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VOD132.9/10 K2 Recordings 1981-83 (2Lp)

K2 alias Kimihide Kusafuka is one of the most important early 80's japanese noise protagonists in line with Masami Akita (Merzbow) or Hijokaidan and Toshiji Mikawa of Incapacitants with several hundreds of releases and contributions in the past three decades
In 1981 he started his musical activity devoting himself solely to recording several different styles of noise-works/music to be released primarily on his own tape-label called Kinky Tape Collection (later changing name to Kinky Musik Institiute) and released around 20 tapes during the coming 4 years with noise-music while the term and genre "noise-music" itself interestingly just established years later.
Some of his works he also licensed to other international Tape-Labels such as Schwabenstolz and Stock und Hut Records in Germany or D.D. Records in Japan or contributed to Cassette-Compilations on ZSF, Illusion Productions, De Fabriek, Calypso Now,

The era during 1981-1986 was the time of music experiments for Kimihide with 1983 being the most intense year of recordings produced  At that time, he had been related to mail art & music and performed metal percussion solo-concerts.
Although Kimihide loves the dark and neurotic atmosphere of “ZombieAnatomy” series, he also loves the rhythmic noise work such as “Dance Macabre” and “N.G. Music” and he even recorded electronic pop, avant-garde rock which you can listen to in his project Techno Menses in 1983/84 (released on VOD-Records a few months ago) or Denjubaku in 1982/83 or under his real name Kimihide Kusafuka
This 2Lp-Compilation contains the very early period of K2; his previously unreleased first tape work “Student Apathy” which is  a kind of music concrete or tape music in modern music as well as three serial works of “ZombieAnatomy” and the more beat noise work “N.G. Musik” and “Dance Macabre”.  (Some of these works have been released in the late 80's as a 5 cassettes box by RRRecords, Pathosonico Anatomico”/ K2)
LP1A1   K2 / N.G.Musik       A-1. Necro Genitals #1 (11’04”)
LP1A2  K2 / Dance Macabre   B1 Monotone of Infinity (5:58) (also on Music Alchemy (DT165, 1983)
LP1A3   K2 / Student Apathy  live at Shidro-Modro as HIGAMI at Musashino art university 1982 10’47”)
LP1B1  K2 / Dance Macabre   Dance macabre #1 (9’46”)
LP1B2  K2 / Dance Macabre   Nichit Nie 12:23”)
LP1B3  K2 / Dance Macabre   Dance macabre #2 EDIT (5’53”)
LP2A1   K2 / ZombieAnatomy 1 A-1. ZombieAnatomy #1 (22’51”)
Lp2A2   K2 / ZombieAnatomy 2 B-1.      ZombieAnatomy #2 (6:58) (Edit)
LP2B1   K2 / ZombieAnatomy 3 B-2.      2・4・5・T Malformation (21’01”)
LP2B1   K2 / ZombieAnatomy 1 A2. Workaholic Dance (as an Absinence Syndrome) (8:57')
Other recordings by K2/Kimihide Kusafuka:

K. KUSAFUKA "Infinite Monotone" (c-46) SELF PLAN (Jap) ("81) 

K. KUSAFUKA " Das Systematische Musik" (c-46) SELF PLAN (Jap) ("81)

HOSPITAL IN VAIN "ReBorn" (c-46) SELF PLAN (Jap) ("82) 

呪縛 (Denjubaku) "Psycho Dance Party" (c-46) SELF PLAN (Jap) ("82)

K. KUSAFUKA "Bon-odori" (c-46) SELF PLAN (Jap) ("82) 

K2 "Student Apathy" (c-30) SELF PLAN (Jap) ("83)  KTC-01 KINKY TAPE CASSETTE 01 (SPT-03)

K2 "Melodrama" (c-46 in special package) SELF PLAN (Jap) ("83)  KTC-02 KINKY TAPE CASSETTE 02

K.KUSAFUKA etc. "Self・Plan Omnibus" (c-10) SELF PLAN (Jap) ("83) 

K2 "N.G. Musik" (c-46) KINKY TAPE COLLECTION (Jap) ("83)   KTC-03 KINKY TAPE CASSETTE 03 

K2 "Zombieanatomy 1" (c-46) KINKY TAPE COLLECTION (Jap) ("83)  KTC-04 KINKY TAPE CASSETTE 04

K2 "Zombieanatomy 2" (c-46) KINKY TAPE COLLECTION (Jap) ("83)   KTC-05 KINKY TAPE CASSETTE 05

K2 "Zombieanatomy 3" (c-46) KINKY TAPE COLLECTION (Jap) ("83)   KTC-06 KINKY TAPE CASSETTE 06

K2 "Castrated Musik" (c-46) KINKY TAPE COLECTION (Jap) ("83)   KTC-07 KINKY TAPE CASSETTE 07

K2 "Dance Macabre" (c-46) KINKY TAPE COLLECTION (Jap) ("83)   KTC-08 KINKY TAPE CASSETTE 08

K2 "Quietus Simultaneous I" (c-60) KINKY TAPE COLLECTION (Jap) ("83)  KTC-09  KINKY TAPE CASSETTE 09

K2 "Quietus Simultaneous II" (c-60) KINKY TAPE COLLECTION (Jap) ("83)   KTC-010 KINKY TAPE CASSETTE 10

K2 "Musikalchemy 1983" (c-46) D.D.RECORDS (Jap) ("83) 

K. KUSAFUKA "Re-Musik" (c-46) D.D.RECORDS (Jap) ("83)  (c-46; re-issue) STOCK & HUT CASSETTEN (West Ger) ("83) 

K2 "Demise Symphonika" (c-46) D.D.RECORDS (Jap) ("83) 

K2 "Erotomagnetism" (c-30) KINKY TAPE COLLECTION (Jap) ("84) 

K2 "Hysterektomie" (c-60) KINKY TAPE COLLECTION (Jap) ("84) 

K2 "Herzmuskelgewebe" (c-30) SCHWABENSTOLZ TAPES (West Ger) ("84)

Techno Menses:   Requiem in the Sun (D.T.179, Jan-May 1984) 

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