VOD51: Experimental Products - PROTOTYPE plus GARAGE TRACKS Lp-2 white Vinyl edition lmtd.99 44 Euros

A 12" vinyl, double record set containing the music of EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS.
 If you are a long time collector of 80s indie minimal synth looking to fill out your catalog
or a novice interested in starting one up, there is no better place to start than with
A synth duo from Philadelphia/Northern Delaware USA, members Mark Wilde and
Michael Gross produced 8-track gear recordings, then had their music pressed to vinyl.
In 1984 they released the 3 song 12" EP "Glowing in the Dark", 2000 copies.
"Glowing" proved irresistible to DJs and became a 1985 dance club chart breakthrough.
Today, many DJs and collectors consider it a "classic" synth record.
2 years before "Glowing" they released a 10 song vinyl LP titled "PROTOTYPE", 300 copies.
PROTOTYPE remained an obscure record until minimal synth collectors caught wind of
it in the late 90s. PROTOTYPE became a high priced bidding item whenever the rare vinyl
showed up on E-Bay. It seems EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS had again produced what
many collectors consider a "classic" 80s minimal synth record.
VOD is now pleased to announce the re-issue of PROTOTYPE to high quality vinyl.
Re-mastered by VOD from the original 1/4" master tapes, this re-issue has improved
sonic quality not found on the original 1982 pressings. Own it now, experience it for yourself.
PROTOTYPE will be LP-1 side A+B of the VOD double record set.
GARAGE TRACKS, LP-2 of the EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS record set will hopefully
become yet another classic piece of synthesizer vinyl.
A "garage track" is described by M. Gross as a primitive to semi-pro sound recording not necessarily intended for public distribution.
Originally intended or not, VOD now offer them to the synth loving public.
GARAGE TRACKS side-A contains 5 unreleased songs from 1985, all synth-drum machine,
again produced with 8-track gear this time in a band spare bedroom.
Anyone familiar with the band can expect more EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS brilliance.
GARAGE TRACKS side-B contains six songs from a 1983 LIVE performance.
There are live versions of 4 songs from PROTOTYPE, an unreleased song, and the song
Mannequin from the "Glowing" EP.

Members will furthermore recieve a 3-Track-7“ with more Garage Tracks recorded during the Prototype recording sessions from 1981 and believe me, when listening to the Track „Einstein“ it will make your heart jump on excitement. Believe me. I guess I listened to it already 100 times!
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