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VOD139.YS: Young Scientist Recordings 1979-81 lim.200 2Lp

Young Scientist has been a Seattle-based electronic & improvisation music group consisting of the three members Marc Barreca, James Husted and Roland Barker (both recording also as Sequencer People and releasing a Tape on Engram Records in 1982). Between 1979 and 80, the trio recorded four cassettes of prime EM – ‚Life Sciences’, ‚Results not Answers’, ‚Over Low Trees’ & ‚Electron Music’. All of these tapes were made available via Eurock and extracts of these tapes plus previously unreleased archive-material can be heard on this solid compilation-Lp.

Roland Barker also recorded a solo cassette ‚Vortexes’ in 1979 and The Eternal Optimist in 1982, and James Husted appeared as a member of ‚Audio Letter’(with Sharon Gannon and Sue Ann Harkey), and released as ‚K7SS’ with Danny Eskinazi (one of the founders of Engram Records) who also released many tapes. Roland and James appeared also on the Seattle Syndrome One LP in 1981, together with a ‚Body Falling Downstairs’-Track; James also with K7SS.

Roland Barker was also a member of the highly acclaimed Seattle band ‚The Blackouts’ and later joined and toured as part of Al Jourgensen's ‚Ministry’.


VOD139.YS- Young Scientists Lp
A1 Breakfast at moms 6:20
A2 Manufacturing 5:35
A3 Angkor What 6:35
A4 Rehearsal Fragment 3 4:43
A5 Rehearsal Fragment 5 4:39

B1 Space Filling Curves 4:55
B2 Subculture 7:43
B3 Uzu Suburbs 7:19
B4 Over Low Trees 10:06

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