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VOD-Editions 1.8-1.13: Henri Chopin Recordings 1955-1991 6Lp-Set with Booklet

Henri Chopin (1922-2008) was one of the most significant and influential avant-garde, sound and -concrete poets of the second half of the 20th century.
In his work as a sound poet, he was an early practitioner of a complex vocal art which he described and defined as poésie sonore , in which he used his voice, a microphone, and elementary "home" recording technologies to manipulate a vast tapestry of sounds with his compositions.

As poet, painter, graphic artist and designer, typographer, independent publisher, film-maker, broadcaster and arts promoter, Chopin's work was a barometer of the shifts in European media between the 1950’s and the 1970’s.

His publication and design of the iconic audio-visual journals Cinquième Saison and Revue OU between 1958 and 1974 contained vinyl-recordings as well as texts, images, screen-prints, and multiples. It brought together contemporary international writers including such artists as members of Lettrisme and Fluxus groups, Jiri Kolar, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Tom Phillips, Brion Gysin, William S. Burroughs and many others. He also brought back the work of survivors from earlier generations of experimental poets such as Raoul Hausmann and Marcel Janco to present their work to a fresh audience.

There is no doubt that he is a leading protagonist, accelerator, and incubator for the second half of the 20th Century avant-garde and experimental audio art.

VOD is exceptionally proud to present two box-sets of Henri Chopin’s work spanning from 1955 to 1991:  with Box 1 (VOD1.1-1.7) covering his official stand-alone releases and with Box 2 (VOD1.8-13) covering all his other contributions to vinyl and tape productions as well as unreleased recordings.

Both boxes come with a nicely illustrated 52-page booklet and texts in French and English by Vincent Barras, Marc Matter, Larry Wendt and Henri Chopin’s daughter, Brigitte Morton.
LP 8: Compilation Contributions / Petit Livre Des Riches Heures Signistes Et Sonores D'Henri Chopin

A1     Indicatif II (1963 / 1965); from L’autonomatopek 1 (Editions Georges Fall, 1972)                                                            2:16
A2     Delft, Recording with nine students in School (en direct et simultané 6th november 1970); from phonetische poesie (Luchterhand Verlag 1971)            2:42
A3     Les temps d’aujourd’hui / The Present Times (1976); included in Stereo Headphones Magazine Nr. 8-9-10                                        7:30
A4     Roule gorge / Throat Roll; excerpt (1976-1978); Recorded live in Amsterdam; at “One World Poetry” Festival, released on Giorno Poetry Systems (1981)        1:14
A5     La cavalcade échevelée / The Ccurried Cavalcade (Les 9 Saintes Phonies); on Petit livre des riches heures signistes et sonores… (Galerie J & J Donguy, 1986)     4:51
A6     Dialogue désourds / Deaf Dialogue (Les 9 Saintes Phonies); on Petit livre des riches heures signistes et sonores d'Henri Chopin (Galerie J & J Donguy, 1986)     5:33

B1     Chercher / Searching (1974); from Edizioni di Polipoesia Nr. 1 (3Vitre, ed. by Enzo Minarelli,1983); “It’s the voice that’s flying away” (H.C.)                    7:20
B2     Dynamisme intégral / Integral Dynamics (1972 / 1973); also published on Audiopoems 1956-1980 (Edition Hundertmark, 1983)                        10:23
B3     Présence du soleil / Presence Of The Sund (1971); from La Peur And Co (? Records 2002)                                                    5:42
B4     Jouissance des lèvres / Pleasure Of The Lips (1983); also published on Henri Chopin (Artalect, 1993);
After returning from a tour through Australia, “I received direct influence from the fleshy lips of the Aborigines, where orality dominates” (H.C.)                    4:36

LP 9: Le Voyage Labiovélaire & Le Cri (Edition S Press, 1972) / Contributions to Compilations

A1     Le voyage labiovélaire / The Labiovelar Journey (1971);
“Lifting of tongue to the palate and murmurs. This vocal ‘mechanism’ is only possible with magnetic magnifications.” (H.C.)                                    9:49    A2     Le Cri / The Cry - Homage to Marcel Janco (1971);
“…i knew that the cry is only heard after its long internal rumors, after a long journey through the miasmas of the body” (H.C.)                                 5:53
A3     Air Vibratoire - for Jean     (1974); published on Revue AXE (Antwerp, 1976)                                                            6:30

B1    Le soleil est mécanique / The Sun Is Mechanical - Voice: Denis Chopin (1972); first published on Revue OU 40/41                                    5:06
B2    Le parlement européen / The European Parliament (1971); published on Poésie Sonore Internationale audio-cassettes, an addition to the book edited by H.C.    3:34 
B3    Le palais enchanté des années 80 / The Enchanted Palace Of The 80s (1981) / renamed in 1997: Sauvagerie / Wildness;
from Poets Painters Composers Compilation, also on Slowscan 1 Compilation); dedicated to Luc Peire. Produced at IPEM Studio, University of Ghent                10:49
B4    Le Corpsbis - troisième mouvement: premiers pizzicati de bouche (1982); on Lautpoesie 1 audio-cassette (Gertraud Scholz Verlag 1987)                6:17

LP 10:  The Christian Scholz Reel - works 1955-1974; previously unreleased

A1    2 poèmes (1955); two early written poems recited by H.C., before he worked as a sound poet with his tape-machine                                    6:22
A2    Espace et gestes / Space And Gestures (1959); a printed version appeared in Cinquième Saison Nr. 17 (1962); also published on V.A. Klankteksten LP (1971)    8:39
A3      Le discours des ministres / Ministers’ Speech; acoustic theatre piece, produced for radio-broadcast; See also Cinquième Saison Nr. 13                    4:41
A4    Vivre pour vivre II / Living For Life II (1957)                                                                                    8:13

B1    Double Extension - with Sten Hanson (1970); electronic composition (1970); Voice: Henri Chopin, electronic manipulation: Sten Hanson                     7:05
B2    (…la deglutition du corps) (1973); H.C. introduces it as “a small series of pieces for deglution of the body”                                        12:35
B3      La leçon / French Lesson (1971); announcement in french: Jean Ratcliffe, in german and swedish: Sten Hanson                                    5:53
B4    Le marché commun / The Common Market                                                                                    2:18
B5    Dynamisme vocal / Vocal Dynamism; first published on V.A. Poesia Sonora (CBS, 1975, ed. by Maurizo Nannucci)                                    4:12

LP 11:  A = Revue OU / B = Les 9 Saintes Phonies

A1    L'énergie du sommeil / The Energy Of Sleep (1965); on OU 23/24; soundtrack for a short film that H.C. produced with Serge Béguier and Gianni Bertini        5:02
A2    Indicatif 1 (1962); on OU 26/27; “Beginning of a radiophonic creation with which i liberated myself from the divide of poetry / music” (H.C.)                    1:03
A3    La fusée interplanétaire / The Interplanetary Rocket (1963); on OU 26/27; “A mockery about laughing at the Sputnik-inspired spacetravel” (H.C.)                2:12
A4    Le ventre de Bertini / Bertini’s Belly (1967); on OU 33; An imitation of his friends flatulences, “Gianni never admired (sic!) my irony” (H.C.)                    3:24
A5    Mes bronches / My Bronchial Tubes (1968); on OU 34/35; “Exposed to tear gas in Paris, May 1968, my breathing was misaligned” (H.C.)                    5:48
A6    Le rire est debout / Laughter Is Standing  (1969); on OU 38/39; “Nothing to say, nothing to laugh, not much conviction” (H.C.)                        8:00
A7    Les mandibules du déjeuner sur l’herbe (1971); on OU 42/43/44                                                                    5:23

B:  Les 9 Saintes Phonies (1983 / 1987); a wordplay referring to Henri’s namesake Frédéric: ‘the 9 symphonies’, or ‘the 9 holy phonics’;
an ironic challenge between Chopin and Chopin. Nine movements:                                                                        34:50

    n°1 à pieds
    n°2 en R majeur
    n°3 soufflée
    n°4 soubre-sautante
    n°5 dépêchée
    n°6 dialogue de sourds
    n°7 abyssale
    n°8 cavalcade échevelée
    n°9 galopante

LP 12:  Le Corpsbis / The Body is a Sound Factory & Co

A1    Le Corpsbis (ou Le corps doublé) 1-4 (1983); further development of the audio-poem Le Corps;
“makes use of the entire body: mouth, nose, breast and its hairs through microphonic rubbing, its resonant percussions on the on the thoracic cavern, on the flabbiness of the belly, on the twitches of the beard on which the microphone is heard.” (H.C.)                                                                17:04
    1 - La Caverne
    2 - Hors-musique hors voix par la voix
    3 - Premiers pizzicati de bouche
    4 - Œsophage

A2    Les saccades boréales hurlantes (1974)                                                                                    6:32
A3    Les raclements du maelström / Maelström Scrapings (1973)                                                                        2:53
A4    Beginning (1972), with the voice of Denis Chopin (in english)                                                                        3:11

B1    Le Corpsbis 5-8 (1983)                                                                                                19:10

    5 - Cavalcade sur la langue
    6 - De l’air
    7 - Exorcisme poitrine
    8 - Théâtre du corps

B2    Le corps est une usine à sons / The Body Is A Sound Factory (1981)                                                                10:50

LP 13: More Compilation Tracks

A1    Le fond de la gorge / Throat Power (1974 / 1977); “This audio-poem cultivates short silences, contrary to previous attempts.” (H.C.); on Licences Nr. 0            9:27   
A2     Crescendo aux Vocèmes ou Danse des Vocèmes (1991); appeared on V.A. Licenses No. 0 (ed. by Alexandre Yterce, 1999)                            18:05
A3     La chanson du parlement européen / The Song Of The European Parliament (1968); first released on Le Corbis & Co. (ed. Nepless, Milan 1996)            1:52

B1:    La civilisation du papier / The Paper Civilisation (1974 / 1975); on Futura Poesia Sonora (ed. by Arrigo Lora Totino, Cramps Records 1978);
“I revolt against this civilisation, asserting in reality that I never accepted a poetry without a voice and without body.” (H.C.)                                    7:01
B2:    Extrême tension (1974); on Futura Poesia Sonora (ed. by Arrigo Lora Totino, Cramps Records 1978)                                            4:06
B3:    Le souffle et la langue / Breath And Language, or Breath and Tongue (1990); on Vocal Neighbourhoods, Leonardo Music Journal 3 (ed. by Larry Wendt, 1993)    10:39
B4:    Refreshment Break - with Bob Cobbing; excerpt of Vive Rabelais (1968); on V.A. Minatures (ed. by Morgan Fisher, 1980)                                1:00
B5:    Few - with Kenneth Gaburo (1985)    ; Prod. at Iowa Experimental Studio for two voices. included on Tape Play by Kenneth Gaburo (Pogus, 2000);
“This fabulous understanding between Kenneth and me uses synthesizers, but not excessively” (H.C.)                                                5:14

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