RELEASES 2023 plus previous years until 2015

VOD150/BP112 V/A Studio 12 - Recordings 1980-84 5Lp-Set w. 7“/Booklet

Wonderful limited 444 Collaboration-Release between VOD and Blowpipe to celebrate one of the most exciting dutch 80’s Tape-Labels. Musical harvest of Studio 12, the postpunk cassette label of the Haarlem Dutch Ultra movement.

Beginning of the 80's artists and musicians mingled in squatted places to create, in the true DIY-Vain, an unique blend of (minimal-) electronics, drones, soundscapes and tribal music.

Bands like Nexda, Smalts, Vitaal, Die Krü Blødt, Cargo-Cultus still sound fresh and exciting today but received only a marginal distribution back then. The result were excellent Compilation-Tapes such as „A Thousand Faces“,„Muzak for Critics“, a K&I Tape called „Promise Promise“ as well as several Nexda-Tapes, all released in very limited amount that finally find the well deserved reissue as 5Lp-Vinyl-Box-Set with extensive colourful Booklet, all designed by mighty Steve Lippert. We are happy that this boxset sets this straight and that it find its way to music aficionados and a new enthusiastic public.   

LP1 V/A Muzak For Critics (C1) (51:00)
A1 –Pieter Mulder Untitled  3:05
A2 –Siebe Untitled 2:46
A3 –Siebe Untitled 1:37
A4 –Siebe Untitled 2:53
A5 –Siebe Untitled 1:12
A6 –Wim Dekker Untitled 3:36
A7 –Wim Dekker Untitled 3:55
A8 –K&I Untitled 4:07
A5 –Ron van Zanten  Untitled  3:18

B1 –Two CC  Electronic Piece 1 3:54
B2 –Two CC  Electronic Piece 2 5:11
B3 –Wim Dekker Untitled 4:20
B4 –Wim Dekker Yellow Serpent (instrumental) 3:05
B5 –?? 4:27
B6 –Rubin & Zip Untitled 3:30

LP2: V/A A THOUSAND FACES (C2) (56:30)
A1 –Smalts Werktitel 2 3:39
A2 –Vitaal Koud (Live) 4:31
A3 –Cargo-Cultus A Summer Idylle 3:54
A4 –Nexda Untitled  4:59
A5 –Heathrow Saxxe Out of Cry  3:54
A6 –K&I Untitled 6:25

B1 –Cargo-Cultus Stick at no Scruples 4:48
B2 –Vitaal Untitled Luxury 3:51
B3 –Smalts Untitled Werktitel 6  3:21
B4 –Nexda Untitled  6:12
B5 -Heathrow Saxxe Nostradamus 2:42
B6 -Nexda Untitled 8:05

Lp3: K&I – Promise Promise (C4) /// die Krü Blødt - Bas Tapes Drums (C6) (56:00)
A1 Untitled 4:05
A2 Untitled 5:01
A3 Untitled 1:21
A4 Untitled 4:02
A5 Untitled 4:00
A6 Untitled 4:00
A7 Untitled 5:29

B1 Untitled 7:02
B2 Untitled 4:54
B3 Untitled 3:55
B4 Untitled 6:48
B5 Untitled 5:18

LP4: Nexda Black Tape (MC2) /// Nexda Red Tape (MC3) (54:33 min)
A1 Untitled 3:58
A2 Untitled 4:29
A3 Untitled 5:52
A4 Untitled 5:30
A5 Untitled 5:20

B1 Untitled 7:05
B2 Untitled 6:15
B3 Untitled 2:48
B4 Untitled 5:02
B5 Untitled 8:05

LP5: Nexda Dirt & Junkride /// V/A Studio 12 Archive-Recordings (46:21 min)
A1 Untitled 3:35
A2 Untitled 5:02
A3 Untitled 2:47
A4 Untitled 3:26
A5 Untitled 4:40

B1 Smalts (Live) 16:55
B2 Zip Swim Without Help from his Master 3:06
B3 Wim Dekker Yellow Serpent 3:11
B4 Terminals Untitled 1:28
B5 Terminals Rolled Up 2:02

Bonus 7inch: (18:17 min)
A1 Vitaal Dancefloor Rap 3:57
A2 Vitaal Final 5:13

B1 Vitaal Religion 5:34
B2 Vitaal In Combat 3:30
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