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VOD132.13 Blockader / Chris Connelly Recordings 1983-88 (1Lp)

This record with early to mid 80's 'Blockader'-Recordings by multi-talented artist Chris Connelly reveal a surprisingly new insight and aspect to the dark and experimental/industrialish musical life- and developing career to the former band-member of famous bands like Ministry, Fini Tribe and Revolting Cocks.

Fans of music by Sema, Nurse With Wound or early Current 93 shouldn't miss this record.

  It was a cold winter’s night when Chris Connelly laid in bed with his radio in late 1978 and first heard “hamburger lady” by Throbbing Gristle. Back then he was 14 , and it changed his life dramatically for ever, and at that time in his life started a correspondence that lasts to this day.

  He was already an obsessive collector of underground and independent music, and the magazine “zig zag” had published an issue dedicated to independent labels, this became his bible as I combed the record shops for rare end exotic experiences to listen to..

   He had already been making sounds at home usig a reel to reel tape recorder to create loops and feedback, using short wave radio in the middle of the night- He had no instruments and did not really want any-it was too restricting! Although thinking they were awful, members of Throbbing Gristle encouraged him to push forward.

  1979 saw the release of another important album for me “chance meeting” by Nurse With Wound was an absolute nightmare of a record (meant in the most positive way) followed by the beginning of Throbbing Gristle’s live cassette series, which he would buy, 1 or 2 at a time and wait for the small padded envelope in the post.

  Suddenly cassette tapes by themselves were a medium to release music, and suddenly there was a network of people (their names appearing in the back of INDUSTRIAL RECORDS NEWSLETTER) to whom you could write to share ideas. His first cassette came out via the fanzine “escape as jet” in 1980 “sawing off a lamb’s head”, it was a cassette single, I don’t think I ever saw a copy.

  Correspondences started up between anyone who released a cassette or a record with a home made cover (black and white Xeroxed art stuck to a white sleeve). He would get hastily scribbled notes from Whitehouse (never signed, it would be years before he met William) who’s albums “Total Sex” and “Erector” terrified and seduced me.

  Eventually his solo recordings were augmented by friends and we became RIGOR MORTIS, and subsequently FINI TRIBE, they contributed to the landmark compilation “you bet we’ve got something against you” and they became friends with David Tibet.

  Fini Tribe signed to WAXTRAX records at the same time Chris joined the Revolting Cocks and subsequently Ministry, leaving Scotland for Chicago.

  Along the way of these band-projects he made these solo-recordings that you have here:

Some of these early to mid 80's material are most likely recorded in a damp rehearsal space in Edinburgh, some on a grey, rainy council estate in the same city, and some from sessions in Chicago. Not even the correct chronology is known but it must have been dated before 1988 as most of the recordings were part of a two Tapes found by Frank Maier in his Tape-archive which contained a radio-broadcast at WZRD-College Radio in Chicago from 1988.

Chris actively determined to not make music, young, angry and really hungry! Listening back, he has not changed very much and is grateful for that….

A1 The Craighouse Dogs  10:57
A2 Leave all your troubles Behind  10:53
B1 Image of Red Cut in Half  7:51
B2 Ghosts of an unattended public hanging 5:05
B3 Disfigure the Giving 5:24
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