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VOD146.GH2 Greg Horn Pointless 1Lp

Greg Horn has started out in the late 70's as member of the Punk/New Wave-Band 'Dow Jones and the Industrials'. In the early 80's he meet Galen Herod and they started the Minimal/Synth/Wave-project the Tone Set. After the release by Tone Set of 'Carl's Ranch' and 'Calibrate' Greg released the MSW-Milestone "Das Funk Ist Verboten" in 1983. This release is in the Top-10 collectables for Tape-Collectors paying several hundred USD for the original. While Das Funk Ist Verboten is dominated by wonderful poppy Electro/Synth-Tunes combined with New Wave-like dancefloor-hits Pointless is more sophisticated, progressive and intellectually structured in the tunes and making use of the digital technologies of the mid to late 80's while still remaning the wonderful poppy charme achieved on das Funk Ist Verboten
VOD146.GH2 Greg Horn Pointless Lp
A1     Something to Look Up to 3:23
A2     Beautiful Engineer    4:20
A3     Dumb But Happy 2::50
A4     Too Bad About Walter 3:00
A5     Head Full Of Bees 3:00
A6     Keep it Simple 1:43
A7     Politics is Everything 2:45
A8     Good or Evil 1:21
A9     Hand of Power 1:54
A10     Big Mass 3:17
A11    Beat the White 2:11
B1   His Face Itch 3:05
B2   Experts have been Wrong 3:44
B3   Faith in Ourselves 2:42
B4   This and That 2:42
B5   Walls Close in 2:17
B6   The Good Life 4:00
B7   Red Ear 3:02
B8   Stay in Bed 3:02
B9    One more Winter 4:51
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