Pripuzzi 03: Local Distorsion; Situation Modulaire Lp plus 7inch (RD 15.June 2013)

Local Distorsion is an absolute Must-Have for any serious collector and listener to contemporary state-of-the-art coldwave/minimalsynth-pop.
Local Distorsion is an illusory collective concept created in 2012 and based in France which is inspired by the surrealism, metaphysics and nihilism literature, fan of the 80′s DIY scene, the psych, punk, kraut rock, avant-garde electronic, mutant and odd sounds.
Local Distorison uses different group names and tones to express itself more freely and create different atmospheres from cold/minimal wave, synth pop to electronic experimentation.
Behind this “hocus pocus”, there is a French duo; Cyril (Vocals, lyrics, synth) and Caroline (Vocals, lyrics).
This Lp and 7" takes you into a one-hour-journey of electronic music at its best.
First 200 copies of Lp and 7" in blue Vinyl.
A split-LP with two of Swedens finest industrial bands.
Same members in both groups. The three members are old fans of the analog sound, old machines and the way they behave, and don´t behave. Perfect and fascinating mixture between old-school-industrial, avantgardisch NWW-like-Style and early Minimalsounds as Clock DVA and Cabaret Voltaire.
Two editions available with 199 copies each.398 in total.
All LP’s are handmade all different in pure old school style.
Inyurmania (IYM): Experiments with tapeloops, feedbacks, raw analog synthersizer sounds and screaming vocals. All recorded ln their studio. A collaboration between man and machine.
Goz Mongo Alliance: Explores the attitude of rhythmic industrial funk. Rhythm-boxes, synthersizers, bass and the fundamental core. Structured patterns and pure analog sound.

VÖ 28. Oktober 2005
Weltklang / Exil System Remix 5-Track-Ep 10 € 

Remixes von dem VOD9 Release mit Remixes of Kotai, Dr. Walker, Electric Indigo und Weltklang. Speziell Verpackt in roter Plastikhülle.
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