It all started sometime at the dawn of the 80s by two Canadian brothers, Darrin and Stephen Huss while living with their parents in Edmonton, Alberta. The first and only synthesizer based act in our whole region, we were joined by third member Dwayne Goettel and subsequently formed the band PSYCHE. A combination of horror and electronics that in the area of Western Canada was completely unheard of and would continue to be considered quite shocking until the music finally caught on. By the time of our highlight performance as support to Britain's ALIEN SEX FIEND in 1984, PSYCHE had lost Dwayne as a member, but with several songs on file, and a number of performances under our belts, we persevered. PSYCHE started out with a Mattel Synsonics, a little black square that had 4 drum pads (to be heard clearly on Wrench II). The Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine followed, and until we upgraded to the DR. 110 we were recording & performing with our basic set-up of Korg Mono/Poly, Sequential Circuits Pro One, Davolisant String synthesizer, and Dr. Rhythm with which our entire legendary Halloween 1983 performance "Live At Belevedere Hall" was created. It is a small recording wonder that this cassette remains preserved to this day after travelling from Canada throughout Europe, and back again. This entire concert remains one of the most intriguing, and fascinating listens since it was performed, and after a limited CD-R release, several highlights of this, and all other demo recordings from this time appear remastered to vinyl along with our everlasting debut album "Insomnia Theatre". Available once again in it's original format for the first time since it was released, and sold out in 1985. When the Huss family moved to Waterloo, Ontario, Darrin and Stephen took time out from their school work to lay down what would become this official debut album of PSYCHE's music. With fearlessly experimental electro-titles such as "Children Carry Knives", "Psychic Vampire", "Maggots", and "The Brain Collapses". Under the disguised names Evan Panic (Darrin), and Anthony Red (Stephen) PSYCHE, with release on hand prepared themselves for a proper onslaught on the further unsuspecting Canadian audience, and the rest of the world. This 3 album edition of "Insomnia Theatre" also contains the 4-Track recordings while Dwayne was a member, as well as several rare direct to cassette demos, the tracks of "Tales From The Darkside", as well as our now collectable 12" of "Thundershowers". Plus the monumental "Unveiling The Secret" appears in it's album version to round out the complete vision of PSYCHE's early beginnings from 1983 up to this 1986 breakthrough club hit! We are proud to present you this deluxe audio experience just over 25 years since we began creating this music for generations to come. Listen, cherish, relive, and pass it on.