Absolute Body Control

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Absolute Body Control is an electronic music project from Belgium. It is notable as the first significant project of musicians Dirk Ivens and Eric Van Wonterghem.

Having previously played in minor punk and new wave bands, Dirk formed Absolute Body Control as a project more influenced by the prototype synthpop sound being produced by the likes of Suicide and D.A.F.. The project originally feature Marc De Jonghe (synths) and Veerle De Schepper (backing vocals), though Mark was replaced in 1981 by Eric Van Wonterghem.

The project released a number of cassettes, but only one 7" (Is There An Exit?) and no studio albums during its brief lifespan. Dirk and Eric later joined forces with Marc Verhaeghen in The Klinik, and they would later collaborate on a number of other projects, most notably Sonar (band).

A compilation of Absolute Body Control tracks entitled 'Eat This' was eventually released in 1993. A more comprehensive 2CD compilation 'Lost/Found' was issued in 2005. A 5LP box set of all their cassette releases followed in 2007. Dirk and Eric also took the project back on stage in 2006 and continue to tour with the project.

In 2007, 22 years after splitting up, Absolute Body Control re-formed and will release Wind[Re]Wind,[1] which contains newly recorded versions of their best tracks so far next to the brand new EP "Never seen", containing a remix by The Horrorist. And a new album came out in 2010 Shattered Illusion & Sorrow. In 2011 came the album Mindless Intrusion & Surrender No Resistance with remix by the famous French Millimetric[disambiguation needed] on Daft Records.