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VOD146.EF1/2: EVERFRIEND: Recordings 1980-1983

Bill Rhodes is a highly prolific and multi-talented artist/performer.
He is one of very few artists able to compose in orchestral and multi-instrumental perspectives.
Bill released his recordings between 1980 and 1983 with his progressive-rock-formation Everfriend on his own label "Jazzical Records".
His Everfriend Recordings were mostly released in very limited editions on Vinyl between 1980-1983 ('Tropicshere', 'Sphere of Influence' and 'Shoot To Kill') with just one exception being the tape 'Key Essentials" from 1982 as well as 'Shoot to Kill' which was first released as Tape before the actual Vinyl-Release.
His electronic/synth-Based-compositional Masterpiece 'Shoot To Kill' gave the inspiration for this re-release combining all recordings from all 4 official releases
146.EF1/2: Everfriend Recordings 1980-1983

Tropicspehere (1980) Jazzical 009033
A1      That's What She Said!         3:41
A2      Tropicsphere             3:30
A3      Where You Are       4:29
A4      Fanfare For The Uncommon Band            3:57
A5      Do It Fluid      2:43
A6      Words Won't Hide Your Eyes      5:02
A7      Snake With The Firehat       3:25
A8      Pianoisms 1:13

Spheres of Influence (1981) Jazzical Lp 105072
B1      Sonorplasm  4:32
B2      Everfriend Overture 3:15
B3      Ambience Won       3:30
B4      Given The Time       4:46
B5      Terra Firmus  2:39
B6      On The Fringe          2:59
B7      Theme Of Peace     5:16
146.EF1/2: EVERFRIEND: Recordings 1980-1983

Key Essentials (1982) / SHoot To Kill (1983)
A1      Give Em What they Want (on Key Essentials, Tape, 1982)  3:05
A2      I Never Wanted... (also released on Shoot to Kill Side A) 4:09
A3      She's Gone Away (also released on Shoot To Kill Lp JRC83034) 3:43
A4      The Key to Saturn (on Key Essentials, Tape, 1982) 3:41
A5      Fascinatin' Flames (also released on Shoot to Kill Lp Side A) 3:18
A6      In the Morning Lite (on Key Essentials, Tape, 1982) 3:00

B1      The Beginning        (also released on Shoot to Kill Lp (JRC 83034) 3:01
B2      Alaska, Child Of Ice         (also released on Shoot to Kill Lp (JRC 83034) 4:16
B3      Encounter Over Kamchatka     (also released on Shoot to Kill Lp (JRC 83034) 4:14
B4      The Execution       (also released on Shoot to Kill Lp (JRC 83034) 3:29
B5      The Death Of Flight 007 (also released on Shoot to Kill Lp (JRC 83034) 2:10
BONUS B6       Spaces, Room to Move (from South Florida Compilation and Key Essentials Tape, 1982) 3:29
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