This 7Lp-MetalBox with 60-page Book and T-Shirt & DVD is an ultimate collection of the Godfathers of Electronic Body Music, Hard Rythmic Electronics & Minimal Synth

Portion Control’s Work from 1980-1983 contains all official released and even unreleased Tapes on their own POR CON – Label incl. Gaining Momentum, Dining on the fresh, Private Illusions I&II, Video Soundtrack, Progress Report and more obscure and unreleased tracks from Portion Controls Archiv plus Compilation-Tracks as well as the releases on In Phaze Records With Mixed Emotions, Surface and been seen, I Staggered Mentally and Third Mind Release A-Mag/Shot in the Belly and the highly searched for „Assault“-Tape. Members-Editions will be accompanied by a 6-Track EP with tracks from their their first Tape „A Fair Portion“. The Heavy Box is accompanied by a 60-page Book full of memorabilia and photos dated 80-83. Also included is a DVD with self-made Videos from the V-Mag-Archive, all dated back between 81-83. A true classic release and a definate Must for every serious collector and listener to Minimal-Wave/Synth and EBM Music.



LP1A: MC: Gaining momentum (1981) IP.001: (Por Con. 002)

LP1 B: MC: Dining On The Fresh. (1981) Tape + 7" flexidisc (Por Con 003/004)

EP/Vinyl Surface And Be Seen: (1982) In Phaze Music: (Por Con. 006)

LP2A MC: Private illusions No.1 (1981) ( Por Con 005)

LP2B MC Private illusions No.2 (1982) (Por Con 007)

Lp3A/3B: LP: I Staggered Mentally (1982) (In Phaze Music CP0073A)

LP4A MC: With mixed emotion (1982) In Phaze Records

Lp4B MC: A-MAG /Shot in the belly 1980-1983 (1983) Third Mind. TMT.07:

LP5A Video soundtrack (1982) (Por Con 008) (28,53)

LP5B Assault (86) ALL1 (For All and None). LM 001 Hilversum 1982

LP6A: A Selection of unreleased, demos, obscurities and alternative Versions

6B A Selection of Compilations-Tracks 1981-1983

7A Progress Report 80-82 7B Progress Report 80-82


Both wooden Boxes (VOD74 and VOD75) delivered in deluxe silk-screened and embossed fine-linen folder to complete and protect the 2 wooden boxes

VOLUME 1: Wooden box set, with embossed cover of blood-red C93 symbol, of David Tibet's Current 93 project includes 2 LP’s with unreleased rarities, out-takes, rehearsals and demos dating from 1983-1995 as well as another 2 LPs with 4 performances from Amsterdam (1984), Hamburg (1985) and Tokyo (1988). Also contained is a beautiful silkscreened poster made out of hand-made paper produced in Nepal. The box will also contain a metal badge and will be accompanied by a 28-page booklet, with embossed cover, full of very personal photos personally selected by David Tibet from his archives. The booklet itself manifests a journey back in time to the first 15 years of Current 93’s existence. Members will recieve an additional Bonus 7“ with two songs from the 1988 Reykjavîk performance and the complete London concert at the 100 Club from 1985.

VOLUME 2: Wooden box set, with embossed cover of blood-red C93 symbol different to that on Volume 1, of David Tibet's Current 93 project will contain "Christ and the Pale Queens" plus "The Red Face of God" as a Double LP; "As the World Disappears", released for the first time ever on vinyl, and finally an official release of the legendary "Emblems" LP, which has until now only existed as a test-pressing. "Emblems" was originally going to be a single LP of material that was only released on the now-deleted 2CD "Emblems", but it never progressed beyond a very limited run of white vinyl test-pressings, which are now ferociously rare and expensive. The box will also contain a metal badge (a different badge to that in VOD74) and will be accompanied by a beautiful booklet, with embossed cover, with very personal photos selected by David Tibet from his archives; this booklet is totally different to the one in VOD 74. Members will also receive in addition a long-sleeve Current 93-T-Shirt.

At David Tibet's express request, the covers for all the LPs have been supplied by the wonderful German, Berlin-based, artist Uwe Henneken, who has used C93 album, and song, titles for many of his extraordinary creations.


The package includes two chocked full LPs of 80’s tracks (29 in all) that include rare songs previously not made available on vinyl, never heard and previously unreleased material, as well as classics from that era that have not been available on vinyl for nearly three decades. The two discs will be packaged in one of those 70’s style gatefold covers first popularized buy the progressive bands of that time. It will contain rare Mark Lane photographs of that era, and liner notes that include interesting facts about each track. If that’s not enough it will be a limited edition of only 600 copies making these beauties extremely rare.


This Double-Lp is the second Lp of Experimental Products on VOD-Records. It contains all their previous official Vinyl-Releases on Lp1 plus more ultra-rare or unreleased MinimalSynth and dance-Classics by Experimental Products on Record 2 plus a Live in the Studio performance from 1985 on Side B (Vod-Members will recieve an additional Bonus-7" with very early tracks from 1981)

Lp1 A: Glowing in the Dark EP 8:40 (from 12" Glowing in the Dark, Short Circuit Records 
SCR-002, 1984) Love Changes 5:30 (from 12" Glowing in the Dark, Short Circuit Records 
SCR-002, 1984) Mannequin 5:30 (from 12" Glowing in the Dark, Short Circuit Records 
SCR-002, 1984) Aviation 5:29 (recorded 1985) Burning Flame on Ice 6:03 (recorded 1985)

Lp 1B: Different Ones 5:06 (Practice Version, 1986) S.O.S. 5:18 (Practice Version)

No Answers 4:23 (Practice Version) Experiment! 6:11 (from Experiment! 12", Connection Records R8787, 1987) Who is Kip Jones 6:17 (from Experiment! 12", Connection Records R8787, 1987) Work that Beat 3:07 (from V/A Terminal No.18 Flexi Disc, 1984)

Lp 2A: New Project 3:47 (Reversed Version) S.O.S. 5:30 (1985) Experiment 6:14 (Demo Version) My Own Way 5:26

Strawberry March 5:45

Lp 2B: LIVE Studio 1985 WXPN 1/12/85 Anaesthetic 5:38 Mannequin 6:30 Plattform 7:28 Glowing in the Dark 7:35 Modern Living 5:00


Shadows out of Time is a collection of three LP's with unreleased and formerly cassette-only material from Hunting Lodge, representing the first blush of their creativity, a time when each sonic experiment festered into a beautiful sore.

Dark Ambient, Noise, Power Electronics, all represented here before these pigeons had holes in which to fit. One LP is comprised of the now-legendary EXHUMED, which was formerly released cassette-only, heard here in better shape than ever - direct-metal mastered from the original two-track mixes.

The second LP is all unreleased material, highlights of which include never-heard gems from the recordings for the promotional cassette 23 MINUTES OF MURDER. On the flip-side, both literally and figuratively, are the electro-disco-teckno recordings used for intermission music at Hunting Lodge live shows in 1983.

The final LP contains Live material which was formerly cassette-only, including tracks from AT THE HARRINGTON BALLROOM and S/M OPERATIONS LIVE, as well as much of the formerly unreleased LIVE AT THE LODGE.

Oft-bootlegged, this performance is pressed here direct from the original masters, representing the two-piece early noise-unit of Hunting Lodge in harrowing live intensity. Furthermore featured in the Box-Set is an additional Bonus 7" including studio cover version of John Wright's „Stellazine Shuffle“ b/w „Learn to Will II“,formerly released on Nekrophile Rekords "Beast 666" cassette compilation in 1983 These LP's and 7“ are presented with period-accurate, gloriously bold, black and white artwork. Each LP comes in it's own printed sleeve inside of a box printed with the Thomas Nordstrom artwork previously only seen on early Hunting Lodge stationery. Also included are liner notes by Jeff "Central" Chenault and recording details, including information on equipment used, and never before seen photos of live Hunting Lodge and of collectors minutiae. The scars will never completely heal.

Six Six Six iz a collection ov material from the first 6 years ov SLEEPCHAMBER. Mastermind John Zewizz gave permission to and VOD-Records to choose the tracks.

The outcome reveals and demands for a renewed and extended perception of Sleep Chambers artistic synthesis of the last 30 years

On Lp1 as well as the 7“ you will find pure and very strong minimalsynth-tunes from his very early "cassette"- only releases like „Ze Wizz Kidz“(released 82 but recorded in 79/80), „Dream Distillate“(82) or „Music for Mannequin“(83).

Lp2 and Lp3 reveals so far unreleased recordings from 82 to 87 that range from minimal to the typical percepted Sleep Chamber-Sound as known from the mid 80’s. The two Lp’s are furthermore riddled with alternative versions, demos and unreleased tracks, based around the Admit to Desire-period.

Any SLEEPCHAMBER admirer would be in the Garden ov Eden with such a selection especially when listening to Lp4 which is an unreleasd Lp called „Seremony“, recorded in the beginning of thee Satanic Sanction Session in 1985/86.

This completes the leak ov the SLEEEPCHAMBER vaults for another six years...


Anthology One is culled from the first three cassette releases by Voice of Eye; Isolation, Voice of Eye and Resonant Fields / Hot Gypsy Fink Hell, all three Tapes released on thier own Cyclotron Industries Label between 1989-1991

These are the earliest recordings by Voice of Eye.

Voice of Eye can be doubtlessly described as the protagonists and godfathers of the special genre of Ambient-Ritual-Music. Their specialty is "organic sound sculpting": a form of electronic ethnic ambient music that relies mainly on electronic drones and manipulated instruments including instrumentation with special self-built instruments. The music is all improvised over a period of two years and covers the evolution of their early sound. It will immediately catch your attention and pulls you into an altered but extremely positive state of mind. This is the first in a series of Anthology releases documenting hard to find Voice of Eye material and previously unreleased recordings to be released on several labels in the near future.


Rapoon is the ethno-ambient solo project of Zoviet France co-founder Robin Storey.

The music of Rapoon reflects the fasctination for the minimalistic but rhythmic music of West-Africa and India. Rapoon uses the musical construction techniques of loops and rhythmic repetition as a kind of platform for inducing a sort of trance like reception.

The tracks chosen on this Box-Set are taken directly from the original 4 track cassettes. These recordings are sometimes copies of complete mixes that found their way onto released albums , sometimes sub-mixes and parts of mixes, and sometimes elements that were never used in any released material.

Working with multiple 4track machines which remained non-synchronised, these are the re-discovered compositions which have remained hidden until now.
Psychic TV and its mastermind Genesis Breyer P-Orridge works and writings doubtlessly has been one of the inspirations and mind-settings of many people, artists and labels incl.VOD.
This is a definate milestone for VOD and its mission in (re)-releasing and re-writing music-history with incredible influencial, innovative and creative bands! This ultra deluxe 4Lp-Box (two Double-Lp's) in golden embossed black velvet folder contains the legendary „at Stockholm“ which was produced in cooperation with White Stains in 1990 and is now available for the first time on Vinyl.
The fourth side of the first double-Lp contains two Jarman Themes called „Pirates“ and „Demons“. The second gatefold-Double-Lp contains the incredible first live-performance at the Danceteria New York, performed on the 17th of November 1983 with full line-up inclduing Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Sleazy & John Balance (both members of later formed Coil), Alex Fergusson and John Gosling.(the second at the Danceteria from the 19th of November has been released as NY Scum on Temple-Records in 1984.
The fourth and last vinyl of this set includes 6 rare and/or unreleased tunes inclduing 3 versions of Unclean (rough, instrumental and live) as well as a 15minute selection of the miraculous and mysterious „Fondation Raelinne-Tape“ plus We Kiss as Rough Mix and another Jarman Theme called „Chorals“ VOD-Members will recieve a giant silkscreened hand-made paper-poster.
First in series of several Volumes covering the German Punk, Wave-and-Minimal/Synth-Movement of the late 70’s and early to mid 80’s. Each artist contributes 25-30 minutes for one Lp-Side or a 10”inch The first Volume contains unreleased/demos or rare tape-material from 11 Bands: PVC, White Russia, No More, Didaktische Einheit, MDK, Din A Testbild, Off Band, Poison Dwarfs, Funtastiklons, Die Gesunden.LP 1

Side A | PVC Session 1 | 05./06.05.1978

In spring 1978 the necessity of a record release got more and more urgent. The situation couldn’t get more ludicrous. On the one hand we constantly had full houses. On the other hand there was nothing that fans could take home with, except the memory of the last concert. To put an end to that misery, Franz Antesberger – operator of the first punk shop “Punkhouse” to date – declared himself ready to comply with funding an intake-session. Proposed was the production of four songs – Wall City Rock, Rockin’ Till the Wall Breaks Down, Berlin By Night, Lost in Ulan Bator – for two singles. For this purpose, we gathered in Bel Ami’s practice room, a hardrockband from Berlin, on June 5th, 1978. Jimmi Voxx, band’s guitarist, assumed the producer’s role. He already had his first experiences several weeks ago, at the production of a demo tape from the Dirty needs, Berlin’s second punkrockband. Jimmi insisted on us using Bel Ami’s guitars, because according to him ours wouldn’t suffice. Instead of concentrating on our four agreed songs we incurred into intake frenzy. On June 6th about 5 AM the session ended after recording twelve songs. Because our rush of adrenaline didn’t want to stop, the mixing happened ongoing. A few days later, while listening to the tapes, there was no expected joy. From the songs that were destined for releasing only Berlin By Night and Wall City Rock were adjudged as suitable. Rockin’ Till the Wall Breaks Down really sounded like crap. Lost In Ulan Bator failed because of the using of a flanger on the rhythm guitar. Instead of using two other succeeded songs we abandoned the release, stubborn and turned off. But the session wasn’t for nothing – many tapes were played on radio interviews.

Songs from the session :

Already released : Berlin By Night | Decide | Sick Of You (All included on double album PVC 77-79) | Step Out (Rottentotten RIR 14/15) | Wanking All Night Trought | Eva Braun Is Back In Town

On this disc : No Escape (Jimi Voxx/Knut Schaller/Thorsten v.Thörne/Raymond S.Gomorrah Verlag Francis, Day &Hunter) | Spotlight Kid (Knut Schaller /Raymond Ebert)

Unpublished : Lost In Ulan Bator | Rockin’Till The Wall Breaks Down | Punkidiots | Wall City Rock

Session 2 | 05./06.08. + 16.09.1978

We restarted working august ‘78. Again in Bel Ami’s practice room. Again with Jimmi Voxx as producer. This time it should directly be an LP to placate the exhausted patience of our fans. After recording the first 14 backtracks we had to have a break, inevitably, because of the SO36 opening. September 16th we added the voicings and the guitars. But, after the first four songs - Ice Cold Eyes, Future Kids, Without You, In Your Face – were mixed, the bearer of a 4 soundtrack-device - Jesse Ballard, an US songbard living in Berlin, demanded his device for own purposes. That was it – the disaster beyond all expectations. Anyway we didn’t know anyone with a device like this. Only just October 3rd ’80, after our setting had already changed, there was an available facility for a fast roughmix.

Songs of the session :

Already released : So Much Older | Me Myself And I (All included on PVC 77-79) | I Wish I Could Die (Rottentotten RIR 14/15) | Future Kids

On this disc : Wall City Rock (Schaller/Meijer/Ebert/Dobroszcsyk ,Verlag Edition Optimal)Ice Could Eyes (Gerrit Meijer, Hot Music Verlag) | Concrete Jungle (Knut Schaller) | Without You (Gerrit Meijer) | I’m Alive (Knut Schaller) | Deathline (Knut Schaller/Raymond Ebert) | Punkidiots (Raymond Ebert) | In Your Face (Gerrit Meijer) | Rockin’Till The Wall Breaks Down (Gerrit Meijer) 

SIDE B | WHITE RUSSIA Session 1 | 23.02.1980

That session emerged without our assistance, like the virgin her child. Stefan Stark, a friend of Uwe Hoffmann, could delight Michael Zimmerling – boom operator in the HANSA studios – for White Russia. Zimmerling had anyway helped with the production of David Bowles Heroes. February 23 ’80 he invited White Russia for a demo tape in the studios. Unacknowledged – therefore illegal – we recorded eight songs. Bass, guitar, drums and everything in one go, the voicings afterwards. After three hours including the mixings it was off the cards.

Recorded Songs : Victim (White Russia/Watkins, Verlag: Centerton) | North Sibirian Madness (White Russia/Watkins, Verlag: Centerton) | Well Do You (Gerrit Meijer, Verlag: Hot Music) | Three Crosses In The Sunshine (Gerrit Meijer) | Emotions Had Slipped (White Russia/Watkins, Zorro Musikverlag) | That’s Allright By Me (Gerrit Meijer, Verlag: Hot Music) | Lost In Ulan Bator (White Russia/Watkins, Verlag: Centerton) | Da Da Competition (White Russia/Watkins, Zorro Musikverlag)

Session 2 | 28./29.04.1980

In April the same procedure occurred, illegal again – so for free – with changed conditions. Zimmi wanted to produce four songs “correct” this time. While having the focus on a livecharacter in our first session, we now tried to pull out all the stops. For example in That’s Alright By Me a 12-stringed Rickenbaker, that made us crazy because she has permanently been untuned, was called into action. In the instrumental break in Emotions – Hard Slipped, it absolutely had to be two guitarsolos coincident. Zimmi felt like he had done an extra great job in his selfmade intro of North Sibirian Madness in AC/DC style. We didn’t really like this masterstroke. Later, for the LP version, we cosigned this flop. Despite of or even because of an overproduction Zimmerling won the next Alphaville producer Bernd Ramin and a shady guy named “Mr. Witowski” for White Russia. That guy also got the surcharge. In Sommer 1980 we produced the first White Russia LP under his sponsorship – Eastside story. Recorded Songs : Emotions- Had Slipped (White Russia/Watkins, Zorro Musikverlag) | Well Do You (Gerrit Meijer, Verlag: Hot Music) | That’s Alright By Me (Gerrit Meijer, Verlag: Hot Music) | North Sibirian Madness (White Russia/Watkins Verlag:Centerton


Side A | MDK

Edgar Domi and Volker Hauptvogel get mail and found Mekanik Destrüktiw Komandöh. : The parcel from London was brimful of 7” and 12” Inch-Singles and dyed vinyl, and there were various longplayer expired with 45 turns to it.

After unpacking, surveying the cover, absorbing the smell - a vital mix of ink and vinyl, studying careful secret information on the disc and folding out the Tohrens-phonographer’s black cap, after putting the silver tap on the disc, sounded the first auspicious crackles and snaps.

Now there went an outrageous energy out of the disc through the Shure-pick-up-system through the wiring into the Bose-loudspeakers. It invaded directly in our brains to destroy our backbones in a millisecond, from which feeling we soared immediately like a phoenix out of ash, refined and with 1000 new experiences! That was better than any drug, even better than sex! There she was, the revelation, a historical moment, music was contrived new! Time was abolished and in the energy of a short song there were birth and death and every philosophy book on earth at once, it burned and blustered through our guts. The moment when you fire a bomb, when the cannonball leaves the gun, there it was! That was revolutionary! All sensors went to high performance! The whole body insisted of nervous creeps, whose pores were open like gates. That beastly had everything to do with pure heaven and hell. The instrumental pounding joined in, the energy flow compressed with unexpected highs and lows and went into our souls and our cocks and nuts shrinked to antimatter. The texts were light and thunder and landslide, vociferated and complaining, disgusted and demanding, they were battle songs with wispy nuances, whose text scraps fixed immediately in our brains. As never heard before, it was a roller coaster ride with rocket propulsion that made addicted straightaway. This music will change the world! This would have consequences! It was a clear message. You have to cut your hair, away with antiquated traditions. Mao was right. Ready to lay the world in ashes, they stroke out. Ready to set themselves on fire as herald of the truth, that the new time has finally begun.

- - extract from Volker Hauptvogel’s “Fleischer”, Berlin 2011 -

The founders Volker Hauptvogel and Edgar Domin were members of the Kreuzberger “Front-Theatre” and worked on various productions with (meanwhile deceased) Olaf Wried (Ades Zabel). They stopped pure theatrework when punk-music begun. In early summer 1977 they founded “Vollgas”, the first motorbike-punkband. Hallmarks for them were Leather, fast and especially loud motorbikes, with which they drove through the crowd on the stage, mostly with naked, armed women as pilot or co-driver. “Vollgas” came apart very fast.

Mekanik Destrüktiw Komandöh wasn’t founded, it was born. Communication was their main heading, including countless live-performances, fliers, fanzines, films, videos, cassettes, books and discs. The archive is unfortunately scattered all over the world. One long-term goal was working with physical discernible sounds and frequencies. With their slogan “Spass muss sein” they permanently toured through Europe, till the US tour 1983, in few changing lineup. They were gentled as only legitimate successor of “Ton Steine Scherben”.

Musically MDK catered for monumental sound thunderstorms and a very condensed sound that didn’t give you much time to breath in classic lineup. The combination of fun, politic and music in their performances always made full houses and tumultuous scenes.


DIN A TESTBILD, unpublished recordings to date from the early west/Berliner kellertagen 1978/79 (Rock N Roll Circuit, Horseman, Revolution), a live recording (Simmer of the Bourgeoisie) from Flöz May 7th 1980 and one studio recourding from the first DIN A TESTBILD album Programm 1 (She’s so nice), also from 1980. DIN A TESTBILD always stood for independent music that didn’t emulate the English punk one to one but created the special west/berlin sound (digital punk) and inspired other bands with it. From the early years and in its present form here till the last DAT album Programm 6 with the title “New Berlin” not only the sound changed but rather the city Berlin. At least the music of DAT will always rest a reflection of the berlin underground, the berlin electroexperimental musicavantgarde and a declaration of love to a Berlin that constantly invents itself new.

Special thanks to Bo and everyone who supported the project DAT for many years.




The Poison Dwarfs in their ancient lineup as duo (Westerfeld/Castrup) were founded with the thought of creating, producing and publishing electric instrumental-music with the simplest devices on cassette. That plan has directly been implemented – when the first 10 minutes material was finished, the first cassette was brought on the market. Similar spontaneous but crucial more structured followed the second – “Angst und Ekstase”. The third – “Wechselbad” documented the step to a trio with voices that parallel shrunk to a duo with new but steady lineup (Dlubatz/Castrup). The working principles always stayed similar. Long improvisations in more or less stylistic freedom were recorded, cut and equipped with overdubs. There was played over a small guitar amp that was stereo microphoned or directly to the tape. The recordings were made with 2-channel stereo-tapes, overdub were made with cassette recorders or with trackbouncing in tape recorder. There was no mixer console or EQs! The cassettes were individual duplicated with one master cassette. Minimalism at all levels so to say.



Worth knowing about Dangerous and other Clones

Dangerous Clones were founded in the late 1980 when Exo Neutrino and Uwe Linke, two men excited of New Wave and American Residents from Mittelhessen, came back from a visit at the Soundpioneers “Der Plan” in Düsseldorf. Inspired of the quirky Sound- and Image-phantasies and determined implementing the plan of the Residents principle “Geri Reig” (=doing the most with the least) – Der Plan also rendered homage in the title of his first LP 1980 – they betook themselves to the “Reise durch a Sunday Afternoon” (title of the first tapes, 20 pieces were produced), mounted with a tape-deck and a hamper full with toy instruments.

Following another idea of the American role models, the artist reaches the biggest clarity with staying anonymous, the Dangerous Clones gained new identities for every new project. Little Clones, MicroClones, PsyClone, FunTasti – or Different Clones – they always subordinated their artistic egos under the respective idea and deprived themselves skillful from the absorption of an uncomprehending mainstream audience that instead rather faced to Markus, Nena, Hubert Kah and other decals of the formerly actual new German Wave.

The cassette label „WirWollenNurDeinBestesBänder“ was founded by Exo Neutrino and Uwe Linke in the early 1980s to customize the duo’s music to interested parties. Besides the debut “Reise…” and “Musik für 2 Ohren” there appeared the tapes “Urrh? – The Kinderkram Tapes“ (1982), „Auf der Suche nach dem 6. Quark“ (1983) und „Delikate Delikte“ (1983) under the already mentioned pseudonyms.

Die FunTastiClones, an offshoot from the Dangerous Clones, carried 1984 with “Musik für 2 Ohren” the principle of minimalism by Geri Reig to extremes. As it were origins from the previous, one player (Exo) played on a small toy-keyboard, which was “pimped” with only a delay unit, and an old guitar amplifier. Applying extreme sound settings emerged the basic-tracks that were recorded on a stereo-spur of a cassette. After that the other clone recorded the second spur on cassette.

„WirWollenNurDeinBestesBänder“ at that time advertised with following words for that tape : “a tiny keyboard and rude effects show that good ideas don’t need gigantic sounds! Eleven potential hit-melodies in 2-ear-stereo! An ideal travelling companion – at best with headphones!” and ME/Sounds recognized : “unrestrained creative abuse of toys and cheapest effects! Brilliant!

Exo Neutrino also published the LP „PoisoNoise“ (recently republished on High Roller Records with additional material) as singer of Bad Hersfelders hardrock band “The Hand of Doom” in1979 and – in collaboration with Tom Dokoupil – the vinyl EP “Lustige Mutanten – UnPop” in 1981. Other tapes by or with Exo on „WirWollenNurDeinBestesBänder“ were : „Erster Größenwahn – Abfälle 1971 – 1981“, „Lustige Mutanten – Gute Fetzen“ (1982), „Heimatklänge fremder Planeten“ (1986), „Das Spielzeug“ (1987) u.a.m. Uwe Linke published as “Markenzeichen XY“ his first solo tape in 1983 (“Da kommt die Braut”) on “BestesBänder”.


FunTastiClones are :

Exo Neutrino (alias Ludger Rößner): toykeyboard „Yamaha PS-300“, tapedeck, delay unit, old guitar amplifier.




Young men lost in a careless environment. 

Die Werkpiloten – they are Christian Aufderstroth alias Krischi (Vocals) and Stefan Caesar alias Prinz Eisenhart (Programming). The duo was active from 1981 till 1986, published 4 cassettes including a compilation on their label “Werkpilot Industrial Releases” and after that a gladly heard guest on various samplers.

It’s music that, except guitar and bass, mainly has electric origins, that flows, sways and encourages to dream. It should kidnap the listener out of his everyday life in another, wonderful world. Music for films that is played while driving around with the car or daydreams. Constantly changing between introverted soundtracks and elaborated electro tracks. A complex and multifarious “Industrial Pop”, inspired of a emotional-melancholic attitude whose inspiration has its origins in Manchester an the factory-label of Section 25 and Joy Division. That is not surprising if you know were those two test pilots grew up. They come from the Ruhrgebiet, characterized by coal industry, working-class environment, tristesse and illusions that were bounded to there area of life.

“It is a logical thought that the heavy, loud and mean machine steals the people’s heart. So it is of value that there are people whose eyes weren’t timley kept shut. Factories and machines certainly didn’t have the intention to encourage our phantasy or to have positive influences to us. But at a time when machine coldness already entered into many souls and people begin to leave their production facility as meaningless monuments, rooms for phantasy get free that let us feel the pain and the desire, with pictures or music, at the end of our industrial period.”

Creating something under one’s own steam, letting phantasy get reality and comparing this with others was the Werkpilot’s desire. Round about 25 years after the resolution of Werkpiloten they should get some recognition for their work. The tracks on this compilation are unpublished in this form and originate from 1981 till 1985. An entire retro perspective of the Werkpiloten as 3LP-box is planned in spring 2012.

Pictures - are a reflected image now, Music - probably the last human beat, Performed - by some confused hearts.

Side B | NO MORE

NO PROMISES | C60 - Audiotape | 1980 | Too Late Records

FRENCH KISSES | C20 - Audiotape | 1981 | Too Late Records

LUSTOBJEKTE-SAMPLER | C60 - Audiotape | 1981 | Lustobjekte

The cassettes were produced for own requirements. While the NO PROMISES cassette reflects the stylemix from the beginning, sound and songs on the other two tapes are already on their way to the sound of NO MORE in minimalism phase. The recording of “Suicide Commando” is the first recording of the song. The NO MORE recordings for the Lustobjekte-sampler (a temporary merger of some Bands from Kiel) emerged in a recording session on july 25th 1981. Under the name of BLOOD AND FLOWERS we have recorded a row of pure electronic sketches, except for the voices for the Lustobjekte-sampler.


01. CURFEW (French Kisses Tape) | 02. LOVE & CRY (French Kisses Tape) | 03. FOG (Lustobjekte-Sampler) | 04. DAYS OF MERCY (Lustobjekte-Sampler) | 05. SUICIDE COMMANDO (No Promises Tape) | 06. NOTHING EVER CHANGES (No Promises Tape) | 07. HYPNOTIZED (French Kisses) | 08. BLOOD AND FLOWERS I (Lustobjekte-Sampler) | 09. BLOOD AND FLOWERS II (Lustobjekte-Sampler) | 10. BLOOD AND FLOWERS IV (Lustobjekte-Sampler) | 11. BLOOD AND FLOWERS V (Lustobjekte-Sampler) 12. BLOOD AND FLOWERS VI (Lustobjekte-Sampler) | 13. BLOOD AND FLOWERS VII (Lustobjekte-Sampler) | 14. BLOOD AND FLOWERS IX (Lustobjekte-Sampler)


Side A | DIDAKTISCHE EINHEIT didaktische einheit 1980—1984

Founded not as band, founded as rhizome, as underground being that develops its excesses in every conceivable direction +++ how can they use the stage for the whole wide deconditioning +++ how the forces call +++ conscious force of earth +++ against partition boredom and inwardness +++ ecstatic sallies of foreign tribes +++ performances only are one piece of a whole +++ one step, one grope, one crawl, running, walking in directions +++ there is no goal, but the next step and the feeling that’s getting better and better +++


Extract from the supplement to “ALL THESE PLANETS”

From venus I had my microphone straightened to the earth. Begin of the recording was about incurrence of the linguistic developed human. I triggered my recorders stop-taste in January 1986. By use of a therefor developed procedure I managed saving noises on tape only produced on earth. Full other acoustic signals from other orbs, e.g. eruptions and other matter outbursts are not contained on this.

The recordings consist of the amount of every signal produced on earth in mentioned period of time and I brought them to 2x15 minutes by time lapse.

Thus this magnetic tape contains every song that was ever played or sung by humans. The other noises merely have a accompanying function. So why shall I buy records from the Beatles if their music is contained on this tape.

Extract from the cassette scene centralagency “die KATASTROPHE” nr. Eleven

I recommend this cassette, because she’s conventional and experimental at the same time, calm and loud, exciting and thrilling. A music full of contradictions.

All titles used from original recorded tapes (1983-1987) and the vinyl longplayer THE OFF BAND and WAFFELSCHMIEDE --- LINKS WO DAS HERZ IST

Artwork and cover design: WAFFELSCHMIEDE

Composed by Karl von Hörsten and Tine Velte

Producer: Joachim Reinbold

Music: Tape and radio manipulations, noises, electronic instruments, electric guitar, sounds of nature, my voice


Some tracks belong to the live show SLIDES IN MYSTIC performed at Cinemas, Galeries, Bars and Festivals

10 “


Die Gesunden arised from the project “Pionier Seriös” in 1981.

Die Gesunden primary consisted of the duo Eschi Rehm and Mabel Aschenneller. They were also supported by Thomas Wydler (drums).

At the beginning of the 1980s Mabel Aschenneller booked various bands for Berlins New Wavew- and Punkshop “Exxcess”.

Together with Wieland Speck and Blixa Bargeld he organized the legendary “Festival Genialer Dilletanten” in Tempodrom-tent at Potsdamer Platz (Berlin).

Eschi Rehm among other things recorded the disc “Geile Tiere Berlin” with “Geile Tiere” in 1980.

1982 the eponymous LP by “Die Gesunden” on Klaus Schulzes Innovative Communication-Label was published.

The audio-material from this 10” is a demo-cassette from 1981 that served as foundation of the LP-production.