VOD62: V/A M-Squared 5-Lp-Label Retrospective "Pardon me for barging in like this"

This boxed vinyl set is a treasure trove of rare and out of print noise from the vaults of the legendary early 80’s  M.Squared label in Sydney Australia.                                

M-Squared has been probably the best-known independent-label in the late 70’s/early 80’s also famous for their incredible rare and sought after Vinyl-Releases of Makers of Ded Travel Fast, Systematics, Scattered Order or SPK.    

The heavy Box features previously unreleased tracks from Scattered Order, The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast, Systematics and Height Dismay and out of print tracks and forgotten gems appearing on vinyl for the first time from Prod, Patrick Gibson, Shane Fahey, A Cloakroom Assembly, East End Butchers, Pleasant Peasants, A Volatile T-Shirt  ....
all gloriously re-mastered for the 21st Century and your aural excitement.”   
The Box contains a wide range of sounds, from experimental and avantgarde, from wave to minimal-synth. If you call yourself an adventurous explorer in sound and music and if you are open-minded from both sides, either minimal or experimental, then you can’t miss this one.                                                               

For Sound-Samples go to the MUSICBOX on the VOD-MainPageFor Sound-Samples go to the MUSICBOX on the VOD-MainPage
69,00 € incl. MwSt plus shipping