Data Bank A is most likely the best-known, highly prolific and protagonistic EBM/Dark-Wave/Synth project of Andrew Szava-Kovats, who is also known for his 80/90’s works as and with Dominion, Compound, Parade of Sinners on labels like New Rose/Lively Art (France), Subway (aka Subtronic) Records (Germany), Tragic Figures (Portugal) and KK Records (Belgium).

As many artsts back in early 80’s, he founded his own label called K.O.City Records (later re-named True Age Records) where he released his first Tapes and records, such as the cassette tapes Spriritus Sanctus and Language Barrier, the vinyl LPs Access Denied and The CItadel, as well as the 7“ vinyl EPS Intervention and Isolation.

Andrew has also produced one of the most important Documentary Movies about the 1980s Underground Music Network: "Grindstone Redux" - which contains music from many of the electronic musicians who pioneered the Independent Music of the era, including Data-Bank-A and Dominion.

Data-Bank-A: continues recording to this day. And Andrew continues the Dominion project, with recordings on True Age Records (USA) and Wave Records (Brazil). He also has a new recording project called Fossil Man, with a release on True Age.