VOD CD8 Paul Nova 'Trees Without Leaves' 2CD. lmtd 400

In early 2012 VOD released one of the Holy Grails of Minimal/Synth/80’s-Cold Wave music, the superb Paul Nova Trees Without Leaves Lp as an extended 2Lp-Release.

Many requests on behalf of fans and music-interests have asked for a CD-Reissue, so here it is as deluxe 2CD-Set Trifold DIgipack.

In 1980 Paul Nova started his Minimal/Synth-career with Bizarre Unit which produced just one legendary and sought-after 7"inch 'Dancing/Away from the Screaming Car' in 1981.

Shortly after in 1982, he founded his own label Exhibit One Records which released four Paul Nova-Vinyls in three years (two 7", one 12" and one Lp).

All these Vinyl-records are highly collectable and almost impossible to find for any price below three-digit-sums.

Now all these wonderful and fascinating tracks are included on this 2CD-version of 'Trees Without Leaves' which contains more than 30 minutes of recently discovered and previously unreleased tracks, including some demos. This is a MUST-HAVE for every serious vinyl collector of bands like the early Human League or Fad Gadget and other early 80’s Mute-Releases.

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