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Mark Lane Who's Really Listening? 3Lp Box with Shirt, limited 99

  In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the release of Mark Lane's seminal work "Who's Really Listening?" Vinyl On Demand sets forth a long overdue deluxe extended LP version.
Included are a core collection of the five original songs from the 1984 Idiosyncratics 12" mini-LP and eight bonus tracks of long out-of-print and previously unavailable on vinyl rarities.
Crucial, influential, and historically poignant this work has fueled Mr. Lane's cult status for three decades and is still scrutinized as some of the most important minimal electronic pop ever recorded. Without a doubt an analogue synthesizer masterwork of museum dignity,
"Who's Really Listening?" still finds new contemporaries and remains remarkably current to this day.
The stand-alone black vinyl version is also available in a twelve LP various artists boxed set titled "VOD Presents 80's Minimal-Synth-Wave Volume 2."
A1  Tsar 6:03
A2  Who's Really Listening? 4:31
A3  Sojourn (alternate version) 6:39
A4  Das Nicht 4:12
A5  White Glove 3:33
B1  Cartel Danse 5:20
B2  They Call It Game 1:22
B3  I Want You 4:40
B4  Devils 1:20
B5  Iceberg 3:29
B6  Exit (live) 3:17
B7  Ivory Towers (live) 4:48
B8  White Glove (live) 3:38
The release can also be purchased by members only in a limited edition (99 pieces) boxed set that includes white vinyl versions of the extended "Who's Really Listening?" LP and the "When the Night is Cruel" 2xLP. It also includes a t-shirt.
59,00 € incl. MwSt plus shipping