VOD 53: Etant Donnes Tapes 1977-1983 6-Lp-leather-Box with DVD

The Box provides all of Etant Donnes avantgarde-tapes released between 1977 and 1983 on the famous french BainTotal-Label Recordings include in specific: LA VUE, L’OPPOSITION, L'ETOILE AU FRONT, CEUX QU'ON AIME  - CE QUE JE HAIS , CINQ PORTES SOUDEES, LES CENTS JOURS CLAIRS. The release also contains a DVD with Live-Peformances of Etant Donnes of the last 3 decades. The music of this  Etant Donnés’s first period (1977/1983) boxset   describes a rite of passage from mortality to divinity ,a powerful but hidden passion craving beauty and burning love that can be conquered only  by another form  of secret  pain ,that of   losing yourself in the cosmos and becoming part of the muddy streams of distant stars .Their soundworks are constructed through the manipulation of  natural sounds ,using the variation of velocity and intensity of the recordings ,the cutting and splicing of tape . Etant Donnes ‘s compositions are passionate and brutally communicative ,their music and words are minimalist just like the writings and chants of the religious mystics sufi  ,trying to recover the virginity of the words and sounds ,they map new territories and establisch their own personal rules.These first  tracks contains all the brutal collages of found sounds investigating nuances of sounds that at times verges upon silence ,the inspired and enraptured meeting with earth’s natural forces ,an  hommage to the shadow of night ,to the vineyard and the golden door. In these six first vinyls  Etant donnés create their own brand of total audio expression using belches and punches ,their attention is concentrated  on the  symphonic cacophonie organisation of disorganized  found sounds ,using  magical  rythms only directed by cosmic rules . A perfect way of  organising natural sounds that obeys to fundamental principles that everyone wishes to convey ,a music able to tear down walls and to build a universal comprehension ,a cosmic law of beauty ,a magical and alchemical   act of poetry.
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