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VOD139.KL: K. Leimer - Recordings 1977-80 ltd.200 2Lp

K. Leimer is an active musician for the past 4 decades and has released avantgarde and experimental music under his own name on his Palace of Lights Imprint / Label which he started in 1980 to release his or other artists works and projects such as Marc Barreca, Michael William Gilbert, Anode or the group Savant which he is the founding and leading member). His first two Tape-Recordings included on this 2Lp-Set were released on Robert Carlbergs Anode Productions in 1979 (‚Transluscent/Memory’ & ‚Natural History/The Mind and its Likeness’). Both Tapes were also distributed via Archie Patterson’s Eurock. ‚It’s best to consider these recordings as a homage to much admired and deeply loved music of the time; to consider these recordings as the artifacts of lessons being learned during simultaneous attempts at conceiving, writing, voicing, engineering, recording, and mixing something that might at least seem to be music. It’s also best to consider that the one card that repeatedly found its way out of the Oblique Strategies deck and into my hands pre-vented me from erasing almost all of it: Honor thy mistake as a hidden intention. K. Leimer

Tracks included on this Lp are taken from the Tape-Releases‚Translucent/Memory’‚ & Natural History/The Mind and ist likeness from 1978/79 released on Anode Productions plus Bonus-Material of Recordings from 1980 which had been released on the Palace of Light Tape-Compilation-Release ‚Installation View’


VOD139.KL1 Translucent (Jan-April 78) / Memory (May-Dec 78) plus Bonus (1977/78)

A1  Go Slowly All The Way Round The Outside 6:47
A2  Failure 4:47
A3  Porcelain 2:52
A4  The Vanishing Fountain (1977)    3:12  (Bonus from Installation View)
A5  Stationary Image (1977)    2:44  (Bonus from Installation View)
A6  555 (1978)  2:32  (Bonus from Installation View)

B1  Sleep 2:32
B2  Malaise 4:45
B3  A Simple Sadness 6:44
B4  Kirlian 2:40
B5  Nostalgia for sleep 4:31

VOD139.KL2 KERRY LEIMER:  Natural History / The Mind And Its Likeness (1979) plus Bonus (1980)

A1  At Daybreak  2:38
A2  Natural History  2:40
A3  Desert Largo  2:15
A4  Hansa  2:16
A5  Milk Sphinx  2:08
A6  Through Ghost  2:05
A7  The Vanishing Fountain 2:08 
A8    Threshold (1980)    7:24 (Bonus from Installation View)

B1  Figure Eights  2:42
B2  Ancient Of Days  2:31
B3  The Mind And Its Likeness  5:41
B4  Ground To Ground  1:50
B5  Acquiescence  5:07
B6  Diminish 4:56
B7  Two Chambers (1980)    1:58  (Bonus from Installation View)

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