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VOD164: TOY DIVISION Cute Lp plus 7inch (17,23 EUROS plus Tax)

"Melbourne based TOY DIVISION (Dick Sallows with help from friends Phillip McKellar (Informatics) and Martin Fripp (sound engineer)) with their fantastic electronic album "CUTE” from 1983. 

The CUTE Lp includes a Bonus 7 inch sampler with 4 more tracks previously released on other Temporary Art Tapes between 1981 and 1983.”

"TOY DIVISION's music style ranges from ‘Nulabor’ an Aussie ‘Autoban’ , to an ambient 'Autumn Trees', to post punk political commentary on 'Beurit' and 'John Wayne once told me’ which are still relevant today, re: Syria and Trump.”

Tracklist Lp: CUTE Lp (1983)

A1 Beuritt 5:30

A2 Autumn Trees 6:50

A3 Nulabor by Train, Car & Foot 7:06

A4 Alcohol 7:15

B1 Glass 5:16

B2 Saturday Theme 6:33

B3 Melbourne Winter 5:14

B4 Strikebound 4:59

B5  Previously Unreleased Track: John Wayne once told….5:19

Bonus 7inch 

Tracks from T.ART1-3 and previously unreleased (1980-1983)

A1 T.ART 001 Challenge of Change - Oh Routine.mp3 3:11

A2 T.ART 002 Toy Division - A THEME TO CLEAN TEETH TOO!.mp3 2:33

A3 T.ART 004 My Baby has left me and I've got the Blues, Blues, Blues.mp3 3:57

B1 T.ART 003 Toy Division - The Botony Bay Disease - Bath Tubs.mp3 9:05

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