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VOD145.CM Carl Matthews Mirage-Tape-Recordings 1979-83 (1Lp)

Music has always been important to Carl Matthews.
Especially the german music he got into right from the start, buying albums from Virgin Records in London of bands like Cosmic Couriers, Klaus Schulze, Guru Guru, Amon Duul 2 etc... although his friends found his music-taste a bit disturbing.
Eventually Carl decided to do his own stuff to give him the freedom to do music he really
loved i.e., electronic music.
He bought a reel-to-reel. A Korg Polyphonic Ensemble, a Korg MS20 synthesiser and
a Korg SQ10 Sequencer.
All very limiting compared to todays technology, but good/interesting sounds could be produced.
Carl produced his first tapes and they found release on labels and distribution-outlets like Mirage (run Martin Reed) Aksu, Call for World Saviours, East-West, Iridescence.
Some of the tracks on this album are from the very first releases "Intervention 87"
and "Freewheel to Freedom", which were more experimental and minimal
incorporating guitar sounds.
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