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VOD146.GH1 Greg Horn Das Funk ist Verboten Lp plus 7inch

Greg Horn has started out in the late 70's as member of the Punk/New Wave-Band 'Dow Jones and the Industrials'. In the early 80's he meet Galen Herod and they started the Minimal/Synth/Wave-project the Tone Set. After the release by Tone Set of 'Carl's Ranch' and 'Calibrate' Greg released the MSW-Milestone "Das Funk Ist Verboten" in 1983. This release is in the Top-10 collectables for Tape-Collectors paying several hundred USD for the original. Its dominated by wonderful poppy Electro/Synth-Tunes combined with New Wave-like dancefloor-hits. A Must-Have for every serious collector of the genre.
VOD146.GH1 Greg Horn Das Funk ist Verboten Lp plus 7inch

A1 The Money Happens 3:13
A2 A Man and a Secret 3:49
A3 You're in Control   2:34
A4 I Watched and Thought     2:33
A5 Isolation     3:16
A6 Potatohead  4:02
A7  Happiest Girl In The whole USA 2:38
A-Side: (22:12)

B-Side: (17:49)
B1 Places And Things  3:16
B2 Guilt by Association 1:45
B3 You're in the Army Now  4:55
B4  What Our Hearts Wanted 4:09
B5 People in the Street 2:01
B6 Stare 1:31
B7 No Shuffleboard in Moscow 3:32
B-Side: (21:09)

BONUS 7inch
A1    Intro 0:18
A2     Sonor 3:23
A3     Hope Thieves 6:12

B1     Mutant Waltz 3:04
B2     Messy Spot 2:31
B3     Vaporizer 2:17
B4     Blip Scrizz 2:28
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