RELEASES 2023 plus previous years until 2015

Osamu Sato: Objectless 1Lp

Award-Winning Multi-Media Artist & Genius Osamu Sato was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1960 and is one of the only artists being well known for graphics, animation and music.

He studied photographic science and graphic design at an Art University and his first exhibition called ‘The Alphabetical Orgasm’ contained a series of computer graphic arts.

Since the early 90’s he is well recognized and praised by domestic and international press. Since then he kept releasing music-, games- and video-contents, all of them being highly recognized.

Among these is the Point and Click-Game 'Eastern Mind' as well as the ‘LSD Dream Emulator’, a Videogame produced for Sony Play Station.
The latter is especially praised as an art-masterpiece and defined & created a new era of computer gaming which still fascinates audiences all over the world.
In recent years he resumed activities as a graphic artist and photographer.

In 1983 he also composed several music-pieces and released the Tape 'Objectless' on the famous Japanese Tape-label 'Skating Pears'.

This new Osamu Sato-Release on VOD-Records contains and covers the original Tape plus an additional Bonus-Track. All of them being re-worked and re-mixed by himself and released as a new work he always wanted to create the most.
It is new music mixed with ambient, techno, music concrete, minimal music, side-by-side using the old audio-material from the initial 1983-Release
14,00 € incl. MwSt plus shipping