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VOD146.SA10 Scott Alexander So Sad 10inch

Scott Alexander made the 'Sad Songs recording' after he quit American Music Club. He wanted to do something more modern and didn't like the band-dynamic anymore.
Solo-electronics started to appeal to him. Influences of the music he liked such as Brian Eno, OMD, Suicide, DAF, Soft Cell and New Order can be heard on the tape-recording but the tape had a unique psychedelic touch on top as you might find on bands like Spaceman 3 or Jesus and the Mary Chain.
In the 1980s there was a small community of electronic musicians in San Francisco but they mostly gravitated more to the art world than music world. Scott had friends in bands like Voice Farm, Factrix, Naut Human's Rhythm and Noise and Tim North with his HoverDrum project, and both of their work with Survival Research Laboratories soundscapes
He never made another synth-pop recording, instead he went more into the direction of art video music that abandoned the pop song structure and he moved from San Francisco to Germany in 1991
VOD146.SA10 Scott Alexander So Sad 10inch

A1     Nina     2:24
A2     Modern Christ 4:09   
A3     I Love You     2:42
A4     These Words mean nothing to Me     3:07
A5     Reverb     2:53

B1     Listen to it Sing     5:02
B2     Day after Day     4:08
B3     Love your Blindness     3:21
B4     Your Memories are their only Graves 3:21
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