Atlantis "Carpe Omnium San Diablo" Lp-2 gatefold deluxe edition lmtd.500

Imagine the most intensed and emotional movie you have seen and put the music of Atlantis on top. You will be lost in landscapes of sounds, lost in your emotions and feelings.
ATLANTIS set its artistic fundament in 2006 by dutch mastermind and band-leader Gilson Heitinga with movie-Soundtracks and -Collages. He used heavy breath-taking guitars in his epic emotional compositions.
While the critically aclaimed masterpiece "Carpe Omnium" (released as CD in 2008 on Field-Recordings) still has its focus on epic soundscapes and soundwalls incl. the usage of electronics the 4-Track-follow-up to Carpe Omnium, "San Diablo"  is more "rock orientated" and heavier but still combining  heavy guitars with dirty electronics, still with moments of serenity and athomsphere.
Both works are now released as limited 500 heavy deluxe gatefold Double-Lp with wonderful artwork designed and created by Lorenzo Cercelletta. More Info and music can be listened to at or in the VOD-Musicbox.
8,00 € incl. MwSt plus shipping