VOD115.01 Kevin Lazar - Mutant Generation Lp

Kevin Lazar is a minimal-synth, electro-acid-techno-pioneer from Chicago who is still active nowadays in the DJ and Electro-culture today as Vekzar.

This Lp-Compilation contains his first and highly sought-after 26 minute-Tape "MUTANT 111" from 1982 (recorded late 1981 to Summer 82) as well as his unreleased 4-Track EP "DARK HEART CABARET" intended for release in 1983 plus 3 more previously unreleased Tracks from 1982 and 83.


In 1983, Alex Dougal's CLEM (Contact List of Electronic Music) compared his unique electro-acid-techno-like-style to the musical output of John Bender’s classics like „Plaster Falling“ and „I don’t remember“ now.

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