The Legendary Minimal-Synth/Wave-Band from Philadelphia Crash Course in Science formed in 1979.


Choosing toy instruments and live drums out of necessity, CCIS began by experimenting with a series of recording devices. The toy instruments gave way to crude drum machines and “Frankenstein“-type homemade instruments.


Their first 7“ „Cakes in the Home“ introduced listeners to a noisy, unpredictable world.

This 7” went on to become a classic minimal-synth record that should be included in any vinyl-collection. The CD contains those Tracks plus additional Rehearsal Tracks from the early beginning.


In 1981 they took a new direction with a darker, more sinister sound. The result was the 12“ “Signals from Pier Thirteen” (also included in this set). The songs “Cardboard Lamb” and “Flying Turns” gained exposure through club play during the 80’s and still sound fresh and up-to-date.