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VOD139.KM4: Ken Moore & Larry Jeter: Recordings 1972-75 ltd.200 Lp

Ken Moore (from Baltimore, Maryland) is one of the very early american DIY-Synthesists & Mult-Instrumental Talents. Ken started to explore electronic music in the mid 70’s along-side working in various (progressive)-Rock formations

In 1980 Ken established his own label called Anvil Creation and in the following 4 years released appr. 20 Tapes with his Solo or Collaboration-Works he had recorded between between 1973 and 1983. Ken's solo work of that era bridges abstract electronic music with synthesizers and Mellotron, through to more psychedelic rock based material he had primarily produced in the early to mid 70’s. He also  collaborated with Stuart Rosenzweig and he founded the progressive rock duo Moore/Myers with David Wayne Myers, etc. Ken was also very active for James Finch’s International Electronic Music Association (IEMA) which started in 1979. Besides newsletters with contact-lists for subscribing musicians or reviews of cassettes, IEMA also organiszed festivals for musicians and released a series of 7 IEMA Collective/Group Compilation-Tapes containing musicians of the IEMA-Group. Ken Moore was the man behind those special Tape-Compilations and its distribution.

This Lp is a collaboration-work of two musicians under the moniker ELIXIR.

It consists of Ken Moore (Hammond organ, Moog synthesizer, Lowrey organ, ARP SE and Fender Rhodes electric piano), Larry Jeter (on Premiere drums, custom chimes, cymbals and percussion) and with the support of Mark Chance (electric bass guitar).  It’s primarily a groove-session percussion album with the usage of keyboards. Putting three musicians together from different backgrounds was an experiment all its own.  Mark Chance was a rock bass guitarist who was integrating his own style of playing with what was a cohesion of jazz and electronic music. Sort of a free-form improvisational jam session with the drummer honed in to every lick the keyboard player emitted. Truly this is a collaboration of Jeter and Moore, who came from two different backgrounds, yet willing to try something different. The recording was released as Tape (AC05) in 1981 on Ken’s Anvil Creations Label.

VOD139.KM4  Ken Moore & Larry Jeter early progressive works (1975)
Lp4A: Ken Moore & Larry Jeter Elixir (AC05):

A1 Tidal Rush Part One (Low TIde) 7:04
A2 Tidal Rush Part Two (High Tide) 7:42
A3 Tidal Rush Part Three (The Wave) 4:56
A4 Tidal Rush Part Four (Tsunami) 8:13

Lp4B: Ken Moore & Larry Jeter Elixir (AC05):
B1 Tidal Rush Part Five (The Rush) 2:57,
B2 Prism Eye Glass (First Half) 7:00, 
B3 Prism Eye Glass (Second Half) 9:31,
B4 Excuse for the War (from Sense of Recreation) (10:12)

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