Deutschland Terzett / O.R.A.V.'s (Liedermachos) org. Lp ZickZack ZZ60, 1981

A1 O.R.A.V.s (Liedermachos) - Ernstfall
A2 O.R.A.V.s (Liedermachos) - Paul Ist Tot!
A3 O.R.A.V.s (Liedermachos) - Grauschleier
A4 O.R.A.V.s (Liedermachos) - Ich Mag Sie - Große Liebe
A5 O.R.A.V.s (Liedermachos) - Herrenreiter
A6 O.R.A.V.s (Liedermachos) - Militürk (Kebabtraume)
B1 Deutschland Terzett - Da Sprach Der Alte Häuptling Der Indianer
B2 Deutschland Terzett - Ein Loch Ist Im Eimer
B3 Deutschland Terzett - Karnevalsong
Credits Artwork By - Engler (tracks: B1 to B3) , Hein (tracks: B1 to B3) , Lopez (tracks: B1 to B3)
Backing Vocals - Bernward* (tracks: B1 to B3) , KFC* (tracks: B1 to B3) , Fuzzy (8) (tracks: B1 to B3) , George (19) (tracks: B1 to B3) , Monroe (4) (tracks: B1 to B3) , Paule (3) (tracks: B1 to B3) , Viererbande (tracks: B1 to B3) , Wolf D.L. (tracks: B1 to B3)
Drums - Marcus Oehlen* (tracks: B1 to B3)
Guitar, Bass, Vocals - Jürgen Engler (tracks: B1 to B3)
Percussion - Liedermachos* (tracks: A1 to A6)
Vocals - Gabi Delgado (tracks: B1 to B3)
Vocals, Bass - Peter Hein (tracks: B1 to B3)
Vocals, Chorus - Peter Glaser (tracks: A1 to A6)
Vocals, Chorus, Harp - Thomas Schwebel (tracks: A1 to A6)
Vocals, Guitar, Jew's Harp - Xao Seffcheque (tracks: A1 to A6)
Vocals, Saxophone [Plastic], Chorus - Peter Hein (tracks: A1 to A6) Notes Side B recorded July 1978 at Ratinger Hof Düsseldorf by Zensur-Mobil Studio.
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