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VOD131.5 Malcolm Brown - Recordings 1979-83 (1Lp)

Release Early September

Malcolm Brown is a British Electronics/Minimal Synth-Artist active since the late 70’s and known for his collaboration-works with Robert Lawrence (Dada Computer / Quick-Stab Products) as well as his early 80’s Project Operations:Brutal and his experimental-focussed Cassette-Label Trench Music Kore and the highly sought after Tape-Releases of Andy Wilson’s RBE (Dub Flack) and the Compilation From A Trench with the very well known artists like Lustmord, David Jackman, Gordon Hope (of Flowmotion and A-Mission-Label), NWW, Fote and many more.

This release is concentrating on his darker/colder minimal/synth-focussed electronica-works comparable to some of the well known Dada Computer by R.Lawrence (Quick Stab Products) and Mark Philipps (MAP-Tapes)

A01  Instrumental (3.14)
A02  Improvisation (4.41)
A03  51 GC (3:24)
A04  Adrift (2:48)
A05  Occupied Winds (3.16)
A06  Something's Got To Give (4.46)
A07  Sweatmeat Brutal (4.49)
B01  Sedation Strokes (4:05)
B02  Illusion Little Boy (8.28)  
B03  Untitled (7.00)
B04  Spirits Look Down (3:18)
B05  No Logical Answers (5:00)
A1, A2, A5, A6, A7, B4 taken from Personal Archive Recordings-Tape, 1982, Recorded in a Council flat in Westlothian Scotland, (Previously unreleased) Instrumentation includes: Casio VL Tone, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Shinei Fuzzbox, Dual Octave Box, WEM Copycat, Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine, Electronic Percussion Pads. Recorded on an Akai GX 4000D Reel to Reel Machine
A3 recorded in a council flat in Whitburn Westlothian 1983. Tascam 4 track.
A4 appears on "From a Trench" Compilation-Tape 1982, Trench Musik Core TM1
B1 taken from unreleased Tape "Battered To Sleep", 1983
B2 & B3 previously unreleased and recorded in 1980 by Malcolm Brown and Rob Lawrence at Quick Stab Studio, Bristol UK.  Malcolm: Vocals, Electric Organ Rob: WASP Synthesizer, Voice
B5 released on "The Thrust of Pure Mechanism" by 5XOD/Rob Lawrence;  recorded in the Quick Stab Recording Studio, Cheltenham Road, Bristol, UK June/July 1980
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