Is there anything left to say about Mastermind Masami Akita alias Merzbow that hasn’t been told or known. Does he still need any introduction or explanations?

Merzbow has been actively recording 'Noise-Music' since late 1979. You can not talk about the Genre „Noise“ without eventually leading to him as one of the roots and origins

Over the past three decades and in an almost hyperactive and very constant manner he has released more than 100 Solo-Recordings and Cooperations with other now famous noise-artists.

In 1985 the Art-Magazine Lightworks already described his music quiet perfectly.
"Imagine being surrounded in hot, molten electronic/industrial noise... harsh edges giving way to a deep bass deluge of sound. It pours out and into you... This music could be how you feel 3 seconds into a Space Shuttle lift-off. Surging intense, at the outer limits of control and lack thereof.  Merzbow breaks barriers  (Lightworks Mag  #17 / 1985)