RELEASES 2023 plus previous years until 2015

VOD158.INSANE V/A Insane 80s Tracks from the Insane Label (supplement to VOD158Book/2CD) 2x7inch (17.24 EUROS plus tax)

VOD158.Insane 1
A1 BeNe GeSSeRiT  rock yoko 3:57
A2 BeNe GeSSeRiT  tonight 4:45

B1 PSEUDO CODE     could it be a hit 3:08
B2 PSEUDO CODE   jesus 5:44

VOD158.Insane 2
C1 PSEUDO CODE    waiting for zorro 3:28
C2 HUMAN FLESH     fourteenth mirage 4:17

D1 I SCREAM       nothing to do 5:02
D2 I SCREAM       take your headphones and dance 2:47
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