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VOD145.LPD Legendary Pink Dots Premonition (Flowmotion, 1982) (1Lp) no 7inch

In the early 80s the whole concept o of committing music to vinyl seemed like a noble but improbable dream. It was expensive and ,unless a label was offering ,was consigned to the experimental band's "bucket list."
Cassette albums were another matter however.
The Dots had chaotically joined the Tape revolution with a couple of releases on their own Mirrordot label and, after accidentally wiping one of the masters , decided it was something better left to "real" labels.
Hence the band was delighted when Ian Dobson from Flowmotion approached them as singer Edward Ka-Spel held the label high and owned a few of their releases.
Consequently Premonition was assembled. A combination of older and newer songs were placed in an extremely psychedelic collage with a rack of effects tuned and abused with the help of Pat Bermingham who owned the In Phaze label and a small studio which used to belong to Pink Floyd's Nick Mason.
Sadly Flowmotion ran into trouble after the release and it took a few years before the opts actually saw a copy the original album, but Hell that was how things were in the 80s.  Enjoy!
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