VOD79: SLEEP CHAMBER “SixSixSix“ 4LP with 7“ / Booklet 55,00 €

Six Six Six iz a collection ov material from the first 6 years ov SLEEPCHAMBER. Mastermind John Zewizz gave permission to and VOD-Records to choose the tracks.

The outcome reveals and demands for a renewed and extended perception of Sleep Chambers artistic synthesis of the last 30 years

On Lp1 as well as the 7“ you will find pure and very strong minimalsynth-tunes from his very early "cassette"- only releases like „Ze Wizz Kidz“(released 82 but recorded in 79/80), „Dream Distillate“(82) or „Music for Mannequin“(83).

Lp2 and Lp3 reveals so far unreleased recordings from 82 to 87 that range from minimal to the typical percepted Sleep Chamber-Sound as known from the mid 80’s. The two Lp’s are furthermore riddled with alternative versions, demos and unreleased tracks, based around the Admit to Desire-period.

Any SLEEPCHAMBER admirer would be in the Garden ov Eden with such a selection especially when listening to Lp4 which is an unreleasd Lp called „Seremony“, recorded in the beginning of thee Satanic Sanction Session in 1985/86.

This completes the leak ov the SLEEEPCHAMBER vaults for another six years...




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