VOD 71: Die Form "Chronology" (The Bain Total Years 77-85) 6Lp/7" lmtd.99

This 6Lp/7" Box Compilation is an outstanding audio-selection of Tape-Releases by Die Form and its Side-Projects ("Eva-Johanna Reichstag", „Fine Automatic“, "Krylon Hertz", "Camera Obscura", "DF Sadist School", "Mental Code" and "Hurt"), all released between 1977-1985 on the french Minimal/Synth/EBM-Label "Bain Total" which has run by mastermind Philippe Fichot of Die Form.
This careful selection has been made by Philippe Fichot and VOD with focus on audio-material which has only been released on those super-rare and highly collectable tapes (BTK01-BTK29). All the tracks and visual archives have been mastered from the originals. This is for sure an archival masterpiece and a Must-Have for all serious and passionate collectors and listeners of early 80's minimal Synth and Wave/EBM. (Members will furthermore recieve their release in an artificial leather bag)
139,00 € incl. MwSt plus shipping