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VOD131 V/A VOD presents 80's Minimal-Synth-Wave Vol.2 12Lp-Set


VOD131.1       Mike Vamp Recordings 1980-84 (1Lp)
VOD131.2       Ericka Irganon / JJ Cabanis  PPPK010+PPPK017 (1Lp)
VOD131.3       Mark Lane Who's Really Listening? (extended) 30th Anniversary Edition (1Lp)
VOD131.4       Robert Marlow The Blackwing Sessions 1982/83 (1Lp)
VOD131.5       Malcolm Brown Recordings 1979-83 (1Lp)
VOD131.6       Ptose Productions The Official Guide to Ptose 1979-82 (1Lp, member 7"inch)
VOD131.7/8    Modern Jazz/Ash Wednesday/Thealonian Music Recordings 1980-83 (2Lp)
VOD131.9/10  Sea of Wires / Chris Jones Recordings 1980-82 (2Lp)
VOD131.11/12 V/A Japan early 80's Minimal/Synth w.Techno Menses, K.Kusafuka.. Recordings 1980-83 (2Lp)

VOD131.1   Mike Vamp Recordings 1980-84 (1Lp)
A1:  Toys for Boys 4:48
A2:  La Strada 6:04
A3:  Ritter Blut 5:42
A4:  For Your Senses 8:08
A5:  Macht den platz Frei 3:1
B1:  Gold Im Fluss 5:00 (11/84)
B2:  Die Flut 7:03 (6/84)
B3:  Kill me for your Senses (Distant Voices) 5:37 (01/82)
B4:  Suchen und Finden 5:15
B5:  Little Big Man 6:29

VOD131.2  Ericka Irganon / JJ Cabanis PPP K010 & 017 (1Lp)
A1       Ericka Irganon Lai Bu Ii 1:50
A2       Ericka Irganon Traudi Aime Le Chien Chaud (Remixé)    3:47
A3       Ericka Irganon Ins Kino 3:38
A4       Ericka Irganon  Sur Un Terrain Mortel, Bat Toi         3:50
A5       Ericka Irganon  Le Berceau Du Chat (also on V/A AG2) 3:20
A6       John J. Cabanis  Dieu Poisson (Remixé)        4:00
A7       John J. Cabanis  La Nuit Des Sauriens 6:20 
A8       John J. Cabanis   The Light From Beyond 2:55        
A9       John J. Cabanis   L'Idole Noire 1:10

B1       Ericka Irganon  Rêve De Fièvre        2:30
B2       Ericka Irganon  Je Te Tue      1:27
B3       Ericka Irganon  Fumbling        1:49
B4       Ericka Irganon  Petite Otite     2:22
B5       Ericka Irganon  Groan             1:48
B6       Ericka Irganon Martine On The Docks          4:14
B7       Ericka Irganon  Ins Kino          1:07
B8       Ericka Irganon  Nursery Noisy Dance           3:58
B9       Ericka Irganon Rêve De Fièvre (Reprise) 2:07
B10     Ericka Irganon   Boule 2:06 (from Boule X18 Tape, PPP K013, 1982)
B11     John J. Cabanis  Boule 1:19 (from Boule X18 Tape, PPP K013, 1982)
B12     Ptose  Le Dévoreur D'Ombres (Boule !) 4:20  on V/A AG2, PPP K012, 1981)

VOD131.3   Mark Lane Who's Really Listening? (extended)
A1  Tsar 6:03
A2  Who's Really Listening? 4:31
A3  Sojourn (alternate version) 6:39
A4  Das Nicht 4:12
A5  White Glove 3:33
B1  Cartel Danse 1:19
B2  They Call It Game 4:39
B3  I Want You 1:20
B4  Devils 1:20
B5  Iceberg 3:29
B6  Exit (live) 3:17
B7  Ivory Towers (live) 4:48
White Glove (live) 3:38
VOD131.4       Robert Marlow The Blackwing Sessions 1982/83 (1Lp)
A1  No Heart (Demo)    3:08
A2  Torch Team (Demo)    2:04
A3  I Just Want To Dance - Alternative Lyrics (Demo)    3:23
A4  When Sleep Was Easy - Alternative Lyrics Ambition (Demo) 3:34
A5  The Kiss (Demo)    4:17
A6  Life In A Film (Demo)    3:13
B1  No Heart - Alternative Vocals And Bass Line (Rough-Mix) 3:51
Bonus - The extended Remixes 1982/83
B2  No Heart  (extended) 7:06
B3  I just want to dance (extended) 5:28
B4  The Face of Dorian Gray(extended) 5:02
VOD131.5       Malcolm Brown Recordings 1979-83 (1Lp)
A01  Instrumental (3.14)
A02  Improvisation (4.41)
A03  51 GC (3:24)
A04  Adrift (2:48)
A05  Occupied Winds (3.16)
A06  Something's Got To Give (4.46)
A07  Sweatmeat Brutal (4.49)
B01  Sedation Strokes (4:05)
B02  Illusion Little Boy (8.28)  
B03  Untitled (7.00)
B04  Spirits Look Down (3:18)
B05  No Logical Answers (5:00)

A1, A2, A5, A6, A7, B4 taken from Personal Archive Recordings-Tape, 1982, Recorded in a Council flat in Westlothian Scotland, (Previously unreleased) Instrumentation includes: Casio VL Tone, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Shinei Fuzzbox, Dual Octave Box, WEM Copycat, Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine, Electronic Percussion Pads. Recorded on an Akai GX 4000D Reel to Reel Machine
A3 recorded in a council flat in Whitburn Westlothian 1983. Tascam 4 track.
A4 appears on "From a Trench" Compilation-Tape 1982, Trench Musik Core TM1
B1 taken from unreleased Tape "Battered To Sleep", 1983
B2 & B3 previously unreleased and recorded in 1980 by Malcolm Brown and Rob Lawrence at Quick Stab Studio, Bristol UK.  Malcolm: Vocals, Electric Organ Rob: WASP Synthesizer, Voice
B5 released on "The Thrust of Pure Mechanism" by 5XOD/Rob Lawrence;  recorded in the Quick Stab Recording Studio, Cheltenham Road, Bristol, UK June/July 1980 

VOD131.6       Ptose Productions The Official Guide to Ptose 1979-82 (1Lp/7“ for members)
A1  Boule 3:30
A2  Smelly Tongues 1:30
A3  Essai 2:30
A4  Ptose (live) 3:45
A5  Women In The Moon (Instrumental) 2:30
A6  Fernsehapparat/TV 3:20
A7  Boule 3:30
A8  Seigneur Des Mouches 3:55 
A9  Apparitions Renouvelles 3:10
B1  Sticky Soul 3:35
B2  Une Grande Epreuve 2:35
B3  Boule 1:50
B4  La Nuit des Sauriens 5:04        
B5  Legere Alteration 2:03
B6  Like a Mouse 2:34
B7  Our only food 2:56
B8  (Jungle Jazz) 3:20
B9 (Biepbiepbababuwahwah) 2:28
Bonus 7inch for members
A1  Women in the Moon (4:38)
A2  J'aime la Nature (1:39)
A3  Boule Accoustic (3:40)
B1  Baby Song (3:51
B2  Ouch! (1:44
B3  Women in the Moon Live (4:16)
VOD131.7/8    Modern Jazz/Ash Wednesday/Thealonian Music  (2Lp)
LP1A: THEALONIAN MUSIC a selection from "Project X Chromosome X", Tape 1981/82)
A1:  Science (and How to get it) 3:52
A2:  Chromosome X 5:53
A3:  The Science Set 6:11
A4:  Charlie Charlie 6:05
A5:  An Aspect of Intercourse 1:29
A6:  Useless Information 6:25

LP1B: THEALONIAN MUSIC Syno-Cat Tape (previously unreleased) plus Compilation-Tracks
B1:  Patty And Cathy In Greenland 2:52 (also on V/A Fast Forward10)
B2:  Do-Do  3:30
B3:  Wires & Darkness 1:58 (also on V/A Gut Level One)
B4:  Wetsuits 6:23 (from Syno-Cat, Tape)
B5:  Locomotive Mechanics 6:23 (from Syno-Cat, Tape)
B6:  Outer Space 6:15 (from Syno-Cat, Tape)

A1:  18 Creatures 3:42
A2:  Boom Boom Baby 2:19
A3:  Galvanized Garden of Inner Piece 2.54 (also released on Gut Level One and Bolsche Vita Tapes)
A4:  Hairstyle Exploding 4.05
A5:  Life in Paris 3:31
A6:  Radio Scream 4:13 (Signal to Noise Set, 1983 LP)
A7:  Love By Numbers 2:38
A8:  Boring Instrumental 3:33
B3:  Wake up in Australia 5:41 (Thealonian Music, unreleased?)
B4:  Electric Eel 5:05 (Theolonian Music from Syno Cat)
B5:  Lolitas 6:13 (from Theolonian Music Chromosome X Project X)
B6:  Fat Controller 6:11 (from Theolonian Music Chromosome X Project X)

VOD131.9/10  Sea of Wires / Chris Jones Recordings 1980-82 (2Lp)
Lp1A  - Sea of Wires 2  Indivdually Screened (SOW02, 1980)
A1  Invincible 7:15
A2  Is the New Man Human 8:30
A3  Returrn of the Captain 2:15
A4  Robot Dance 2:19
A5  Breathing 8:30

LP1B - Sea of Wires 2  Indivdually Screened (SOW02, 1980)
B1:  An Endless Rainy Day 16:15 (also on V/A Snatch 2, Sntach Tapes, 1981)
B2:  Seascape 12:10

Lp2A - Chris Jones Diversions Sea of Wires (SOW11, 1981)
A1  The Man who Smiles 3:50
A2  S.O.W. (the Sea of Wire) 5:50
A3  New Age (With Apologies to you know who) 5:40
A4  It will never work 3:00
A5  The Nightmare Continues Edit to 3:00

Lp2B - Sea of Wires 3  Beyond the Edge of Tomorrow (SOW3, 1982)
B1  Recollections of Death  29:54 Min

VOD131.11/12 V/A Japan early 80's Minimal/Synth 2LP Techno Menses / K. Kusafuka Requiem in the Sun  (DT 179, Jan-May 1984) Re-Musick (DT 156, 1983) / Demise Symphonika (DT164, 1983)
A1          Requiem #1  3:05 (also on V/A "OMNI 4" (DTD 176)
A2          Front March 6:26
A3          Alice in the Land of Malice   5:15  (Bonus Track not on Requiem)
A4          Angel Vision  6:55
A5          Requiem in the Sun 3:30
SIDE A: 25:05
B1     Hygiene           4:10
B2     Toy Symphony  4:20 (on V/A "OMNI 4" (DTD 176)
B3     Requiem #2  8:55
B4     Martyr and Imperialist          2:00
B5     Lovers in the Sun     5:35
SIDE A: 25:00

LP2:   KIMIHIDE KUSAFUKA: Re-Musick (DT 156, 1983)
A1   Yellow Blood 1 4:54
A2   Yellow Blood 2 3:46
A3   Remorse 2:22
A4   Be Vulnerable! 5:38
A5   In the Redeemed Dream 3:02
A6   Stolen 3:09

Lp2B: K.Kusafuka: Demise Symphonika (Death Symphony). Originally released on DD Records (DT164), 12/1983
B1: The Last Funeral extract 16:38
B2: The Sea of Bliss 11:21
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