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VOD138.10 Toy Shop - Synth Pop Art LP/7inch - limited 200 as stand-alone-release

138.10- THE TOY SHOP (1 x LP)    138.10 Bonus- THE TOY SHOP (7" ep)
The Toy Shop was initially a minimal/synthpop-based solo project for Leeds
vocalist, keyboardist & guitarist Paul Klein. He released the single 'The
Maze/Live Wires Kill' in 1981 before moving to Sheffield and teaming up with
Oldham born keyboardist Philip Walsh in 1982.

Their first gig together was in the Star/Webster's inaugural Battle Of The
competition in May of that year - they went on to win the competition
and courted attention from major record labels for a while afterwards. The
guys played a handful of gigs including supports to Dead Or Alive, Flock Of
Seagulls, Nico
and Dr Feelgood.

Eventually signing to Towerbell Records they recorded 4 songs but only 2
were ever released - this was the single 'Attack Decade/Never Trust A
Stranger' which came out in 1984. After Towerbell's decision not to take up
options on their contract Paul & Phil drifted apart and Paul once again
recorded solo. He released a single 'Give Me Lip-Lock I Love You' in 1986
before moving on to other projects.

Paul now lives in Melbourne, Australia where he still records material for
his other project 'Psykik Volts' and hopes to work on new Toy Shop songs in
the future. Phil is believed to be living in Sofia, Bulgaria where his
musical exploits are not known.
A1    Live Wires Kill 2:04  
A2    Emmanuelle Automatique 3:01
A3    Observing Europe 3:35
A4    Sympathise With Synthesisers 2:46
A5    Exploit My Sexuality 3:05
A6    The Maze 1981 2:52
A7    China Pearl 4:05
A8    I Feel Love 3:31

B1    Attack Decade 3:47
B2    Never Trust A Stranger 2:44
B3    Little Blue Objects 3:59
B5    Television Set 3:08
B6    Lucy 2:11
B6    Hot Wax 3:34
B7    Another Time Some Other Place 4:39
B8    Fall In Love With Me 4:04

Toy Shop Bonus 7":

A1:   Stereo Vision 3:37
A2:   The Maze 1983 2:42
A3:   Info Nympho 2:57
B1    (Give me) Lip-Lock I Love You 2:56
B2    Love Pulse  3:18
B3:   Fizzy Pop 1:57
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