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VOD146.YU1/2 YU Recordings 1982-1987 (2Lp)

YU are Dwaine Woodliff, his brother David and Gaylon.

When the “punk ethic of do it yourself”-thing hit Austin/Texas in the early 80s, they also decided to actually record some songs and released them on cassette. “We Are YU” was released in 1982 on their own label 'Home Productions'
Most of the YU recordings were done on the Teac and then the Fostex.   
They made some videos at the local community access station. They eventually discovered Option Magazine and sent in their first tape to them and in 1985, their second release “Illusion of Control”. It was favorably reviewed by Tom Furgas in the December 1985 Option. From 1986 to 1988 they released 4 more tapes.
By the late 80s the members of YU all had family obligations and faded away until 2009 when Dwain was convinced to put old Videos on a Youtube-Channel.
There is a wonderful promo for the first Tapes they released in 1987 and that sounds so right and fresh that VOD decides to just copy this promo for those 4 Tapes included on this 2Lp.
YU started as an idea of how to deal with the problem of living. Boredom and Depression were the initial motivators. They were three men without enough creative outlets to alleviate their boredom. YU provides this outlet and gives them a vehicle to find an outlet of their creative selves. All of their 5 Tape-Releases produced between 1982 and 1988 carry the theme of dealing with life.
'We Are YU', their first release from 1982, concerns itself with the many different way that people deal with life. Subjects such as religion (in the songs 'Jerry F. and 'Boogie Man'), Neurosis (in the Track 'I've Got this Fear'), Suicide (Sometimes I feel), Sex or Philosopy or just 'Being Human' (in the tracks We are YU and Shoes) are all covered on the first Cassette.
Their second Cassette 'Illusion of Control' delves into even more areas of living on the planet. The concept is twofold. One meaning ois that each of us maintains an illusion of Control about us so that other human beings will believe that we are in control of our behaviour. This Illusion that we all maintain is what makes society possible. People who can't maintain this illusion (criminals, the mentally ill etc) are usually locked up, put away or ignored in most societies. The other meaning of Illusion of COntrol is that leaders, in whatever for they may take their followers believe that they are in control. It is this belief in our leaders that makes us follow them blindly. The only actual control anyone has over us is whatever control we allow them to have.
Their third Casstte is 'Art and Guns' released 1986. The main theme is that, for people who are 'on the edge' or having trouble coping with life, there seem to be only two choices they can make to use as coping mechanisms. These two choices are Art and Guns. Choosing Guns is a choice most of us recognize from reading the paper and watching TB news. Sucisde and/or murder are everywhere. Some people who can't cope seem intent on taking their own lives, and, in too many cases, as many people as they can take with them. Choosing Art seems to be a much more productive way to alleviate the frustrations of living. Either procuding are of your pown (the YU-Concept) or interpreteing the art of others for yourself is an excellent way to cope with life. Some will criticize the theme 'Art and Guns' saying that there are other ways of coping with like. We thing that the other ways can be categorized under either art or guns. For example Drugs fall under Guns, Religion under Art (or Vice Versa, depending upon you own point of view.
The fourth Tape 'Songs of Science' concerns the many ways that people try to find meaning in their lives (you have to ignore reality in order to have menaing in your lives). If you are looking for meaning from other beings (listen to track "Radio Astromy"), religion and art ('in My Brain'), Nationalism ('Japan') or physics (T.O.E.) then 'songs of Science' has something for you. People seem to need to feel that thier lives have meaning and will damn near do or believe anything in order to make it so. Songs of Science is a kind of salute to everyone who is successful at this noble and worthy task.

YU - Recordings 1982-1988 (2Lp)
1A: WE ARE YU (1982)
We are You 6:10 (We are YU (1982))
Expression 3:20 (We are YU (1982))
I’ve got this fear 2:57 (We are YU (1982))
Not My Hand and Me 1:45 (We are YU (1982))
Sometimes I Feel 4:19 (We are YU (1982))
The Big Picture 3:41 (We are YU (1982))
Shoes 2:42 (We are YU (1982))
Jerry F.  3:02 (We are YU (1982))

A Matter of Degree 3:32 (Illusion of Control (1985))
Black Wire 3:32 (Illusion of Control (1985))
Huxley’s Tune 4.41 (Illusion of Control (1985))
You Got Your Own Cigarette Now 3:09 (Illusion of Control (1985))
Proclamation / Women 6:02 (Illusion of Control (1985))
Why You? 4:06 (Illusion of Control (1985))
I Slept with Jimmy’s Mother 4:30 (Illusion of Control (1985))


Is It Real? 4:47 (Illusion of Control (1985))
Illusion of Control 4:46 (Illusion of Control (1985))
You Say You Love Me 4:37 (Illusion of Control (1985))
Art & Guns 4:42 (Art & Guns 1986)
Lies 8:31 (Art & Guns 1986)


Songs of Science 4:10 (Songs of Science (1987))
T.O.E. 4:14 (Songs of Science (1987))
Radio Astronomy 3:15 (Songs of Science (1987))
Gene Splice 2:49 (Songs of Science (1987))
Japan 4:35 (Songs of Science (1987))
Mr. Gravity 4:54 (Songs of Science (1987))
In My Brain 4:02 (Songs of Science (1987))
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