VOD66: Nurse With Wound “Flawed Existence” 4Lp-Box / 10” / SoundChip / T-Shirt white vinyl lmtd.200

Almost 5 hours of sheer insanity by the ingenious music-alchemist  Steven Stapleton and his project Nurse With Wound which has been active now for 30 years.
Box contains early Nurse With Wound-Material produced from 1982-85!
Two hours of their official tape-releases Scrag, Nylon Coverin and Mi Mort, more than one hour of compilation-tracks only released on tape-compilations and not available as Vinyl and more than one hour of their first 2 live performances in 1984 plus a 37 minute 10“ with unreleased material from 1983 plus a one exclusive NWW Track on a Soundchip/Greetingcard. All in incredible packaging with T-Shirt.
Members will furthermore recieve their edition with a 3-Track Bonus 5“ Vinyl, all housed in a silkscreened velour cushion/pillow-case.
159,99 € incl. MwSt plus shipping