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VOD137 Sperm / Pekka Airaksinen / Samsa Trio - Works 1968-76 6LP-Set - limited 99 friends edition

Release-Date is early July

Pekka Airaksinen is a Finnish composer of electronic music.

Airaksinen formed his first band, The Sperm, in the late 1967.

The Sperm mixed elements of avant-garde music with free jazz and psychedelic pop. Members of Sperm during the years of existence have been
Antero Helander, Ilkka Lehtinen, J.O. Mallander, Markus Heikkerö, Mattijuhani Koponen, Nikke Nikamo, Pekka Airaksinen, Peter Widén

By 1970 Pekka started his own label O Records to produce and distribute Vinyl-Records of his Solo-Works such as 'One Point Music' (1972) or the Sperm-Lp 'Shh! Heinäsirkat' (1970)

or his free-jazz-dominated Project SAMSA TRIO in 1972 (together with Antero Helander & Mattijuhani Koponen)
Pekkas and Sperms concerts featured confrontational performance art, which resulted in two members being arrested for simulating sexual intercourse and screening pornographic films.

Following The Sperm's breakup in the mid 1970s, Airaksinen turned to Buddhism but kept producing music in the years to come and integrating Roland 808 drum-machines into his music and releasing 80's classic-Lp's like 'Buddhas of Golden Light'
VOD137:    SPERM / PEKKA AIRAKSINEN / SAMSA TRIO 5Lp plus 10". 1968-1976

VOD137.1    Lp1A.    3rd Erection. 1968 EP  + Bonus-Tracks

A1    3rd Erection 3:12 Isä Mc Dullan  guitar, PYH vocal
A2    Hero, 1:28 Isä Mc Dullan  guitar, PYH vocal
A3    Pillow. 2:55 Isä Mc Dullan  guitar, PYH vocal
A4    Staffstaff. 3:40 Isä Mc Dullan  guitar, PYH vocal, Koponen vocal
A5    Forest laughing Organ 2:28   Isä Mc Dullan  guitar, PYH vocal, Koponen vocal
A6    Selected letters(Pillow) 8:12 Isä Mc Dullan guitar, P.Y. Hiltunen vocal
A7    This dream is angel ( Hero) 6:51 Isä Mc Dullan guitar, P.Y. Hiltunen vocal

Lp1B.)    Pagoda 1971-73 EP
B1    For the Children of Vietnam [15:45]
B2    For the Children of Vietnam [13:20]

VOD137.2    Lp2.) Shh! Sperm. 1970 LP

A1    Heinäsirkat I (P. Airaksinen) [16:09];
A2    Jazz jazz (A. Helander, E. Kuitunen, I. Lehtinen, P. Airaksinen) [8:49]
B1    Korvapoliklinikka Hesperia (P. Airaksinen, V. Nikamo) [6:02]
B2    Dodekafoninen talvisota (P. Airaksinen, V. Nikamo) [19:59)

VOD137.3     Lp3 A/B: Samsa Trio 1972 LP. (O Records ORLP 01)
A1    Kaislikko 14:45
A2    Kivenpoiminta 3:40
B1    Kuun alla 8:58
B2    Jää sulaa 11:57

VOD137.4    Lp4 A/B: One Point Music 1972 LP plus Prem EP (+Suite 71)
A    A Little Soup for Piano and Orchestra op. 46,8
A1     Pieni sienikonsertto (1970) [8:37];
A2    mo-On-ing (1971) [5:26];
A3    Somerain - Sadetta (1968) [6:16];
Bonus Prem 1970 EP (+Suite 71) with Mats Hulden , Marjo Rita Hulden, P. Airaksinen, Mats and Pekka Airaksinen
A4    Bra Bonata 6:02
A5    Prem 2:48
B    Music for the Play Sisyfos (1968):
B1    Skata [6:12],
B2    S Rock [6:26]
B3    Fos 2 [5:50].
B4    Bra (6:30)
B5    Con Prix (3:23)

VOD137.5    Lp5 A/B: Golden Age (Music from the golden era of Egypt)
A1  Nut Part 1 (1:09)
A2  Nut Part 2 (3:50)
A3  Nut (4:47)
A4  Hehu Part 1 (2:23)
A5  Hehu Part 2 (1:19)
A6  Hehut Part 1 (1:37)
A7  Hehut Part 1 (5:53)
A8  Kehr Part 1 (1:37)
A9  Kehr Part 2 (6:35)
B1  Kerhet Part 1 (1:37)
B2  Kerhet Part 2 (6:35)
B3  Afrodite (17:24)
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