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VOD 123 ALIEN BRAINS It's All History Now - Tape Works 1979-85 4Lp-Set/booklet (w. Bonus-7"inch)

Alien Brains was an abstract non-collective initiated in 1979 by Nigel Jacklin.
Over the years Nigel co-operated with the likes of Mark Lancaster (Instant Automatons, 391), Allen Adams (Methods Of Execution, The Blanks, The Destructors), Philip and Richard Rupenus (Funeral Danceparty / The New Blockaders), Philip Sanderson (Storm Bugs / Snatch Tapes), Metgumbnerbone, Harold Schellinx (The Young Lions),  David Jackman (Organum) and various random acquaintances (with limited musical skills). 
There was no fixed line up; there are no photo’s of Alien Brains as (in the words of Nigel Jacklin) “we” did not exist.
Their works employed elements of musique concrete, the industrial avant-garde, drone music, the boogie woogie and dub.   Alien Brains tools of the trade included field recordings, tape editing, use of everyday objects and devices as well as unconventionally applied traditional acoustic instruments.  A keen fan of acoustics, the locations in which Alien Brains recorded or appeared were as important as the tools they used to produce their sounds.  
Not managed by the fictional ‘Another Corporation Incorporated’ Alien Brains later metamorphosed into Verdenskang with Jacklin releasing one tape under his own name.  Little did he realise, when he recorded Menial Disorders and Blatantly Nihilist at the age of 17, how Emile Durkheim’s concept of anomie would later ring true to the foundations of Alien Brains.
They performed live on several occasions, in London, Aberdeen, Newcastle and Amsterdam.  A total of 7 Tapes were released between 1980 and 1985 with contributions to several compilations including Deleted Records (Deleted Funtime), Snatch Tapes (Snatch 3) and Ptose Production (Assemblée Générale No 2, Boule (Joyeux Noël).
Alien Brains "It's All History Now" Tape-Works 1979-1985

LP 1A:  Menial Disorders (rec 1979)  A C90 cassette released January 1st 1980 on Deleted Records DEC05-  (27:10)
A1: There is going to be a Riot Soon 0:30
A2:  Menial Disorder A1   3:51
A3:  Menial Disorder A4   10:48
A4:  Menial Disorder A8   1:17
A5:  Menial Disorder A10   4:10
A6:  Menial Disorder B3   6:24

LP 1B:  Menial Disorders (rec 1979)  A C90 cassette released January 1st 1980 on Deleted Records DEC05 (27:42)
B1: Menial Disorder B4   1:57
B2: Menial Disorder B5   4:58
B3: Menial Disorder B6   1:54
B4: Menial Disorder B7   5:34
B5: Menial Disorder B9   2:10
B6: Menial Disorder B11   5:23
B7: Menial Disorder B12   1:07
B8: Menial Disorder B13   1:09
B9: Menial Disorder B2   3:32

LP 2A: DER BLAUNK TEPS (1980) Recorded in Neunen at the home ‘studios’ of Nasmak  (27:46 Min)
A1: Der Blaunk Teps 1A 3:41
A2: Der Blaunk Teps 3A 2:54
A3: Der Blaunk Teps 4A 4:27
A4: Der Blaunk Teps 5A 10:24
A5: Der Blaunk Teps 2B 3:09
A6: Der Blaunk Teps 2B 3:05

LP 2B: DER BLAUNK TEPS Cntd. /// Aberdeen Arts Centre (Summer 81, Coffee & Company) (27:58)
B1: Der Blaunk Teps A6 3:05
B2: Der Blaunk Teps B1 4:25
B3: Der Blaunk Teps B3 5:01
B4: Aberdeen Arts Centre 1981 14:00

LP 3A:  Live Last Chance Centre, Shepherds Bush, London
18/11/83 // WI HUT-Recording 1982 (Broomhill, Morpeth) (29:17 min)
A1: Live Last Chance Centre 18-11-1983 London (11:55)   
A2: WI HUT-Recording (Broomhill)  - 1982 Morpeth  (13:22)
A3: USE (Unusual Social Embraces)  - So quiet 4:00 (also released on British Interiors)

LP 3B:  Extracts from Blatantly Nihilist (Fashionable Trousers, FT003 1980) /// British Interiors (1980) /// Alien Brains IV - Natural Advantages (1980) /// Nigel Jacklin Solo (1981) (26:49 min)
B1: Blatantly Nihilist A1 3:32
B2: Blatantly Nihilist B1 5:07
B3: British Interiors A1 2:00
B4: British Interiors A2 0:51
B5: British Interiors B4 1:19
B6: Alien Brains IV Natural Advantages B2 7:14
B7: Alien Brains IV Natural Advantages B4 2:01
B8: Nigel Jacklin - Solo-recording 4:41

LP 4A:  Live School Art Room 1982 /  Live Tower (Morwick) 1982
A1: School Art Room A2   7:00
A2: School Art Room B1   4:06
A3: School Art Room A2   9:04
A4: School Art Room A3   3:36
A5: Tower (Morwick)  B1   4:07

LP 4B:  Verdenskang (29:53)  1984/1985 Released as a cassette by ADN Tapes 20  
B1: Verdenskang A1   8:03
B2: Verdenskang A2   4:17
B3: Verdenskang A3   9:09
B4: Verdenskang B1   2:17
B5: Verdenskang B2   4:34
B6: Verdenskang B3   1:37
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