VOD 55 Opera Multi Steel MCMLXXXIII-MCMLXXXVII K7-Tapes Archives 3xLp-Box w. Booklet

VOD presents this collection of wonderful tracks by french Darkwave-Masters. Franck Lopez and the other band-members have digged into their Archives and compiled a great selection from their very rare Tapes plus other treasures
In parallel to its official vinyl/CD discography, OPERA MULTI STEEL recorded during the eighties several K7 tapes including many unreleased tracks : « Autres Appels » (1985), « Eternelle Tourmente » (1986), « OMS/Modern Art » (1987), « Je regarde la Pluie »(1987),« Regret qui s’écaille » (1987) . Those K7's were home-duplicated in those times in very limited quantities (between 100 and 300 copies).
This 3LP Box set is an anthology of the tracks featured on those different 80’s K7 tapes (originally 2-track reel tape recorded) that were the seeds of some songs rearranged or rerecorded later and even contains some demo versions of never-released songs. Those different limited edition tapes are nowadays deleted and considered as real collector’s items. 59.99 €
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