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VOD146.7inch William Clipman Nerve Chorus 7inch

Will Clipman began playing his father’s drums and his mother’s piano at the age of three. He played his first professional gig at fourteen, and has since then mastered a pan-global palette of drums and percussion in addition to the traditional drumset.
His first Tape-Release; 'Nerve Chorus" still has the use of synthesizer and a touch of New Wave / MSW-based tunes but with a more dominant touch of percussion used. His voice used in a spoken-word-poetry-style adds a spicy flavour to the tunes. After the Tape-Release he quietly changed his musical direction and since then has received seven GRAMMY Nominations, including one for his solo world music album Pathfinder.
Will has recorded over sixty albums, including over thirty for the world’s foremost Native American music label Canyon Records, where he is regarded as the house percussionist. Will has performed and recorded with the world’s premiere Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai for over a quarter-century, as well as with many other internationally-acclaimed artists and ensembles.
VOD146.7inch William Clipman Nerve Chorus

A1 Nail the Tree 3:32
A2 Flirting With Disaster 3:04
A3 River of Sand 2:30

B1 Air Base 3:34
B2 (halt the logical) Juggernaut 2:04
B3 Mothers of the Disappeared 3:44
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