VOD104.3: BIZARRE UNIT "A Strange Functional System EP" 5-Track 12"

More than 30 years ago ‘Bizarre Unit’ released their timeless and highly collectable classic single ‘Dancing/Away from the Screaming Car’; a true treasure for serious fans of MinimalSynth/ British Wave-Music over the past 3 decades

Now and for the first time ever, Bizarre Unit and VOD-Records have uncovered the lost treasure trove of their surviving recordings, digitalized, edited and carefully restored the ¼-Reel-Recordings ad Cassettes, the crackling but unique Acetates and mastered/edited them to its best possible achievement.

The result is an audio-collection consisting of a 20-Track-Double-Lp and a 5-Track EP with almost 100 minutes of  ‘A Strange Functional System’.

Apart from their only single-release the 20-Track-Double-Lp contains their previously unreleased second single ‘Frozen Wastelands of Alaska / Lovers in Paris’, their amazing first demo session with 5 Tracks plus further previously unearthed recordings from 81/82 as well as 1979/80-Rehearsal and Demo-Tracks.

The 5-Track EP features alternative versions of the Tracks from the Double-Lp. E.g. ‘Hot Like a Lizard“, ‘Ladytron’, ‘Not Saying Anymore’ and ‘Reinstate Domination’ plus the exclusive EP-Track ‘Wave my Hands and Say Hello’.

Paul Nova who is well known fom the all time Minimal Synth/Wave-Classic ‘Trees Without Leaves’, co-wrote and produced all the songs on this fascinating collection.

‘A Strange Functional System’ proves to be an important release for every serious fan of early 80’s Wave and MinimalSynth and gives us an insight to the unique talent and musical output of ‘Bizarre Unit’ and the fundament for the music of Paul Nova
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