation on their label “Werkpilot Industrial Releases” and after that a gladly heard guest on various Tape-Compilations of the 80's Cassette-Culture.

This double-Lp compiling their first two Tape-Releases published on their own Tape-Label incl. 22 beautiful Wave-Songs in the style of Factory Label-Acts like New Order or even reminding to the legendary Joy Division.

Lp1 features the Tape "Der Werkpilot - Living through a Factory Dream", released in 1983 as WP-IR005 which is a compilation of recordings from 1981-83.

Lp2 features the highly sought after masterpiece "The Wonderful World of Die Werkpiloten" from 1984 releases as WP-IR014

A nice description of their music can be found in a Booklet to their first Tape-Release

It’s music that, except guitar and bass, mainly has electric origins, that flows, sways and encourages to dream. It should kidnap the listener out of his everyday life in another, wonderful world. Music for films that is played while driving around with the car or daydreams. Constantly changing between introverted soundtracks and elaborated electro tracks. A complex and multifarious “Industrial Pop”, inspired of a emotional-melancholic attitude whose inspiration has its origins in Manchester an the factory-label of Section 25 and Joy Division. That is not surprising if you know were those two test pilots grew up. They come from the Ruhrgebiet, characterized by coal industry, working-class environment, tristesse and illusions that were bounded to there area of life.

“It is a logical thought that the heavy, loud and mean machine steals the people’s heart. So it is of value that there are people whose eyes weren’t timley kept shut. Factories and machines certainly didn’t have the intention to encourage our phantasy or to have positive influences to us. But at a time when machine coldness already entered into many souls and people begin to leave their production facility as meaningless monuments, rooms for phantasy get free that let us feel the pain and the desire, with pictures or music, at the end of our industrial period.”

Creating something under one’s own steam, letting phantasy get reality and comparing this with others was the Werkpilot’s desire. Pictures - are a reflected image now, Music - probably the last human beat, Performed - by some confused hearts.


VOD104: Bizarre Unit "A Strange Functional System" 2Lp-Set plus 5-Track EP

More than 30 years ago ‘Bizarre Unit’ released their timeless and highly collected classic single ‘Dancing/Away from the Screaming Car’.

Now for the first time ever, Bizarre Unit and VOD-Records have uncovered the lost treasure trove of their surviving recordings. These unique recordings have been digitally transferred, edited and carefully restored from the ¼-Reel-Recordings and Cassettes. Embedded crackling and background noise from the original surviving Acetates have been carefully processed to achieve the best possible sound reproduction.
The result is an audio collection consisting of a 20-Track Double-LP and a 5-Track EP with almost 100 minutes of 'A Strange Functional System'

Apart from their only single-release the 20-Track-Double-Lp contains their previously unreleased second single ‘Frozen Wastelands of Alaska / Lovers in Paris’ and their amazing first demo session containing 5 Tracks which have only recently surfaced from 1980 as well as 1979/80-Rehearsal and Demo-Tracks.

The 5-Track 12" EP features alternative versions of the Tracks from the Double-Lp. E.g. ‘Hot Like a Lizard“, ‘Ladytron’, ‘Not Saying Anymore’ and ‘Reinstate Domination’ plus the exclusive EP-Track ‘Wave my Hands and Say Hello’.

Paul Nova who is well known for his all time Minimal Synth/Wave-Classic album ‘Trees Without Leaves’, co-wrote and produced all the songs on this fascinating collection.

‘A Strange Functional System’ will prove to be an important release, that will satisfy every serious fan of early 80’s Wave and Minimal/Synth. Giving us a valuable insight into the unique talent and musical originality of ‘Bizarre Unit', and the musical beginnings of Paul Nova

Authentic artwork from the time has been used to enhance this product

SEMA is an 80’s experimental-project by Robert Haigh who became well known in the 90’s for his ambient Drum & Bass-project Omni Trio.

In 1980 Robert formed the industrial/avant-funk bands Truth Club and Fote as well as his own label Le Rey Records.

Between 1982 and 1984 he released 4 Lp’s under the name SEMA on his own Le Rey label: Notes from Underground, Theme from Hunger, Extract from Rosa Silber and Three Seasons Only - which can be found in this Box-Set Release.

He also contributed to several Nurse With Wound (United Dairies) projects. Those recordings are provided as bonus tracks on this Box-Set in addition to the 4Lp’s.

The music of SEMA integrates pianos, orchestral instruments and experimental techniques in a neo-classical and minimalist approach.

These legendary recordings employ a wide palette of light and shade, emotion, texture and atmosphere to produce a sound that is unique in its form and expression.


The Ensemble Kluster was found by Conrad Schnitzler in 1969. It can be considered as one of the most radical and influencial german progressive, avantgarde bands.

Its music-approach and playing-techniques are related to Stockhausen and the group "Nuova Consonanza" & its influences and protagonistic characteristics in music can still be found in works of many avantgarde & Industrial-bands of today.

Conrad’s continous working-partners over the years have been Klaus Freudigmann and Wolfgang Seidel.

Kluster worked also with various friends including Tangerine Dream or Hans Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius with which Conrad recorded and released three of the Kluster-Actions on Vinyl in 1971 called „Eruption“, „Klopfzeichen“ and „Zwei Osterei“ and which then went on to form the Band Cluster.

Kluster performs with regular Instruments (Piano, electric guitar, Cello, percussion, electric organ).. Those sounds are recorded with a contact-microphone, transformed, manipulated, distorted, chopped-up, conveyed by loudspeakers.

The result is an exciting, raw and roughly structured Sound-continuum, rich on associations and of a fascination reminding and edging of a sound-magic.

The Aktions on this Box-Set are all previously unreleased

Years On Earth’s electronic, experimental and industrial approach to their music reminds one of a mix of early Cabaret Voltaire, Eyeless in Gaza and Throbbing Gristle. It can be considered as an alchemistic creation, forming something very unique and amazing in mood and atmosphere produced and experienced by the listener. As Mutant Sounds website stated: “… wonderful, dark, claustrophobic, scary atmosphere... an absolutely unknown Gem!“

Years On Earth (Bob Roke & Mebz) have been active between 1979 -1984 producing three official tapes plus many hours of unreleased recordings. They hand built or modified most of their musical equipment and recorded in a deeply analogue way in their makeshift home studio.

Their three official cassettes from 1980, 1981 and 1982 were very well received critically by reviewers in fanzines and the music press alike and they continued to develop musically and sonically; mixing found-sounds, synthesisers, drum machines, treated guitars, plaintive vocals and eventually even lo-fi (by today’s standards) sampling, coupled with quirky song structures that ranged from minimalistic to almost cinematic over the course of these three tapes. Stick It In Your Ear fanzine said at the time, “For a band to come along with something as sharp and original as this is indeed reason to celebrate”.

The first three LP-sides of this set concentrate on each of the official tapes released. The fourth side is committed to previously unpublished recordings from between ‘79 and ‘84. The superb monochrome gatefold cover artwork is based on the original cassette inlays and compliments the music beautifully.

This release is one of the most important and highly anticipated by Frank of VOD-Records as Years on Earth’s music helped him during his sleepless nights, suffering from a major tinnitus condition in 2007, by playing their tapes all the time. VOD had wanted to release their music for more than four years but no one seemed to know of there whereabouts. Then about one year ago Bob by chance contacted Frank as he wanted to inform him about the cassette reissues on Calypso Now from Switzerland and finally Frank was able to realise this project and bring together what belongs together.

(Members will also recieive a 5-Track Bonus EP containing more previously unreleased material recorded between 1979-1984)


Needless to say that VOD100 must be committed to one of the greatest most innovative and influencuial electronic musicians, protagonists and pioneers on this planet.

VOD honours Conrad Schnitzler’s life-time achievement with the Catalogue-Number VOD100 and the beautiful Retrospective of his 1971-1983-Works previously released just as a very limited 6xTape-Set on Transmitter Tapes in 1983.

The complete Box gives an incredible insight into Schnitzlers variety of works produced from the early 70’s to the early 80’s. From Industrialish and drone-ish-experiments and soundscapes to minimalistic „Pop-Songs“, all can be found on this Set.

(members receive a Bonus 7” containing a selection from Wolfgang Seidel’s Sequenza-Project in which Conrad was involved on Tracks like “Coca” and “Das Tier”. Wolfgang has been a lifetime-friend and music-companion since the late 60’s and projects like Kluster). A Sequenza-Tape found release on the Berlin Label Stechapfel in 1980)

This Lp2 plus 7“inch-Set in heavy thick gatefold-sleeve contains all Studio-recorded Tracks previously released as 3Lp-Vinyl-Set on Vinyl-on-Demand (VOD67)

The Legendary Minimal-Synth/Wave-Band from Philadelphia Crash Course in Science formed in 1979.

Choosing toy instruments and live drums out of necessity, CCIS began by experimenting with a series of recording devices. The toy instruments gave way to crude drum machines and “Frankenstein“-type homemade instruments.

Their first 7“ „Cakes in the Home“ introduced listeners to a noisy, unpredictable world.

This 7” went on to become a classic minimal-synth record that should be included in any vinyl-collection. The CD contains those Tracks plus additional Rehearsal Tracks from the early beginning.

In 1981 they took a new direction with a darker, more sinister sound. The result was the 12“ “Signals from Pier Thirteen” (also included in this set). The songs “Cardboard Lamb” and “Flying Turns” gained exposure through club play during the 80’s and still sound fresh and up-to-date.

The Set furthermore contains several demo tracks from the Signals from Pier Thirteen-Period (81)

The "Near Marineland”-Tracks contain completed mixes of previously unreleased studio material (along with some remixes of this material) arranged and produced by John Wicks, CCIS’s original producer.
After listening to this Box-Set you will be convinced and have no doubts about CCIS being the godfather of 90’s Techno-Music and their ultimate protagonist-role. They remain an inspiration pool for many Elektro bands/artists today.

Yes, it’s true, one of the Holy Grails of Minimal/Synth/80’s-Cold Wave music, the superb Paul Nova is now available again in extended form on a Double-Lp Reissue of Trees Without Leaves.

In 1980 Paul Nova started his Minimal/Synth-career with Bizarre Unit which produced just one legendary and sought-after 7"inch 'Dancing/Away from the Screaming Car' in 1981.

Shortly after in 1982, he founded his own label Exhibit One Records which released four Paul Nova-Vinyls in three years (two 7", one 12" and one Lp).

All these Vinyl-records are highly collectable and almost impossible to find for any price below three-digit-sums.

Now all these wonderful and fascinating tracks are included on this Double-Lp version of 'Trees Without Leaves' which contains more than 30 minutes of recently discovered and previously unreleased tracks, including some demos. This is a MUST-HAVE for every serious vinyl collector of bands like the early Human League or Fad Gadget and other early 80’s Mute-Releases. Don't miss out on this very limited edition of 500 copies.



Earliest Minimal/Synth-recordings of the french multi-music talent who already releaed more than 300 records in different styles and on different labels over the past 30 years.

This release contains and focuses on his purely minimal/synth-based recordings produced between 1978-1982. Many of the recordings in style of early Ptose or Die Form / Bain Total-recordings which is actually not too surprising considering the very close friendship between Lucas Trouble and Philippe Fichot that know each other since the early/mid 70’s.

Besides one Lp-Side committed to early, rare and previously unreleased recordings and tracks from 1978 and 79 as well as one Lp-Side with tracks from the highly sought-after Lp „Le Roy Defigure“ (released on Invisible Records in 1981) the listener will receive the opportunity to enjoy great and oscure minimal/synth-based tunes and tracks from the ultrarare tapes „Theatre Cruel/Euphoric Pubelle“ and „Kaiserthon Suite Music for Anormal Movies and Sonic Lous“ recorded and released in very limited number in 1980 and 1982.

A must-have for every serious collector of early and obscure minimal-electronics and synth-music.


Between 1981-84 the Electronic / Synth-Duo Stefan Tischer and Keith „Keeler“ Walsh have produced 4 great and outstanding Synth-Tapes on their own Tape-Label. (Through Veils in 1981, Eve of Departure in 1982, Crossings in 1983 and Travellers Companion in 1984). This Double Lp features one 30 minute-extract of each of those Tapes ending in a beautiful 2-hour-journey of Port Said Music.

In an almost alchemistic way Port Said formed an very unique characteristic Sound which was inspired by electronic Krautrock-bands and artists like Cluster and Conrad Schnitzler and their fascination for oriental elements.

Port Said also contributed to various international compilations of the Cassette-culture on Labels like Ding Dong (Film Noir), Antonios Stratis Label Temporary Music (Life 85) ,Audiofile Tapes (Hear the Roar od Mountains Vol.1) or the french L'Agence Des Refusés (The History of Jazz). Unfortunately both artists died in 1992 and 2010 but fortunately, their great musical output will never be forgotten.

Some additional Words by Peter Moser, a lifetime-friend of Stefan Tischler:

After the excesses of the 1970’s, the early 1980's were once again a time for a musical Revolution. Electronic Equipment and Instruments became more accesible and affordable and the D.I.Y "do it yourself" Movement was just starting.

College and University as well as Public Radio Stations started playing "alternative" music and Pre-Internet Fanzines and Publications like Alien Soundtracks and CLEM eagerly spread the word around the world.

Musicians from all over the Globe recognized, that working together and putting out the music they liked, was better than competing with one another for that "elusive" major or Indie Record contract.

Stefan and Keith of Port Said were one of the thousands taking advantage of the new avenues presenting themselves.

While a select few did achieve some form of fame and very little Fortune, most artists and Port Said among them, never achieved the recognition they so justly deserved. Both Keeler and Stefan worked tirelessly up to their untimely passing on creating the music THEY believed in, without compromise, as their huge back catalog of solo works and collaborations attest.

It is therefore a fitting Tribute to release this compilation of some of their BEST work, perhaps some new ears will discover how avant garde these guys really were. May their Music live on in the Universal Spheres for Eternity.