RELEASES 2021 plus previous years

VOD MONSTER-PACKAGE: ALL 3 CD-Sets with 2 Shirts plus LAFMS 13Lp Box (497,47 Euros plus Tax)

VOD CD09: CLOCK DVA Horology 1-3 Recordings 1977-1980 15 CD Box w.Shirt

Horology I - DVAtion 78/79/80 
CD01 Lomticks Of Time                                             
CD02/03 2nd - I                                             
CD04 Sex Works Beyond Entanglement"
CD05 Deep Floor 
CD06 Fragment      

Horology II - Clockdva, The Future & Radiophonic Dvations 
CD07 The Future
CD08 Radiophonic Dvations 1
CD09 Radiophonic Dvations 2
CD10 Radiophonic Dvations 3
CD11 Radiophonic Dvations 4

Horology III- DVAtion 78/79/80 
CD12 Tape, Reel_Recordings & Art 1
CD13 Tape, Reel_Recordings & Art 2
CD14 Tape, Reel_Recordings & Art 3
CD15 Tape, Reel_Recordings & Art 4

VOD CD10: MUSLIMGAUZE Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones 11 CD Box
CD01 Opaque
CD02 Kabul
CD03 Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye / Hammer & Sickle
CD04 Buddhist on Fire
CD05 Blinded Horses
CD06 Flajelata
CD07 Hajj
CD08 Jazirat Ul Arab
CD09 Abu Nidal
CD10 The Rape of Palestine
CD11 Coup d'Etat

VOD CD11: S.P.K. Anthology 1979-1983 7 CD Set w. Shirt

CD01 Information Overload Unit
CD02 The 7inch Tracks
CD03 Leichenschrei
CD04 Leichenschrei Backing Tracks
CD05 Studio and Compilation Tracks 1981-83
CD06 Live London / ELectric Ballroom
CD07 Backing Tracks 1983


VOD171: V/A LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY 1974-1983 13Lp Box (lmtd. 500 plus 99 friends editions)

Lp01 Chip Chapman’s cassette - “Magic Beans” 
Lp02 "Seldom Melodic Ensemble Godzilla's Mystery Abortion 77“ 
Lp03 " Dennis Duck Goes Disco"
Lp04 4 Light Bulb, Issue 3 Christmas Box Cassette
Lp05 "Joe Potts Airway (7"", Ltd) none 1977 1 " "Mother/Daughter / The Residents album cover Joe Potts / Slimy Adenoid And The Pablums Mother/Daughter / The Residents 77" "The Pablums Under My Gums (7"")“ AIRWAY cassette single 
Lp06/07 Light Bulb Magazine Number Four - "The Emergency Cassette“ 
Lp08 1981 December Compilation (a selection)
Lp09 Tom Recchion Freak Show
Lp10 Dinosaurs with Horns (Rick Potts / Joseph Hammer)
Lp11 Fredrik Nilsen Music from Norway
Lp12/13 Archive Recordings / previously unreleased
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