John Duncan has been one of the most oustanding, consistently controversial and confrontational, powerful, and compelling masters of experimentation for the last 30 years. His works range from noise to conceptual installations, shortwave-radio to enviromental recordings.

Over the years, Duncan has worked on many rewarding collaborations including 'Incoming' with Christoph Heemann, 'Contact' with Andrew McKenzie (of the Hafler Trio), 'Palace of Mind' with Giuliana Stefani, 'Da Sich Die Machtgier' with Asmus Tietchens, 'Nine Suggestions' with Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen, 'Our Telluric Conversation' with Carl Michael von Hausswolff.

Other than on his own labels AQM and Allquestions, Duncan has released records on labels such as Touch, Staalplaat, Die Stadt & Heemann's Streamline label.

This Box-Set combines all of his Vinyl- and Tape-Releases produced between 1978 and 1985 on his own AQM-Label (Organic 12“, Creed & Nicki 7“, Riot Lp) with music from his 82-85-Tape-Releases Music you finish, Supplement, Move Forward (Pleasure Escape), Brutal Birthday Soundtrack, Phantom and Purge).

A Bonus 7“ will be provided with earliest collaboration-recordings from 1978 & 79 performed as Doo-Doettes and CV Massage with artists like Michael Le Donne Bhennet, Dennis Duck, P. Mc Carthy, Fredrik Nilsen, Dennis Duck and Tom Recchion.


This outstanding deluxe Box-Set delivers an excellent and extensive overview of John Benders music-output recorded between 1976-1985

John Bender is without any doubt, the protagonist, if not the inventor of a whole musical-genre known as Cold Minimal Wave/Synth.

His synthesizer-sounds already carried elements of techno and acid-beats while techno was still to be invented a decade later.

His voice and his partially sentimental and mourning lyrics made his music to something outstanding and extraordinary, unheard before in this mixture.

His three self-released Lp’s „I don’t remember now (1980), Plaster Falling (1981) and Pop Surgery (1983) are a must-have for every serious collector and interested person in such cold-wave/minimal-synth/techno-sounds.

The Lp’s „Plaster Falling“ and „Pop Surgery“ contain selections from several Tape-releases known as „Plaster: the Prototypes“ (1981), Packing List (1982), At the 4th Street Cage 1/83 (1983) & Do the Cage (1983) which compiled many of his recordings done between 1979 and 1983

The 7Lp-Folder-Set includes all and even extended Versions from those three Lp’s released on his own Label „Record Sluts“ plus most of his recordings from the 4 official Tape-Releases mentioned.

In addition to these official Vinyl and Tape-Releases the Box will also contain an extract of the Soundtrack-Recording to „Johnny Vortex“ (1985) as well as

Tracks from two Archive-Tapes with previously unreleased material recorded in 1976 (pre Record-Sluts) and 1978.


Outstanding black finelinen Book-like Folder-Set which includes Clock DVA’s first four official tape-releases released on Mastermind Adi Newton’s DVAtion-label between 1978-80: Lomticks of Time (Dvation 01) 2nd (Dvation 02) Deep Floor (Dvation 03) Fragments (Dvation 04), plus the unreleased 1979 Small Wonder 12“inch EP „Sex Works Beyond Entanglement...“ plus additional 78-80 archive-material

The Box and the accompanying Booklet and DVD covers the time period before Clock DVA released one of music-history’s Milestones on Industrial Records; „White Souls in Black Suits“.

It covers the earliest stage of Clock DVA, a time of Extreme sounds, Noises and Subversive Ideas & Images that will definitely be a mind-blowing revelation to all those that think to know Clock DVA’s work and history

Back in 1977 and before Clock DVA’s first incarnation Adi Newton has been a founding member of the pure electronic synthesized Sheffield-based project „The Future“. It consisted of Adi along with Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh who both went on to form the more accessible and commercial pop groups „the Human League“ and shortly after „Heaven 17“.

Adi, on the other hand, had been more interested and concerned in an Art that explored and experimented with sound and visuals to invent new forms of music that would challenge how sound can be perceived and used; Art as a means to subvert the form itself and re-use conventional instrumentation such as that found in the standard line up of Drums, Bass and Guitar, to apply pyscho accoustics and electronic treatments in order to find a new an individual morphology.

In late 77 and after his departure from the „The Future“ he formed Clock DVA.

11 years later and after the release of the Albums Thirst (1981, Fetish Records) and Advantage (1983, Polydor) the Album Buried Dreams was released in 1988.

An Album considered for many as one of the most important and pioneering works within the whole Industrial/EBM-Electro Canon.

Clock DVA continued to have no real comparable associates except maybe for the project Coil with whom they shared a long and industrious association.


The music on this 6Lp-Box gives you the true picture of DVA,s Development and Chronology and leads you to the earliest s roots of New Wave and Industrial Music, a time when only a Handful of true pioneers where working such as Throbbing Gristle, Pere Ubu, The Pop Group .

These recordings will change your perception of Clock DVA and give you access to music that defies categorisation, music that is both melody and Anti Melody, Noise and pure form Acousmatic, HOROLOGY A chronology of Dvation 1978/1979/1980. Definately another Milestone in VOD’s Label-History.

VOD84: LAIBACH "Gesamtkunstwerk - Dokument 81-86“ 5 LP-deluxe Box with DVD / Illustrated 36-page-Booklet / Metal-Badge / Poster / Postcards

This ultra-deluxe leather-bound box set comes in a cross-like holder for the five Vinyl discs and also includes a DVD with two outstanding live-performances from 1982 and 1984 plus a large poster,10 postcards, a metal enamel-badge as well as an extensive 36-page booklet illustrated with archive photos of Laibach's hometown Trbovlje.

The Box focusses on Laibach's early years as a provocative performance-music-and-multimedia-group and includes early studio and unreleased recordings in combination with many legendary live-documents from the 1981-1986 period, all previously unreleased on vinyl.

Lp1 contains unpublished and rare, early 80’s studio-recordings in Ljubljana (Slovenia) plus 1982 live-recordings from former Yugoslavia from Belgrade (Serbia) and Zagreb (Croatia)
Lp2 contains two performances from Ljubljana in 1982 and 1984: Side A from the Novi-Rock-Festival 1982 and Side B from December 1984 at Malči Belič Hall
Lp3 contains two Berlin (West Germany) performances from 1983 and 1985: the live Berlin  Metropol 1983 tape known as "Vstajenje v Berlinu" and the Berlin Atonal festival performance from 17. February 1985
Lp4 contains two performances from Amsterdam (Netherlands) in 1985, which were previously released on the Staalplaat Tape "Ein Schauspieler.”
Lp5 contains the concert in the village of "Hum" near Nova Gorica (Slovenia) in 1986 which was the first (semi)-legal concert in Slovenia after their ban in 1983. At this concert Laibach was finally able to perform again with its full name on the poster, although the ban on this remained in force until 1987. The concert was organised by the local cell of the Union of Socialist Youth of Slovenia and recorded by Ernest Žnidaršič. The concert began with Laibach cutting a large amplified log of wood and culiminated in the use of a chainsaw. This was the only show where the group used a chainsaw.

The DVD includes two more former Yugoslav live-performances from 1982 and 1984..The first is the second Zagreb-performance at YURM-Festival in December 1982 also known as Touch of Evil featuring founding member Tomaž Hostnik who committed suicide shortly after the concert  as well as the legendary clandestine concert in a venue in Dom Malči Beličeve (the house of the socialist heroine Malči Belič in Ljublana) where Laibach performed “incognito” on 21st December 1984. Zagreb performance was filmed by Šime Strikoman and used by his kind permission. Ljubljana performance was filmed by Marjan Osole – Max and used by his kind permission.

The booklet texts compiled and edited by Alexei Monroe offer an opportunity to explore and understand in detail the origins, mission, methodologies and ideologies that shaped the Gesamtkunstwerk Laibach. The texts are by  Alexei Monroe, Aleš Leko Gulič, Donald Campbell, Michael Goddard and legendary Slovene music promoter Igor Vidmar.

French artist and autodidact Ghédalia Tazartès who is born in Paris in 1947 is a true nomad spending more than 30 years within musical practice and experimentation. Ghedalia is the orchestra and a pop group all in one person: the self is multitude and others, freely connecting the sounds, the rhythms, his voice, his voices. The extra-European music open the ear to Ghedalia's intra-European exotism. The permanent metamorphosis is a principle of composition, it escapes control, refuses classification, diametrical to the purists of synthetic culture and technocrates of noise.

He wanders through music from chant to rhythm, from one voice to another. Utilising magnetic tape recorders, he paves the way for the electric and the vocal paths, between the muezzin psalmody and the screaming of a rocker. He traces vague landscapes where the mitre of the white clown, the plumes of the sorcerer, the helmet of a cop and Parisian anhydride collide into polyphonic ceremonies.

This Box Is concentrating on his early works from 1977-1979 and his 4 officially released Vinyl-Lp’s plus a 10“ of an unreleased work from 1978.

All the material is superbly re-mastered for Vinyl by Anders Peterson of pushing the overall quality and dimension in sound to an amazing new level and experience.

Members will recieve and accompaning DVD with a 30 minute ART BRUT experimental movie

GRIM is an absolutely amazing, almost skizophrenic and obscure power-electronics and noise-one-man project of Jun Konagaya.
Jun’s sound change its mood and athmosphere in seconds. From extreme harsh and hard power electronic noise-walls to ingenious folk-songs and tunes as you know it from Charles Manson.
In the very early 80s Jun formed White Hospital together with Tomosada Kuwabara. They released one album called "Holocaust" in 1984 and split.
At that time Jun had already released the „Vital“ Tape with his project GRIM. Kuwuhara moved on to form Vasilisk while Jun continued as GRIM releasing one Lp, 12“ and 7“ as well as contributing to several compilations during the 80’s

Compilation of early Club Moral, DDV, Etat Brut & The Parts-Tracks from 1981-1986. Club Moral was founded by Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (AMVK) and Danny Devos (DDV) in Antwerp on January 1st, 1981.

The framework to this incredible Box-Set is mainly based on selected tracks by DDV from "4 Sept" (CM02) and "A Sound Atlas of Venerology" (CM18),  Club Moral's "Mit neuen Waffen" (CM03), with additional compilation tracks and live recordings by Club Moral. Furthermore Etat Brut's complete "Geometrie d'un Assasinat" (CM10) and a selection of tracks by The Parts (DDV, AMVK and Erik Vloeberghs) are included. Some of the tracks included in this Box-Set have never been released before.

From 1981 until 1993 Club Moral acted as a venue and until today as a music performance band. They have become known for their controversial performances and imagery because they focused on the presentation of art and live events of an extreme nature. Acts that have performed at Club Moral have included Non (Boyd Rice), Coup de Grace (Michael Moynihan), Slave State, Gerechtigkeits Liga, - Delta t, John Duncan, Angst, AR/TE, ProduKtion, Jack Stevenson, ConDom and many more. As a band Club Moral played about 150 live performances in Europe and Australia, in 2011 they will play in the USA.

Numerous exhibitions, performances, concerts, lectures and film-shows were held. From 1983-2005 they also published 16 issues of the Force Mental magazine with numerous international contributions on art, music, radical journalism, photography, literature and poetry. In 2010 a facsimile of all Force Mental issues in one volume was published on the occasion of the Club Moral rvstd exhibition at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerpen. Almost 100 different cassettes of bands that performed in their space in Antwerpen found release on their self-run Club Moral label.

 This Box-Release should give an audio- and visual overview and insight into the work of and at Club Moral and their two protagonists, DDV and AMVK. It will take you beyond the highly sought after Vinyl-Release of "To All Who Are Interested" from 1989 and will focus on the very early stage of Club Moral's work including acclaimed pieces of close friends and collaborators
Members will recieve a T-Shirt designed by AMVK

VOD 85 Tara Cross "1982-1989" 4Lp-Box 64,99 Euro

Box incl. Spurt Ditties (1982); Waiting for the War (1983); Concocting Chaos (83); Collaboration-Tracks with Unovidual; Searchlight & Torch (84, with Stefan Tischler of Port Said); Limelight (85); Compilation-Tracks 83-88, Tempus Fugit (88)

Excellent wide-ranging minimal/synth & Wave-tunes by one of the most outstanding female artists in the 80’s cassette-culture and wave/underground releasing a total of 4 Tapes, one Lp and contrbuting to numerous Cassette- and Vinyl-compilation.

Tara Cross was always exposed to music as a child.Her family, being second generation in the United States from Ireland, kept their roots by filling the household with lots of Irish and American music. Her father was a great singer and an admirer of Bing Crosby and Perry Como.

Tara's interest in music awakes at age 13, when she begins to play the guitar. She studies at Hunter College of New York, where she majors in Music and Psychology, yet she decides not to pursue her musical studies in an academic institution, since her primary interest is centered in the performing arts.. Despite the opposition of her family, she devotes her time to her musical career while keeping a full time job in the corporate world. Her jobs ranged from secretary, typist, microfilm supervisor, librarian, magazine publishing company, etc. Tara is the first of six children and needed to help with fiamily finances. In the late 70's and early 80's she moves from Brooklyn into the "village" in Manhattan, the center of the art scene in NY, forms punk rock bands and later goes onto experimenting with an Electro-Harmonix mini synthesizer and a primitive drum box. She develops her efforts into a very unconventional, experimental kind of music. In the early to mid 80's, she herself produces, composes and performs her own works, acts as her own public relations, takes care of the administrative and secretarial work, etc, She works mainly at first with cassettes, later going onto reel to reel 4 track, then 8 track, recording everything at home and releasing it worldwide. In 1997. she opens a hair salon, getting out of the corporate environment, called Le Chandelier Salon. As a musician, she considers herself as some sort of sound structurer who experiments with sound the same way as a painter would experiment with colours.



VOD86 Van Kaye + Ignit "Anthology 1980-1985" 5Lp 74,99 Euro

Great, fantastic Minimal-Synth-Tracks from legendary dutch duo Van Kaye and Ignit.

Van Kaye alias Ed Van Kasteren (studying history of the arts and being singer of Monomen in the late 70’s) and Ignit Bekken (performing artist, painter and studiying to become an art-teacher) meet in early 1980 and started woking and experimenting with synthesisers.

The result was the minimal/synth-classic and highly sought-after Tapes 'A Slight Delay' and "With a Little Help" which they distributed and pubslihed through their own Ding Dong Discs label.

Another ex-Monoman, William Wiusselink alias "Wizzkopf", joined the project in 1982

VK&I did run the famous record-label Ding Dong Records & Tapes which published beautifully designed releases of Independent/Wave-artists such as Legendary Pink Dots, Bene Gesserit, Anne Gillis and many more incl. the All-Time-Classic-Must-Have-Compilation „Film Noir“.

This Box includes both Tapes „A Slight Delay“ (as 8-Track Demo an 11-Track original Release) and „With a little help“ as well as the ultra-rare "Picasso on the Wall 7“-Tracks, 17 compilation-contributions from 1981-85 (incl. the Radionome-Tracks), 7 unreleased-Tracks/Demos recorded between 80-85 and a 30 minute Live-Concert held in Rotterdam 1983.

Members will furthermore receive a wonderful 40 minute concert from Ampermorching, Germany in 1982

VOD87 M.A.L. "The M.A.L.-Tapes" Lp 15,99 Euro

One side full of great Minimal/Synth-Tracks from his early 80’s Tapes „Chemistry“, „Two Faces“ and „Outlaw“ on labels like Grafika Airline and Insane Music; the other side with two mind-blowing and -opening electric-guitar-tracks from 1971-74 which will definately touch your consciousness for music-history and hopefully help re-writing it. Alain Neffe of Pseudo Code / Bene Gesserit (Insane Music) participated on two of the pieces. M.A.L.'s cassettes have been remastered in superb sound quality by Anders Peterson almost 40 years after it was recorded for the first time.

VOD88 PSYCHE "Insomnia Theatre 83-86" 3Lp-Box+7"/DVD 54,99 Euro

It all started sometime at the dawn of the 80s by two Canadian brothers, Darrin and Stephen Huss while living with their parents in Edmonton, Alberta.

The first and only synthesizer based act in our whole region, we were joined by third member Dwayne Goettel and subsequently formed the band PSYCHE.

A combination of horror and electronics that in the area of Western Canada was completely unheard of and would continue to be considered quite shocking until the music finally caught on. By the time of our highlight performance as support to Britain's ALIEN SEX FIEND in 1984, PSYCHE had lost Dwayne as a member, but with several songs on file, and a number of performances under our belts, we persevered.

PSYCHE started out with a Mattel Synsonics, a little black square that had 4 drum pads (to be heard clearly on Wrench II). The Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine followed, and until we upgraded to the DR. 110 we were recording & performing with our basic set-up of Korg Mono/Poly, Sequential Circuits Pro One, Davolisant String synthesizer, and Dr. Rhythm with which our entire legendary Halloween 1983 performance "Live At Belevedere Hall" was created. It is a small recording wonder that this cassette remains preserved to this day after travelling from Canada throughout Europe, and back again. This entire concert remains one of the most intriguing, and fascinating listens since it was performed, and after a limited CD-R release, several highlights of this, and all other demo recordings from this time appear remastered to vinyl along with our everlasting debut album "Insomnia Theatre". Available once again in it's original format for the first time since it was released, and sold out in 1985.

When the Huss family moved to Waterloo, Ontario, Darrin and Stephen took time out from their school work to lay down what would become this official debut album of PSYCHE's music. With fearlessly experimental electro-titles such as "Children Carry Knives", "Psychic Vampire", "Maggots", and "The Brain Collapses". Under the disguised names Evan Panic (Darrin), and Anthony Red (Stephen) PSYCHE, with release on hand prepared themselves for a proper onslaught on the further unsuspecting Canadian audience, and the rest of the world.

This 3 album edition of "Insomnia Theatre" also contains the 4-Track recordings while Dwayne was a member, as well as several rare direct to cassette demos, the tracks of "Tales From The Darkside", as well as our now collectable 12" of "Thundershowers". Plus the monumental "Unveiling The Secret" appears in it's album version to round out the complete vision of PSYCHE's early beginnings from 1983 up to this 1986 breakthrough club hit!

We are proud to present you this deluxe audio experience just over 25 years since we began creating this music for generations to come.

Listen, cherish, relive, and pass it on.

"Insomnia Theatre" Promo video on Facebook or Youtube



VOD89 Fockewulf 190 "Microcosmos 1981-1986" 2Lp 22,99 Euro

Suberb Synth- and Wave-tunes of Fockewulf 190 incl. the two Italo-Disco-Classic 12“ Body Heat and Gitano plus more demos and so far unreleased treasures like Orient „Express“ collected from the archive of Victor Life

Victor once stated: The Fockewulf 190 project was created as a shape equal to a substance, experimental analogyc electronic music connected to the theatrical and mimic power of rock and the romantic and esthetic force of the electronic dance of thr 80s.We translated those expressive channels with the force of a psychedelic mind folded into a magic and evocative world, an profound research into ourselves. This personal and futuristic mistycism originated the dark side of italo disco . 

The publishing ,25 years later, of what should have been our first album in 1986, "Microsmos", shines a light on the sonic creativity of the Fw 190, also because it's a record composed only by simple original demos; something pure and synthetic, uncontamined by commercial compromises.

VOD90 Attrition "Demonstro 1981-1986" 2Lp 22,99 Euro

Slices of Attrition's earliest existence. A Double-Lp with previously unreleased, rare and demo recordings from the earliest days on Third mind records and beyond. From the initial post punk line up to the early experiments with analogue electronics in the bands fledgling home studio. Rescued from forgotten cassette mixes and 4 track tapes, restored and remastered by Martin Bowes, including sleeve notes by Third Mind's Gary levermore, unreleased photos and artwork and available for the first time on vinyl.