A synth duo from Philadelphia/Northern Delaware USA, members Mark Wilde and
Michael Gross produced 8-track gear recordings, then had their music pressed to vinyl.
In 1984 they released the 3 song 12" EP "Glowing in the Dark", 2000 copies.
"Glowing" proved irresistible to DJs and became a 1985 dance club chart breakthrough.
Today, many DJs and collectors consider it a "classic" synth record.
2 years before "Glowing" they released a 10 song vinyl LP titled "PROTOTYPE", 300 copies.
PROTOTYPE remained an obscure record until minimal synth collectors caught wind of
it in the late 90s. PROTOTYPE became a high priced bidding item whenever the rare vinyl
showed up on E-Bay. It seems EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS had again produced what
many collectors consider a "classic" 80s minimal synth record.

see https://experimentalproductssynthband.blogspot.com/