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VOD146.K7SS K7SS - Recordings 1981-1982 (lp)

K7SS is a Seatlle-Minimal/Synth-Project run by James Husted of Young Scientist and Danny Eskenazi. In 1981/82 they released two Tapes on Engram Records; 'Phantom Sects' and 'A 12 Year Old Boy Can Understand' and contributed to two famous COmpilations released at that time; 'Seatlle Syndrom' and 'Minutes To Go'.
VOD146.K7SS    K7SS Recordings 1981-1982

A1    Happy Feet     3:57
A2     Ahmid Estmud     3:15
A3     Phantom Sects     2:11
A4     Vanilla Level     4:07
A5     Rubber Jungle     2:45
A6     Elephant Mambo     2:51
A7    21.252 (from V/A Seattle Syndrome Vol.2) 5:00
A8     Ground Zero Lullaby edit (from V/A Minutes to Go) 3:45
Side 1: 27:59

B1     Hands Across The Sea (Part 2)     4:11
B2    Active Dialogue With The United States 3:33
B3    Punch In-Punch Out     3:44
B4    Mocassin D'Aqua     5:26
B5    This is Love 4:53
B6    Bonus: The Ersatzplanet: I ride the Bux (extended mix) 5:45
Side 2: 27:35
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