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VOD128 -  RICHARD BONE Vaulted Visions, Filmworks, Synth-Pop, Demos and Experiments 79-83 3Lp/7inch (VOD-members w. T-Shirt)

VOD129 -  ENDE SHNEAFLIET The Trumpett Years 1981-83 5Lp

VOD131 -  V/A VOD presents MINIMAL/SYNTH/WAVE VOL.2 12Lp incl.

VOD131.1   Mike Vamp (1Lp)

VOD131.2   Ericka Irganon / J.J. Cabanis (1Lp)

VOD131.3   Mark Lane (1Lp)

VOD131.4   Robert Marlow (1Lp)

VOD131.5   Malcolm Brown (1Lp)

VOD131.6   Ptose Productions (1Lp/7“inch)

VOD131.7/8  Thealonian Music / Modern Jazz/Ash Wednesday (2LP)

VOD131.9/10  Sea of Wire/Chris Jones (2lp)

VOD131.11/12 Techno Menses / K. Kusafuka (2Lp)




VOD132.1  Death & Beauty Foundation (2Lp)

VOD132.3  Silverstar Amoeba (1Lp/7inch)

VOD132.4  Counter Dance (1Lp)

VOD132.5/6  Vox Populi (2Lp/7inch)

VOD132.7/8  Funeral Dance Party (2Lp/7inch)

VOD132.9/10  K2 (2Lp)

VOD132.11/12 Robert Haigh (2Lp)

VOD132.13  Blockader / Chris Connelly (1Lp) 


VOD116 VICE VERSA „Electrogenesis“ Recordings 78-80 4Lp-Box (2013-Release) 


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VOD 128 RICHARD BONE Valuted Visions, Filmworks, Synth-Pop, Demos 79-83  3Lp/7inch   53,99 Euro (45,37 Euro outside EU) 

Richard Bone is an American electronic musician who began his professional musical career creating soundtracks and scores for several off-Broadway companies working in experimental theater.In 1979, he released with his band Bone the single "Pirate the Islands/Headlines Have It" before joining the new-wave band Shox Lumania in 1981.

Bone then recorded a solo 7" entitled "Digital Days/Alien Girl" on and was subsequently signed to Survival Records in the UK in 1983 where he released several LPs, EPs, singles and contributed to various compilation albums. His 1983 single "Joy of Radiation" reached No. 1 on the Hong Kong Dance Chart.

Bone started the label Quirkworks Laboratory Discs in 1991, allowing him freedom to create music of a more experimental nature and retain control of his musical direction. Since then Bone has released over 25 recordings of new material and several collaborations and compilations. Of the new material recordings, three quickly rose to No. 1 on industry charts as well as receiving numerous other honors.

In 2004 Bone's recording The Reality Temples was nominated for the 2004 New Age Reporter Lifestyle Music Awards' Best Electronic Album, his 2005 recording Saiyuji was nominated for the 2005 New Age Reporter Lifestyle Music Awards' Best Ambient Album, his 2007 recording Infinite Plastic Creation was awarded the 2007 New Age Reporter Lifestyle Music Awards' Best Electronic Album and his 2008 release Sudden Departure was nominated for the 2008 New Age Reporter LifeStyle Awards’ Best Ambient & Electronic Album.

This 3Lp/7inch-Set on Vinyl-on-Demand gives you an excellent overview to his early Filmworks, Synth Pop, Demos & Experiments produced between 1979-85.

It is covering his very early Tapes (Quiz Party and Life in Video CIty) released on Archie Pattersons EUROCK-Label from 1979/80, his Video-Sountracks from 1981/82 for the Emerging Melodies Video and several Porn-movie Soundtracks.

Lp2 and Lp3 as well as the 7"inch takes a look at his Synth-Pop-tunes he recorded between 1979 and 1984 (The Rumble Years) and includes several Demos and Outtakes and Sessions of which many are straight out of Richards archive and therefore previously unearthed and released until today. These Lp's also contain most of the Tracks released by Orlandomaniacmusic in 2004 on CD (Untold Tales 1979-85)

LP1A: Extract from Quiz Party (1979/80) and Life in Video City (1980/81)

LP1B: The Video-Soundtracks (1981/82)
Lp2: The Rumble Years 79-82 (PART1 & 2)

Lp3A Rhode Island Session 1983 & Demos / Outtakes

Lp3B: Previously Unreleased 1979-1981 (27:50)

Bonus 7“ more previously unreleased 1978-1981 (18:41) (for VOD-members w. T-Shirt)


VOD 129 ENDE SHNEAFLIET  The Trumpett Years 1981-83  5Lp 74,99 Euro  (63,02 outside EU)

ENDE SHNEAFLIET formed in Heiloo, The Netherlands, in June 1981.

Initially a three piece band called King Ende Shneafliet, featuring a guest drummer - who was  early on swapped for a drum machine - the group soon expanded to a five man studio collective that composed and recorded more than 70 tracks in little more than 2 years time, in always changing combinations of 2 or 3 members.

Ende Shneafliet released 3 cassette albums on the Trumpett label (also home of The Actor and Doxa Sinistra): "Animals From Outer Space" (TRUM 0003 / September 1981), "Harde Winters Anno 1982" (TRUM 0009/ February 1982) and "Symphoy Romant" (TRUM 0016 / March 1983).

They played a live set featuring all previously unheard material for the VPRO radio show Spleen on September 13, 1983, which was released on cassette through Staalplaat (TRUM 0020-ST00O /1988). Shortly after their performance for the VPRO they called it a day.

Members: Edwin Brinkhuis, Frank Brinkhuis, Brian Dommisse, Hanjo Erkamp, Jan Popma.

This 5 LP box set is the ultimate anthology of their works recorded between 1981 and 83 and

includes the 3 officially released tapes plus a live concert and several out-takes, demos and
obscurities from the Trumpett-Archive

LP1 26:52) / 26:43) Animals From Outer Space
LP2 (23:36) / 24:04) Harde Winters Anno 1982 / Related tracks 1981-82
LP3 (19:42) / (20:53)  Symphoy Romant
LP4 (21:58) / (24:02)  Spleen Concert 18.9.1983 & Demos
LP5 A-side (23:43) / (24:57) Related tracks 1982-83 / pre-Ende Shneafliet 1981


Influences (in no particular order): punk/new wave, Prince Far I/Augustus Pablo, Parliament/Bootsy Collins, Roxy Music/Eno, King  Crimson/Fripp, Kraftwerk, Stanley Clarke, Weather Report, Tangerine Dream, The White Noise, Jean Michel Jarre, Synergy ('Cords'), Zappa/Beefheart,  Pink Floyd ("Ummagumma" to "Meddle"), Public Image Limited,  John Foxx, YMO, Telex, Minny Pops, early Factory Records.


VOD 131 V/A VOD-Records presents 80’s MINIMAL.SYNTH.WAVE VOL.2 12LP  144,99 Euro (121,84 Euro outside EU)

VOD131.1      Mike Vamp Recordings 1980-84 (1Lp)
VOD131.2      Ericka Irganon / JJ Cabanis  PPPK010+PPPK017 (1Lp)
VOD131.3      Mark Lane Who's Really Listening? (extended) 30th Anniversary (1Lp)
VOD131.4      Robert Marlow The Blackwing Sessions 1982/83 (1Lp)
VOD131.5      Malcolm Brown Recordings 1979-83 (1Lp)
VOD131.6      Ptose Productions The Official Guide to Ptose 1979-82 (1Lp/7"inch)
VOD131.7/8   Modern Jazz/Ash Wednesday/Thealonian Music 1980-83 (2Lp/DVD)
VOD131.9/10 Sea of Wires / Chris Jones Recordings 1980-82 (2Lp)
VOD131.11/12 Techno Menses/Kusafuka Japanese 80’s Minimal/Synth 80-83 (2Lp)


VOD 131.1 MIKE VAMP Omni-Potens / Desperado / Demos 80-84  15,99 Euro (13,44 Euro outside EU)

German producer Mike Vamp alias Mike Pagliosa has been an active part of the early 80's Berlin Punk, New Wave and Experimental-scene leading to gigs at the famous SO36 and a Tape-Release on Ralf Rexin's 007-Tapes as well as a 7" on Takt Records.

In the early 80's, West-Berlin's subculture has been determined by the Geniale Dilletanten and bands like Einstürzende Neubauten, Malaria, Die Tödliche Doris, Sprung aus den Wolken as well as Artists like Nick Cave using the spirit of the city for their recordings (as David Bowie in the 70's)

Many wanted to be attached to those bands but nobody dared or wanted to admit that there was also good pop possible in this sub-culture. In contrast to most of the musicians in Berlin, Mike was one of those as he lived in continuum.

He tinkered with a 303, a 606, a guitar, kettle drums and a 4-track recorder on his tracks which always had a cozy warm but still New Wave-feeling and touch to the melodies produced

A  Toys for Boys 4:48, La Strada 6:04, Ritter Blut 5:42, For Your Senses 8:08
Macht den platz Frei 3:1
B Gold Im Fluss 5:00 (11/84) Die Flut 7:03 (6/84) Kill me for your Senses (Distant Voices) 5:37 (01/82)  Suchen und Finden 5:15 Little Big Man 6:29


VOD 131.1 ERICKA IRGANON / J.J. CABANIS PPP K010 / K017  15,99 Euro  (13,44 Euro outside EU)

Ericka Irganon and John J Cabanis have been substantial core-Members to the famous Tape-Label-Collective PPP (Ptôse Production Présente) and its band-project/embodiment Ptôse:

The tracks of Ericka Irganon on this Lp had been recorded in the early 80's and were released on two limited Tapes released by PPP under Ericka's authoritarian and exigent direction and keep her evident mark.
The Tracks by John C. Cabanis had been recreations in the recording-sessions of Ptôse

Ericka is still composing and actively recording music with regular support from Ptôse members but for mysterious reasons she hasn't published anything in the past 3 decades. We still hope that she will decide to publish some material.

In addition to the 2Lp by Ptôse and the Ptôse-Lp released at same time to this Lp this is a unique opportunity to dig deeper into the PPP-Universe 


VOD 131.3 MARK LANE Who’s Really Listening? (30th Anniversary) 15,99 Euro  (13,44 Euro outside EU) 

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the release of Mark Lane's seminal work "Who's Really Listening?" Vinyl On Demand sets forth a long overdue deluxe extended LP version.

Included are a core collection of the five original songs from the 1984 Idiosyncratics 12" mini-LP and eight bonus tracks of long out-of-print and previously unavailable on vinyl rarities.

Crucial, influential, and historically poignant this work has fueled Mr. Lane's cult status for three decades and is still scrutinized as some of the most important minimal electronic pop ever recorded. Without a doubt an analogue synthesizer masterwork of museum dignity,

"Who's Really Listening?" still finds new contemporaries and remains remarkably current to this day.

The stand-alone black vinyl version is also available in a twelve LP various artists boxed set titled "VOD Presents 80's Minimal-Synth-Wave Volume 2."

A1  Tsar 6:03  A2  Who's Really Listening? 4:31  A3  Sojourn (alternate version) 6:39  A4  Das Nicht 4:12  A5  White Glove 3:33
B1  Cartel Danse 5:20  B2  They Call It Game 1:22  B3  I Want You 4:40
B4  Devils 1:20  B5  Iceberg 3:29  B6  Exit (live) 3:17  B7  Ivory Towers (live) 4:48
B8  White Glove (live) 3:38

The release can also be purchased by members only in a limited edition (99 pieces) boxed set that includes white vinyl versions of the extended "Who's Really Listening?" LP and the "When the Night is Cruel" 2xLP. It also includes a t-shirt.


VOD 131.4 ROBERT MARLOW The Blackwing Seissions 1982/83  15,99 Euro(13,44 Euro outside EU)

The historic recordings contained here on the 'Blackwing Sessions' represent a rare and hitherto unreleased insight into early British Synth-pop. They are the primary demo material for what many consider to be a 'Lost Classic' from the early 1980s ' The Peter Pan Effect' by Robert Marlow.  The tracks where programmed at  co producer Eric Radcliffe's home in Gravesend in kent along with Marlow's best friend and synth-pop guru Vince Clarke in the spring of 1982. Clarke a man already the founding force in two internationally successful projects Depeche Mode and Yazoo. Clarke was at the top of his trade as an innovative and talented writer, musician and producer so for his best friend  Robert Marlow, joining forces with multi- talented Radcliffe who had produced Clarke on 1981's Depeche Mode premier 'Speak and Spell' as well as Yazoo's eponymous 'Upstairs at Eric's' was going to be a pivotal moment..

Marlow was already, at the tender age of 21 a veteran of several bands to emerge from the Basildon music scene, beginning in 1978 in a “...baptism of fire” as guitarist in 'The Vandals', a punk rock band formed by Alison Moyet along with school friends Kim Forey and Susan Paggett.

Marlow was the first of the 'Basildon Mafia' to acquire a synthesizer in 1979 and formed 'The Plan' with Clarke on guitar and Perry Bamonte (later to find fame with ‘The Cure’) on bass.  He then fronted the all electronic line up  'French Look' with  friend Martin Gore who later joined Clarke in Depeche Mode (along with French Look sound man Dave Gahan) Marlow's third soiree into the musical pantheon was in ‘Film Noir’ (again with Bamonte) and along with synth player Alan the band  opened for Depeche Mode at their triumphant Basildon homecoming on ‘The Speak and Spell Tour’ in 1981.

The music contained on ‘The Blacking Sessions’ did not see the light of day until 1999 when Swedish label Energy Rekords remastered the original ‘Peter Pan Effect’ which had been mysteriously shelved in 1983 by  distributer RCA despite the release through Clarke and Radcliffe’s Reset Records of Robert’s four well recieved singles ‘The Face of Dorian Gray’  and I Just Want to Dance’, both released in 1983 the later  contained here with alternative Lyrics. 1984 saw the release  of  the string driven ‘Claudette’  and in 1985 the gloriously camp ‘Calling All Destroyers’. These recordings do not have the polish of the released album as they have been painstakingly restored from the artists own analogue sources, however as a record of a very  a British new town phenomenon ‘Robert Marlow - The Blackwing Sessions’ is an important and entertaining document. - Wilcus Stanshall 2012 Original Release of “The Blackwing Sessions” on Electro-Shock-Records © 2012, E-Shock-CD 008!  Original Release of the 3 x “Extended Versions” on Reset Records © 1983

A1  No Heart (Demo)  3:08   A2  Torch Team (Demo)  2:04  A3  I Just Want To Dance - Alternative Lyrics (Demo)  3:23  A4  When Sleep Was Easy - Alternative Lyrics Ambition (Demo) 3:34  A5  The Kiss (Demo)  4:17  A6  Life In A Film 3:13
B1  No Heart - Alternative Vocals And Bass Line (Rough-Mix) 3:51
B2  No Heart  (extended) 7:06 B3  I just want to dance (extended) 5:28
B4  The Face of Dorian Gray(extended) 5:02


VOD 131.5 MALCOLM BROWN Recordings 1979-83    15,99 Euro  (13,44 Euro outside EU)

Malcolm Brown is a British Electronics/Minimal Synth-Artist active since the late 70’s and known for his collaboration-works with Robert Lawrence (Dada Computer / Quick-Stab Products) as well as his early 80’s Project Operations:Brutal and his experimental-focussed Cassette-Label Trench Music Kore and the highly sought after Tape-Releases of Andy Wilson’s RBE (Dub Flack) and the Compilation From A Trench with the very well known artists like Lustmord, David Jackman, Gordon Hope (of Flowmotion and A-Mission-Label), NWW, Fote and many more.

This release is concentrating on his darker/colder minimal/synth-focussed electronica-works comparable to some of the well known Dada Computer by R.Lawrence (Quick Stab Products) and Mark Philipps (MAP-Tapes)

A01  Instrumental (3.14)  A02  Improvisation (4.41)  A03  51 GC (3:24)
A04  Adrift (2:48)  A05  Occupied Winds (3.16)  A06  Something's Got To Give (4.46)
A07 Sweatmeat Brutal (4.49)  B01 Sedation Strokes (4:05) B02  Illusion Little Boy (8.28)  B03 Untitled (7.00) B04 Spirits Look Down (3:18) B05  No Logic Answers (5:00)

A1, A2, A5, A6, A7, B4 taken from Personal Archive Recordings-Tape, 1982, Recorded in a Council flat in Westlothian Scotland, (Previously unreleased) Instrumentation includes: Casio VL Tone, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Shinei Fuzzbox, Dual Octave Box, WEM Copycat, Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine, Electronic Percussion Pads. Recorded on an Akai GX 4000D Reel to Reel Machine
A3 recorded in a council flat in Whitburn Westlothian 1983. Tascam 4 track.
A4 appears on "From a Trench" Compilation-Tape 1982, Trench Musik Core TM1
B1 taken from unreleased Tape "Battered To Sleep", 1983
B2 & B3 previously unreleased and recorded in 1980 by Malcolm Brown and Rob Lawrence at Quick Stab Studio, Bristol UK.  Malcolm: Vocals, Electric Organ Rob: WASP Synthesizer, Voice
B5 released on "The Thrust of Pure Mechanism" by 5XOD/Rob Lawrence;  recorded in the Quick Stab Recording Studio, Cheltenham Road, Bristol, UK June/July 1980


VOD 131.6  PTôSE PRODUCTIONS The Official Guide to Ptose 1979-82 (1Lp/7“)    19,99 Euro (16,80 Euro outside EU)

The adventures of Ptôse, a collective of several artistst incl JJ Cabanis, ZZe, Lionel Jarlan and Ericka Irganon) and its label PPP had been very rewarding during the rise of the Cassette-Culture but one has to know when to stop before turning in circles so they stopped more or less unfinished as Beethovens 9th Symphony. However they never stopped to assist Ericka Irganon who continues her work in the shadows of PPP until today.
The output of Ptôse Porductions between 1979-86 has been incredible and their label PPP released almost 20 Tapes in different editions and sizes and contributed to the same amount of labels during that time.
In 1986, the miraculous Ptôse retired from the scene and remain a great mystery one of its kind, in design, concept and music
For a Label like Vinyl-on-Demand it seems to never end in exploring and compiling Lp's with music by Ptôse and PPP.
After the special 2Lp-Compilation in 2007 which already covered their early Tape-works and compilation-contributions from 1979-83 this is now the second release of this kind.
Besides officially released but ultrarare recordings from early Tapes it also contains a few unreleased archive-recordings and alternative versions.
More than half of the recordings of this release were part of a Tape-Release on Ian Dobson's Flowmotion-Label in 1981 which came in a very limited edition called "The Official Guide to PP" and covering their first 5 Tapes which they released between 1979 and 1981.
Together with the Ericka Irganon / JJ Cabanis Split-Lp released at same time to this release this is a great opportunity to dig deeper into the universe of Ptôse Productions.

A1  Boule 3:30 A2  Smelly Tongues 1:30 A3  Essai 2:30 A4  Ptose (live) 3:45 A5  Women In The Moon (Instrumental) 2:30 A6  Fernsehapparat/TV 3:20 A7  Boule 3:30 A8  Seigneur Des Mouches 3:55  A9  Apparitions Renouvelles 3:10
B1  Sticky Soul 3:35 B2  Une Grande Epreuve 2:35 B3  Boule 1:50  B4  La Nuit des Sauriens 5:04  B5  Legere Alteration 2:03 B6  Like a Mouse 2:34 B7  Our only food 2:56  B8  (Jungle Jazz) 3:20 B9 (Biepbiepbababuwahwah) 2:28
Bonus 7inch for members and buyers of the 12Lp-MSW Vol.2-Set
A1  Women in the Moon (4:38) A2  J'aime la Nature (1:39)  A3  Boule Accoustic (3:40)
B1  Baby Song (3:51 B2  Ouch! (1:44 B3  Women in the Moon Live (4:16)


VOD 131.7/8 ASH WEDNESDAY/MODERN JAZZ/THEALONIAN MUSIC (2Lp/DVD)  28,99 Euro (24,36 Euro outside EU)

Ash Wednesday approached the 80's with considerable enthusiasm and had previously 'combined experimental analog synthesizer textures with punk/rock rhythms' in seminal Australian groups JAB and Models.

An independent single 'Love by Numbers/Boring Instrumental' was released shortly after leaving Models. The advent of the programmable drum machine, digital sequencing and advancing music related technology enabled all sorts of possibilities to experiment with ideas, many of which hadn't previously been put into practice. It was indeed a brave new world, and Ash Wednesday steadfastly embarked on a number of new projects.   Perhaps the most important was a collaboration with his ingenious compatriot T.E. Power.

They called it Thealonian Music. The concept being to generate music of a spontaneous nature, with the rhythmic foundation being provided by a programmable drum machine, sequence and synthesizer combination (the former two programmed in a rapidly impulsive, wreckless manner).

The chosen equipment set-up incorporated the (then cutting edge technology of) Roland TR,TB, SH, CSQ series as the rhythmic foundation of the music. Rhythm patterns were written to the
TR-808 drum machine . This machine allowed 2 separate trigger sources to be written into each respective pattern. Each trigger source was connected to an independent CSQ 600 digital sequencer, which, in turn would advance 1 step upon receiving the trigger. Related song patterns were then written to the 808 in a un-premeditated and wreckless manner . The plan behind this  was to endeavor to utilize sequencers in a manner which would offer an element of surprise. Just prior to recording, an elected series of notes was mutually nominated. These notes were then rapidly and impulsively entered (in any particular amount and order) into the CSQ sequencers. With song tempo randomly selected (808) play was activated - voila!

Composition and performance were a simultaneous and live procedure, with no overdubbing or remixing incorporated into the process. They met, and recorded on a number of occasions throughout the early eighties. They would record continuously over a period of several days. Everything was recorded. They were determined to keep working methodically once we had exhausted all predetermined ideas. This was when things became interesting.

  An assortment of some of the choice results of this process was released in the form of an independent cassette titled 'Project X Chromosome X' in 1982 Another cassette titled 'Syno Cat' was compiled but never released. Independent music Australia was somewhat of an isolated island at the time. However apart from local distribution, they managed to distribute some cassettes, and individual tracks throughout the European 'mail order' underground (for example 235 Media in Cologne)
  Ash was enamoured by the process of spontaneous music/song composition, particularly when mated with the unexpected results enabled by pre-midi technology. However, T.E. Power and Ash agreed that it was unlikely that they would put this process into regular practice, nor live performance. Ash was keen, however to employ some of the improvised lessons learnt into performance, and thus devised a group that would constant change form, the 'musical chairs' group Modern Jazz.

Due to the haphazard computer rhythm section employed along with the 'blind date' improvisationary ideals adopted, the name was specifically descriptive. I invited musicians/non musicians, electronic/acoustic to my studio to 'jam' on skeletal song structures, usually 'modal' in the manner of Thealonian Music. Ash particularly liked working with relatively, if not completely naive musicians.

He found himself working with a pool of 50 or so people. He would secure a concert situation and then decide on the lineup for the performance by literally drawing the names from a hat. Sometimes the members hadn't even met before walking on stage. There was no bottom line. They sometimes included performance artists into the performance as well as drum machine triggered lighting, projections or other synced visualizations.

  An independent three track cassette was released - simply titled 'Modern Jazz' , but often referred to as 'The Black Tape' due to it's totally black appearance -
2 identical sides Boom Boom Baby / Life In Paris / The Galvanized Garden of Inner Peace. Two other songs, Hairstyle Exploding and Eighteen Creature were recorded at the same time but not included on the cassette.
We are pleased to include all five songs on this Vinyl On Demand release. Also included is the Modern Jazz song, 'Radio Scream', recorded for the compilation album, 'The Signal To Noise Set'

  Ash is overjoyed that Vinyl On Demand has agreed to share this selection of songs with you. There is magic within Thealonian Music and Modern Jazz which has shaped his subsequent musical adventures. Even today, Ash is extremely comfortable with notion of 'not knowing what is going to happen next' -

I take it with me everywhere! (Ash Wednesday July 23 2014)

LP1A: THEALONIAN MUSIC a selection from "Project X Chromosome X", Tape 1981/82) A1:  Science (and How to get it) 3:52 A2:  Chromosome X 5:53 A3:  The Science Set 6:11 A4:  Charlie Charlie 6:05 A5:  An Aspect of Intercourse 1:29 A6:  Useless Information 6:25

LP1B: THEALONIAN MUSIC Syno-Cat Tape (previously unreleased) plus Compilation-Tracks  B1:  Patty And Cathy In Greenland 2:52 (also on V/A Fast Forward10) B2:  Do-Do  3:30 B3:  Wires & Darkness 1:58 (also on V/A Gut Level One)
B4:  Wetsuits 6:23 (from Syno-Cat, Tape)
B5:  Locomotive Mechanics 6:23 (from Syno-Cat, Tape)
B6:  Outer Space 6:15 (from Syno-Cat, Tape)
LP2A MODERN JAZZ  & ASH WEDNESDAY (27:00 MIN) A1:  18 Creatures 3:42
A2:  Boom Boom Baby 2:19 A3:  Galvanized Garden of Inner Piece 2.54 (also released on Gut Level One and Bolsche Vita Tapes) A4:  Hairstyle Exploding 4.05
A5:  Life in Paris 3:31 A6:  Radio Scream 4:13 (Signal to Noise Set, 1983 LP)
A7:  Love By Numbers 2:38 A8:  Boring Instrumental 3:33
B1:  Wake up in Australia 5:41 (Thealonian Music, previously unreleased) B2:  Electric Eel 5:05 (Theolonian Music from Syno Cat) B3:  Lolitas 6:13 (from Chromosome X Project X) B4:  Fat Controller 6:11 (from Chromosome X Project X)


VOD 131.9/10 CHRIS JONES / THE SEA OF WIRES Recordings 80-82 (2Lp)       25,99 Euro (21,44 Euro outside EU)

Sea of Wires were formed by Chris Jones and Tony "T" Murphy both dedicated Hawkwind fans and followers of the German Electronic Scene. (Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh, Harmonia, Cluster....).

As quiet some british artists at that time (like Ian Boddy, Carl Matthews, Paul Nagle, Ron Berry or Colin Potter) elements of the german 'Kosmische Kraut-Musik' were used in their compositions.

Their original Line-Up existed for a couple of years throughout the early 1980s.

They distributed their sounds by cassette tape and live-appearances around Coventry in the UK.

The first release from 1980 called "Individually Screened" had the largest
distribution, following a rave review in the weekly music paper Sounds and recieving a high recommendation by Geoff Wall's Stick It In You Ear-Magazine.

Home made cassette tapes were on a bit of a role back then and the Sounds review helped the group to distribute their tape far and wide.

As a consequence it was also licensed for release to Ian Dobson's and Gordon Hope's famous Flowmotion-Label.

A year later, Chris released a Solo-Release called 'Diversions' on his own Tape-Label with the name 'Sea of Wires' which also received excellent reviews in SIIYE and a few other cassette-culture-magazines.

At that time Sea Of Wires contributed to several compilations such as the famous Snatch Tapes (Snatch Tapes Number 2), Inkeys (Inkeys No.3) as well as one of the first and most influential DIJ-Tape-Labels; Conventional Tapes (National Grid 2).

In 1982 'T' and Chris Jones released their last Tape on their own label called 'Beyond The Edge of Tomorrow')


Along the way they made several friends who they co-operated with on other projects (such as Chris with the band/project Carn Dum that released a Tape on Music For Midgets) though the duo never managed to break out and deliver against their ultimate goal of live combined sound and visual performances. The foundation of their sound was live improvisation over several layers of recordings and this was the area they were experimenting with further when for various reason the duo went their separate ways in the mid 80s.

Lp1A  - Sea of Wires 2  Indivdually Screened (SOW02, 1980)
A1  Invincible 7:15  A2  Is the New Man Human 8:30 A3  Returrn of the Captain 2:15
A4  Robot Dance 2:19 A5  Breathing 8:30
LP1B - Sea of Wires 2  Indivdually Screened (SOW02, 1980) B1:  An Endless Rainy Day 16:15 (also on V/A Snatch 2, Sntach Tapes, 1981) B2:  Seascape 12:10
Lp2A - Chris Jones Diversions Sea of Wires (SOW11, 1981)
A1  The Man who Smiles 3:50  A2  S.O.W. (the Sea of Wire) 5:50 A3  New Age (With Apologies to you know who) 5:40 A4  It will never work 3:00 A5  The Nightmare Continues Edit to 3:00 Lp2B - Sea of Wires 3  Beyond the Edge of Tomorrow (SOW3, 1982) B1  Recollections of Death  29:54 Min


VOD 131.11/12 TECHNO MENSES / KUSAFUKA 80’s japanese Min/Synth (2Lp)      25,99 Euro (21,84 Euro outside EU) 

This is the first in a series of various compilations to come with a focus on the 80’s japanese Minimal/Synth/Wave and electronica.

While Japan is very known for the Japanese Noise (almost as Germany is known for NDW (Neue Deutsche Welle) or 70’s Kraut (Progressive).Electronic Music this aspect of the 80’s Japanese Music Culture still seems to be less explored and exposed to the interested listeners.

In the early 80’s you had several outstanding labels such as Vanity releasing great artists/bands such as Sympathy Nervous, Normal Brain, Dada, SAB, Tolerance, Kiiro Radical, you had DD Records releasing 200 Tapes between 1980-85 with experimental and minimal/synth-Projects of many artists incl. Techno Menses and K.Kusafuka, K2...., the famous Unbalance-Label releasing ABM or NG or Hijokaidan.

This release is concnetrating on 3 of such Tape-Treasures of the japanese 80’s Electronic-Underground and all three released on the DD Records-Label in 1983/84

1.) TECHNO MENSES Requiem in the Sun  (DT 179, Jan-May 1984)

2.) K. KUSAFUKA Re-Musick (DT 156, 1983) & Demise Symphonika (DT164, 1983) Techno Menses is for Fans of early Human League with a flavour of traditional japanese March-Music. K.Kimihide Re-Music is wondeful spaced electronic with beats and rhythms; Demise Symphonika is a very dark and ambient-like work

LP1A: TECHNO MENSES Requiem in the Sun  (DT 179, Jan-May 1984)  (25:05min) A1 Requiem #1  3:05 (also on V/A "OMNI 4" (DTD 176)  A2 Front March 6:26
A3 Alice in the Land of Malice   5:15  (Bonus Track not on Requiem) A4  Angel Vision  6:55 A5  Requiem in the Sun 3:30
LP1B: TECHNO MENSES Requiem in the Sun  (DT 179, Jan-May 1984) (25:00min) B1  Hygiene 4:10 B2  Toy Symphony  4:20 (on V/A "OMNI 4" (DTD 176) B3  Requiem #2  8:55 B4 Martyr and Imperialist  2:00 B5  Lovers in the Sun 5:35
LP2A: KIMIHIDE KUSAFUKA: Re-Musick (DT 156, 1983)
A1   Yellow Blood 1 4:54 A2  Yellow Blood 2 3:46 A3  Remorse 2:22 A4  Be Vulnerable! 5:38 A5  In the Redeemed Dream 3:02 A6  Stolen 3:09
Lp2B: KIMIHIDE KUSAFUKA: Demise Symphonika (Death Symphony). Originally released on DD Records (DT164), 12/1983
B1: The Last Funeral extract 16:38 B2: The Sea of Bliss 11:21




VOD 121 MUSLIMGAUZE "Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones 1983-1988" 10 LP box set with 208 page book & CD in slipcase 219,99 Euros (184,87 Euro outside EU)  LAST 20 CPS

Muslimgauze: Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones is an Anthology of his early musical output and a biography on the late Bryn Jones, a Manchester, England-based musician who produced nearly 200 albums (some were multi-disc sets) between 1982 to 1998 and passed away aged 38 in 1999. Though the majority of his catalog is instrumental, his music is considered controversial by some where some retailers who went so far as to ban selected catalog items. An anti-colonialist at heart, Jones dedicated most of his music to Muslim-world struggles during his lifetime such as Soviet-occupied Afghanistan, the Iran/Iraq war, and the Lebanon civil war, to name a few, with an emphasis on the Israel/Palestine conflict. Jones was pro-Palestinian, often evidenced on album and track titles as well as dedications. It was the albums dedicated to the struggles of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) that resulted in the mentioned ban. 

Muslimgauze music can be considered a sonic treatise on Muslim-world conflicts in the form of exotic soundscape narratives, driving musical protest and rhythmic assertion. As a side effect of being prolific, Jones worked in a variety of styles and successfully melded traditional ethnic music of places he championed with Western urban stylings such as techno, breakbeat, and dub. Some credit him as being the ‘Godfather of Dubstep’, the current musical rage. Perhaps Jones’ musical brilliance shone brightest as an audio editor who deftly juxtaposed unlikely sounds in ways that now cannot be envisioned otherwise. Others simply consider his music ‘not of this world’ and ‘not of this time’. 


LP1 Opaque (Tape) 1983 Product Kinematopgraph

LP2  Kabul (Lp)  1983 Product Kinematopgraph

LP3) Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye ‎(12") LIMITED 1  / Hammer and Sickle 7") 1983 / 84

LP4)  Buddhist on Fire (Lp), Recloose, loose 08 1984

LP5.) Blinded Horses ‎(LP, Album)  1985 LIMITED 2

LP6.) Flajelata ‎(LP, Album)  1986 LIMITED 3

LP7.) Hajj ‎(LP, Album)  1986 LIMITED 4

LP8.) Jazirat-Ul-Arab ‎(LP, Album)  1987 LIMITED 5 

LP9.) Abu Nidal ‎(LP, Album) 1987 LIMITED 6

LP10.)  The Rape Of Palestine ‎(LP, Album)  1988 LIMITED 7

Bonus 10“ (for VOD-Members/Subscribers) Coup D'etat (Lp, Album) Permis de Construire, 1987

BOOK/CD MUSLIMGAUZE "Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones"

208 page Book written by Ibrahim Khider plus  A PUTRID OASIS“ 15-Track CD COMPILATION 1987-2003 (in cooperation with Soleilmoon)


VOD121BOOK/CD MUSLIMGAUZE "Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones" by Ibrahim Khider (208 pages) lmtd 400  49,99 Euros  (42,01 Euros outside EU)

The book is divided into three sections; biography, posthumous narrative, and discography analysis.
The biography of the late Bryn Jones is comprised of a quilt of narratives from friends, family, and collaborators. Letters, articles, and interviews provide further insight into Jones, who was otherwise reclusive and highly secretive. The book also delves into each Muslimgauze musical release and its attendant (text, album and track titles and dedications) sourced. To experience Muslimgauze music is to be educated on Western foreign policy, resource greed and push for regional domination behind much of the conflicts. If Colonialism is a disease, then within this disease is part of the cure. 

Section two is a first-person narrative by the author who went to the UK to interview friends, family, and collaborators to see what happened. Years after Jones’ passing, Muslimgauze is as prolific as ever with posthumous yet-to-be released material still in the works as of this writing. This narrative is set on the backdrop of even more Muslim-world conflicts, once distant in the news during Jones life and now cause for concern all over the world as the struggles are brought to our doorsteps. Now more than ever, we must learn about the issues Jones railed against in his lifetime. 

Section three attempts to grapple with the staggering catalog of Muslimgauze music and organize it in a comprehensive way. This section may be of special interest to those not completely familiar with the musical oeuvre.

A PUTRID OASIS 15-Track CD COMPILATION 1987-2003 (in cooperation with Soleilmoon) (Sol168/VOD121.CD)


VOD 122 ROBERT RICH "Premonitions 1980-85" 4Lp-Set   59,99 Euros  (50,41 Euro outside EU)

Robert Rich's solo and collaborative recordings have proven extremely influential on a range of new school ambient and experimental artists.
Although almost a decade younger than his cohorts, Rich's association with the West Coast scene of space-music pioneers such as Steve Roach, Kevin Braheny, and Michael Stearns also makes him one of the few of that generation to have interfaced creatively with the new wave of experimental electronic composers.
A northern California native, Rich began building his own analog synthesizers in the late '70s before attending Stanford University, where he completed a degree in psychology. While at Stanford, Rich's involvement in the university's prestigious Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics expanded his interest in digital synthesis; and his Bay Area location brought him in contact with a wide range of non-traditional and non-Western musical ideas.
Rich's innovation of the all-night "sleep concerts" during this period derived from his interests in psychophysiology and sleep research, and helped solidify an aesthetic focus on psychoacoustics, perceptible in early recordings such as Sunyata, Trances and Drones.
Rich's mid-period works such as Rainforest and Propagation combined that interest with more recognizable electro-acoustic elements (Rich plays a wide range of instruments, from synths and effects racks to lap steel guitar, hand drums and flute), but the influence of digital sound manipulation also moved increasingly to the fore.
Inspired by the more textural works of artists like SPK and Throbbing Gristle, Rich's interest in the edgier side of electronic composition has also earned him a reputation among fans of gothic, industrial, and dark ambient, made most obvious by his collaboration in 1995 with Brian Williams of Lustmord.
In addition to his more ambient-leaning works, Rich released albums with the experimental pop band Amoeba, and more recently with Meridiem. He has been influential in spreading interest in harmonic tuning systems (just intonation), works closely with music software and hardware companies in product development, creates sound design for film and television, and teaches a university course on audio mastering.
This 4Lp-Box set focuses on Rich's early stage of composition and performance, from 1979-85. Most of this music is previously unreleased, or came out on limited cassettes from the U.K. Auricle Label or Swedish Psychout Productions, which later became Multimood, and released his Lp Numena in 1986.

LP1A  Selene & Ether 27:09 LP1B  Collage for Low Tones 18:33 Ghosts 8:38

LP2A  Clouds 8-15  26:15 LP2B  Nocturne 25:40

Lp3A  Live Monterey 25:34 LP3B  Live Stanford 25:27

LP4A  Guitar Drone 8-15  14:42 CCRMA Voices  7:19 LP4B   Inner Landcapes Introduction 9:07 Manna 17:15


VOD 123 ALIEN BRAINS It's All History Now Tape Works 1979-85 4LpSet w.booklet (Bonus-7"inch for Members) 59,99 Euros (50,41 Eur outside EU)

Alien Brains was an abstract non-collective initiated in 1979 by Nigel Jacklin.

Over the years Nigel co-operated with the likes of Mark Lancaster (Instant Automatons, 391), Allen Adams (Methods Of Execution, The Blanks, The Destructors), Philip and Richard Rupenus (Funeral Danceparty / The New Blockaders), Philip Sanderson (Storm Bugs / Snatch Tapes), Metgumbnerbone, Harold Schellinx (The Young Lions),  David Jackman (Organum) and various random acquaintances (with limited musical skills). 

There was no fixed line up; there are no photo’s of Alien Brains as (in the words of Nigel Jacklin) “we” did not exist.
Their works employed elements of musique concrete, the industrial avant-garde, drone music, the boogie woogie and dub.  Alien Brains tools of the trade included field recordings, tape editing, use of everyday objects and devices as well as unconventionally applied traditional acoustic instruments.  A keen fan of acoustics, the locations in which Alien Brains recorded or appeared were as important as the tools they used to produce their sounds. 

Not managed by the fictional ‘Another Corporation Incorporated’ Alien Brains later metamorphosed into Verdenskang with Jacklin releasing one tape under his own name.  Little did he realise, when he recorded Menial Disorders and Blatantly Nihilist at the age of 17, how Emile Durkheim’s concept of anomie would later ring true to the foundations of Alien Brains.
They performed live on several occasions, in London, Aberdeen, Newcastle and Amsterdam.  A total of 7 Tapes were released between 1980 and 1985 with contributions to several compilations including Deleted Records (Deleted Funtime), Snatch Tapes (Snatch 3) and Ptose Production (Assemblée Générale No 2, Boule (Joyeux Noël).

LP 1A:  Menial Disorders (rec 1979)  A C90 cassette released January 1st 1980 on Deleted Records DEC05-  (27:10)
LP 1B:  Menial Disorders (rec 1979)  A C90 cassette released January 1st 1980 on Deleted Records DEC05 (27:42)
LP 2A: DER BLAUNK TEPS (1980) Recorded in Neunen at the home ‘studios’ of Nasmak  (27:46 Min)
LP 2B: DER BLAUNK TEPS Cntd. /// Aberdeen Arts Centre (Summer 81, Coffee & Company) (27:58)
LP 3A:  Live Last Chance Centre, Shepherds Bush, London 18/11/83 // WI HUT-Recording 1982 (Broomhill, Morpeth) (29:17 min)
LP 3B:  Extracts from Blatantly Nihilist (Fashionable Trousers, FT003 1980) /// British Interiors (1980) /// Alien Brains IV - Natural Advantages (1980) /// Nigel Jacklin Solo (1981) (26:49 min)
LP 4A:  Live School Art Room 1982 /  Live Tower (Morwick) 1982
LP 4B:  Verdenskang (29:53)  1984/1985 Released as a cassette by ADN Tapes


VOD 130 PASCAL COMELADE "Degeneration Electronics 1974-1983 & First Bel Canto Orquestra Concert 1983" 5 LP box set 74,99 Euro (outside EU 63,02 Euro)

Pascal Comelade is a French-Catalan musician, born in 1955 in Montpellier. Comelade began making strange cover songs of rock and easy listening standards with such instruments as singing saw, toy piano etc. He later developed an unconfoundable style, co-operated with artists like Robert Wyatt, Faust, Jac Berrocal, and PJ Harvey, and even has a tribute band in Japan, the Pascals.

After living for several years in Barcelona in the early/mid 70's, he made his first album,  "Fluences", influenced by electronic music and the group Heldon.

Subsequently, his music has become more acoustic and is characterized by the sounds of toy instruments, used as solo-instruments and as an integral part of the sound of his group, the Bel Canto Orquestra.

This Box is presents his earlier works with focus on his electronic tracks from 1974 to 1983 on LP 1 to LP 4 and includes his first concert with the Bel Canto Orquestra from 1983 on LP 5.

LP1  Fluence (1974/75) ‎– s/t (originally released as Lp on Pôle Records ‎– Pôle 0008 in 1975, lmtd 1000 copies)
LP2    Paralelo (originally released on Parasite, 1980 ‎– PAR 002, lmtd.1000)

LP3    Sentimientos (originally released as Lp on Dys ‎– DYS 05 in 1982, lmtd 500 copies)
LP4 A:    Sequences Païennes (originally released as 7" on Parasite PAR001, 1979 / Ready-Made (originally released on Parasite PAR 004, 1980, lmtd 500 copies)
Lp4B:  Irregular Organ / Musique Par Correspondance (originally released on "Precis de Decomposition Bruitiste", Tape, Parasite PAR006, 1983, lmtd 50 copies
Lp5A:  Bel Canto Orquestra en concert, Montpellier, 28th of October 1983  (originally issued as Tape on Medamothi, 1983 and in 1985 (semi)-officially re-released on Ding Dong Records  as "Dans la Cadre de Casino" with wrong track-titles) A1:   The Curious Sofa (14:00)  Lp5B:  Bel Canto Orquestra en concert (B1) / Slow Musics (B2-B3) (originally issued as Tape on Eurock / Parasite, 1981)


VOD124 RATIONAL YOUTH Cold War Night Life 1981-1984 5Lp w. Booklet (Release Mid May) (Bonus 7" for members) 79,99 Euros  (67,22 Euro outside EU)

One of Canada’s first synth-pop groups, Rational Youth was formed in the summer of 1981 by Tracy Howe (The Normals, Men Without Hats, Heaven Seventeen) and Bill Vorn (U, Sacred Noise).

Inspired by the influential Kraut-rock band Kraftwerk, they set out to create their own brand of modern electronic music. Within months of their first meeting, Tracy and Bill, along with Mario Spezza, recorded and released their first 12” single “I Want To SeeThe Light” b/w “Coboloid Race” on the newly formed YUL Records imprint.

With the release of their second single, Cite Phosphore, and a handful of high profile opening shows, Rational Youth’s new electronic sound paved the way in expanding Montreal’s local new wave scene on the radio and in discos. Encouraged by the local reaction, Bill and Tracy soon started work on their debut LP “Cold War Night Life”, and enlisted YUL Records partner and producer Pat Deserio, already well known for his production and musical output as Kebekelektrik, Dogs Of War and Bombers.

During the recording sessions of Cold War Night Life, Bill and Tracy were joined by another synthesizer player, Kevin Komoda, who had already played and done sessions for Pat Deserio and other local bands like The Blueprints & Action Men On Assignment. When Cold War Night Life was issued in early 1982, it was the first all-synthesizer release in Canada and became one of the biggest selling Canadian independent LPs. The album was also released in Europe, where songs like “Dancing On The Berlin Wall” and “Saturdays In Silesia” became club favourites and still remain so to this day. By the end of 1982, Bill Vorn had left the band to further pursue his studies in communications and experiments in robotics.

In 1983, Tracy and Kevin decided to move forward, taking the band in a more rock direction and adding bass player Denis Duran and drummer Angel Calvo. A subsequent cross-Canada tour led them to being signed by Capitol Records, and the quartet recorded a self-titled 5 song mini-LP in 1983, also produced by YUL Records’ Pat Deserio. Even with real drums and bass added, there were still layers of synths and guest musicians from the local scene including Roman Martyn, who once played with Howe in their post-punk group Heaven Seventeen.

By 1984, with Tracy Howe as the sole remaining member, Capitol Records extended an offer to record a full length LP, which became “Heredity”, released in March 1985. Produced by Dee Long (Klaatu), “Heredity”, although distanced from the original pure synthesizer vision started in 1981, the LP showcased Howe’s ability to write and create crafted pop songs like “No More And No Less”, and also revived his Heaven Seventeen punk anthem “I’ve Got A Sister In The Navy”.

Within the 10+ years that Howe put Rational Youth on indefinite hiatus, their early vinyl recordings (1981-1982) became much sought after collector items, and had been re-branded as “minimal-synth”. A growing fan base and the power of internet finally led to Cold War Night Life being re-released on CD in 1997. This re-release, in conjunction with EMI Music Canada and October Records in Sweden, led to an official reunion with Bill Vorn with a legendary 1997 concert held in Lund, Sweden.

Excited by the renewed public interest in Rational Youth, Tracy had hoped that Bill would join him in resuming the band's recording and performance activities. Unfortunately, the time constraints associated with Bill's academic and electronic art endeavours would not permit this, so with Bill's blessing and support, Howe recruited Jean-Claude Cutz and Dave Rout for tours and recording. At the encouragement of October Records label boss, Dennis Berggren, this new trio recorded and released “To The Goddess Electricity” in 1999, to much critical acclaim.

In 2009, it was a chance meeting between Bill Vorn and YUL Records boss and former Rational Youth manager Marc Demouy, which led to the welcome reconciliation between Tracy Howe and Demouy. Their meeting sparked the idea of re-recording and releasing “Dancing On The Berlin Wall”, since it was never an official single, and would commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The CD EP was officially released in 2010 on YUL Records, and was mixed by Jean-Pierre Isaac, known for his work with Mitsou and Les BB.

By the mid-summer of 2011, YUL Records boss Marc Demouy tracked Kevin down and became the catalyst in reuniting the original Cold War Night Life trio. The Cold War Night Life trio re-worked Rational Youth’s first 12” single “I Want To See The Light” and “Coboloid Race” in time for it’s 30th anniversary, and added the extra surprise of adding alternate mixes from the 1981 sessions which were recently uncovered.

Coincidentally, almost 30 years later to the day that Rational Youth were touring across Canada, Kevin Komoda found two Rational Youth live cassettes as well as a box full of Rational Youth negatives and other memorabilia. The initial idea was to release these shows on cassette only as a limited edition collector’s item, but the news of these live tapes quickly spread and sparked a renewed interest in Rational Youth. What was supposed be, and still is, a limited edition cassette release soon transformed itself into a 3 CD set with rarities, a 5 LP plus 7” box set as presented here on VOD-Records, and now, a Spring Tour in Scandinavia in Sweden, where the band have an enthusiastic and loyal following. Tracy Howe and Kevin Komoda are now assembling a band with the possibilities of shows in Montreal and Toronto before heading across the Atlantic in 2014. Taken and slightly edited from http://www.rationalyouth.ca/

The 5Lp (w. Bonus 7" for members/subscribers) provides an almost complete overview of their works from 1981-1984

LP 2:  YUL RECORDS 1981-1983


VOD125 LeLu/Lu's "Operating on Specific Cues - Early Works 1982-86" 2 LP (to be released mid May)     26,99 Euros (22,68 outside EU)

LeLu/Lu's were an early to late 80's electronic/synth-based project based around Deni
(in the early 80's known as Yo-Yo and nowadays known as Timekode). www.timecode.co.uk)
In 1985 they released a fantastic 12 song tape on Unlikely Records (URT91) called "Operating on Specific Cues" which forms the basis of this 25 track 2 LP release.

While the tape is still rather unknown to fans of synth music, the three 7"s released from 1985-87  (on Alain Neffe's Insane Music as well as Possum and R&D Records), with the outstanding tracks "Spaceman Bassman", "Africa" and "Fragile Thing", are better known to the minimal synth/wave community and collectors of 80's wave and minimal synth vinyl.
After Frank of VOD found a 7 song demo tape from 1982 and listened to the beautiful 12 song tape from 1985 he sent a request for a release to Deni.

She checked her archive for more hidden treasures and found several more previously unreleased and superb synth-pop-tunes well worth being released and presented to a bigger audience of listeners and synth enthusiasts.

In an early promo flyer they summarized themselves as follows: "Le Lulu'lu's are Yo-Yo & Pharaoh connected to a Porta-Studio. They specialize in Image Building, Demolition & Replacement, Programmability, Danceability, Listenability, Changeability. Computer Controlled Electronic Entertainment." This 2 LP compilation is definitely an entertaining listen.


VOD126 V2 Schneider "Tape Works 1981-85" 3 LP with bonus t-shirt for VOD-members (to released mid May)   49,99 Euros (42,01 outside EU)

The finest German Minimal / Synth from early 80's NDW Underground by V2 Schneider
For this release Jürgen Schweighart, alias V2 Schneider, sat down, saved and listened to approximately 50 original master tapes, reels and cassettes from 1980 to 1985 including his official tape releases "Vol. 1" (1981), "Blues" (1982), "Abgrund der Gefühle" (1984), "Nr.1 in Hong Kong" (1985), "After A.I.D.S. Symphony" (1985) and many so far unreleased hidden  treasures, demos and out-takes.

Going back to the sound and feeling of early cassette music is for the mature ear challenging and rewarding at the same time. This music just cannot be done anymore in this time and age and for good reasons. The energy of youth and also NOT having the state of the art studio equipment makes one curious and excited.  Sometimes it is in those limitations that very interesting things are born, despite the factor that a lot of those old songs sound pretty noisy and amateurism. But that is the point and a lot of fun came out of it... ...and maybe we were some kind of pioneers...

Lp1A: " V2 Schneider 1" (1981)  22:50 Min Lp1B: Body Politix (1982)  22:40
Lp2A: Blues (1984) 23:10 Lp2B: Abgrund der Gefühle (1984) 21:00
Lp3A: Hong Kong Movements (1985) 22:30 Lp3B:Bonus: Demos & unreleased Tracks 23:29


VOD127: V/A: "Official Guide to Scottish Minimal/Synth 1979-1983" 7 LP box w.7"ich set (Release mid May) 94,99 Euro (79,82 Euro outside EU)

with Klingons, 100% Man Made Fibre, DC3, Final Program, Dick Tracy, Inter CIty Static, Al Robertson

This is the ultimate Anthology of Scottish Minimal Synth based around electronic mastermind Alistair Robertson and all his early 80's solo or band-projects such as The Written Text, DC3, Al Robertson, The Klingons, 100% Man Made Fibre, Inter City Static

Also included are his collaborations and participation with other Scottish musicians and their projects such as Mario D'Agostino and Richie Turnbull and their projects Dick Tracy and Final Program.

Glasgow-based Alistair Robertson started producing synth based-music in the late 70's. In 1980 he was running his own tape Label called Synthetic Tapes which released several of his projects under different names such as DC3, The Written Text and The Klingons. At the same time he shortly joined Richie Turnbull's Stirling based Band FInal Program.

In late 1980 he got to know Ian Dobson (Those Little Aliens) of the superb Flowmotion Label (previously known as 341 Image) and wrote several articles for Ian's early Flowmotion magazines which also resulted in the release of a solo tape "The Axe gets Axed" in 1981 as well as a collaboration cassette with Ian Dobson under the name Inter City Static. 

WIth support of Mario D'Agostino who produced music under the name Dick Tracy Roberston produced a second Klingons tape to be released on Synthetic Tapes. The Tape got licensed to David Elliot's (Pump, MFH) famous York House Recordings / YHR-Tape-Label for re-release in 1982 (YHR022). During this time-period (and once more, with assistance of Mario D'Agostino) Alistair began producing solid minimal/synth-Pop-music under the moniker 100% Man Made Fibre;

From this 2-year period (late 81 to late 83) just one highly sought after 7"inch called "Green for Go" was officially released on Backshop Records / UK. Meanwhile Alistair produced enough fantastic pieces to fill 3 full lenght LPs which are presented here as part of the 7Lp-Set

After 12 months of planning, going through endless reels of recording, restoring and mastering all those hidden treasures described and listed above have now become a reality and are 

available as this great exciting and outstanding 7Lp-Box-Set

Lp1A: KLINGONS - Beamed Down by Starship Enterprise 1980, Synthetic Tape, August 1980 (27:59)

Lp1B: KLINGONS - Analog Digital 1981 (Synthetic Tape 010, July 1981, re-released as YHR22, 1982) (26:20)

Lp2: Dick Tracy Wrist Radio Demo (previously unreleased) (22:00 min)

LP3A AL ROBERTSON The Axe Gets Axed, Flowmotion / Synthetic Records 1981

Lp3B:  The DC3, Coherent Noise 1979/80 (Synthetic Tape, 1980) (27:55)

LP4A: FINAL PROGRAM Demos  & Compilation-Tracks from 1981/82  (25:16)



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